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Okay so there's about three of you who actively read this but hey, who knows who might stumble upon this lj, so.

Basically I've finally decided that it's about time I started doing something with my art - and so I started reaching out across social networks. Because why not really. So... here's a bunch of places where you can find me and my art.
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First of all, never release me near MSPaint when I'm half asleep, or this sort of stupid shit may happen:

(Protip: to defeat the Machine Nun, shoot at it until it dies. Although you may have to kill John Romero first, somehow).

Incidentally, today a person walks into chat after not having been on 'chat for a while and makes his typical entrance line ("I have arrived!") in English for a change rather than really godawful weeaboo Japanese directly yoinked from an anime without realizing that it uses the most arrogant possible way of saying it. Something to the line of "Ore Sanjo". Which instantly jumped into my brain and mutated into "Ore Banjo!"

Because Weeaboo Rednecks is the BEST mental image EVER when I'm half asleep.

"Gosh darn, that there lil' fella is just so kawaii!"

"Well bust mah britches an' call me streaker, that there seems more sugoi than kawaii!"

"... Well, shucks, you're right, Bubba-chan!"

... And then they're all gunned down by the machine nun from earlier. High caliber rounds, designed to make its targets holey.

Jim-Bob-Sama approves.
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I'd like to wish a very happy birthday to one of my best friends on this silly rock, the Legendary Hero of Pizza, Wielder of the Triforce of Pepperoni, Green Olives and Italian Sausage, the one and only Katie! ^^

May this year (and any subsequent year) of your life be full of awesomeness.
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Back in 2003, I drew this picture of a Cliff Racer for no good reason beyond amusement and frustration at their very existence.

Today, I googled 'Cliff Racer' for the freck of it... and what comes up as one of the top image results?


Seems the Eevee Chart has competition. XD
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Sometimes, an image speaks for itself.
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And though he has faded from belief by many, there is still one they all expect. In their tongue, he is Santakiin, Reindeerborn!

Contrary to popular belief, he distributes the damn presents HIMSELF. Well, he used to have Reindeer... but then they took an arrow to the knee.

... In all seriousness, Merry Christmas, folks. Hope you're having a great one. ^^
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Just in case you'll see this here first rather than on my art thread. XD

I'm sorry it's not one of my best works, I've been sick for the past day or so and this is kind of the best I could pull off. ^^; Hope you like it anyway.

Once again, have a great one, Katie. Have an awesome 27th year on this bloody rock ^^ (hugs)
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Some of you know this journal has a musical namesake, a piece I wrote in 2002. Eight years later, I figured it's time I made a new version. So.

Reflections in Raindrops (2010 Version)
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I made a damn animation, I did. O_o

This is part of Househeld, an RP I'm in, based on Homestuck.

I think I'm getting better at this animating lark. >>;
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October 22nd, meaning, Irene levels up again! XD

Have a good one ^^
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Just like last entry. )

On the whole, this gen has several misses an a HELL of a lot of hits. I am SO looking forward to properly playing this one, it's not even funny anymore. I can't even think of one team I want, there are so many creatures I want to try training. One thing is certain though. Generation V is full of pure unrefined win and awesome. ^_____________^


May. 8th, 2010 01:13 am
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Yoinked from Demonoflight.

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I draw a sketch/picture of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.
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A Girl and her Torchic )

So I figured since I can't get SoulSilver anytime soon, I'm going to restart Emerald, and start with A Blaziken Again - I haven't trained one since my first English Sapphire run, and that was yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaars ago. @_@

And this lovely female creature is my main character's representation in my mind, much like Cori was for my first cartridge-run of Emerald. Her name is Soleil, and by now her team is composed of Oradella (Blaziken F), Evergreen (Shiftry F), Orpheus (Exploud M) and Physalia (Tentacruel F)... and she is much <3.


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