I'm back.

Jul. 17th, 2008 10:34 am
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Just letting you know that my plane landed, I arrived home, and everything is just fine and dandy.

... Sort of.
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Although, if home is where the heart is, I'm kind of going away. Le sigh.

At the moment I'm standing near one of those coin operated internet thingamajiggers with horrendously awful keyboards in the Toronto airport, waiting for boarding to start for my flight. Time seems to move horriffically slowly, and something tells me the flight itself is going to be much much worse.12 hours sitting in a tin can far above the world yet again.

Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do.


Someone on the PA system just paged what sounded like Bruce Banner.I didn't know the Hulk was allowed on flights. How does one get through security like that?


The last few days dashed by at an insane pace and it's nearly unbelievable for me that it's already been nine days since I landed in Toronto and was reunited with Katie. It's been way too short a visit, and now, looking into the future, I realize just how surreal things are. I'm going to miss her to levels I cannot describe in words - Hell, I miss her already and we are still, technically speaking, in the same city.

Back to being half the world away from the love of my life. Curse the damnable Irony Gods. And the lack of Portal technology.


Most of the last few days have mostly been spent hanging out with Katie, Keri and more often than not a couple of Keri's friends. We did SO damn much this time period I'm only going to list a bit of it: We saw a couple of movies (Wall-E and Hellboy 2 in theatres plus Hellboy 1 on DVD, all of which were EFFing awesome), hit the Toronto Zoo, Niagra Falls, some of the area's random forests and a Karaoke evening (I actually got on stage and sang two songs - David Bowie's "Space Oddity" and Lonestar's "Amazed") among some other things that I don't quite remember at the moment.

And yesterday I made pasta for everyone. It was effing epic.


I still can't believe it's been three months and that soon enough I'm getting on a plane back to insanity. x_x


My thoughts at the moment are epic fragmented, so forgive all the breaks and rambles. Time is running out and I'm starting to run low on usable change. I must terminate and post this entry now.

Next time I'll post, It'll be from home.

Farewell, Canada. I'll be back.

This is StellarWind Elsydeon, Signing Off.
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Last day in Jasper, catching the bus to Calgary at 13:30. Roflpies.

So here's a brief summary of my adventures in Jasper. Because I have time to burn and if I'm burning it I might as well share the details.

Got here early morning on June 30th. Found a hotel room. Parked there for the rest of the day because I had no ufcking energy for anything. Started Phoenix Wright: Justice For All.

Woke up the next morning and spent a huge chunk of the morning (lawl, Canada Day) searching for a place to stay again because the hotel I was in the night before was booked to death. After much searching I eventually found something. Spent the other half of the day looking for guided hikes anywhere (none were available, it's a slow week for this sort of nonsense - mostly because of Canada Day. Speaking of which, I got to watch a parade. Yay.). Eventually I hit the information center and recieved an uber-handy trail map of the area, which I abused that evening - made a nice little loop through the forests and by a few of the lakes (Note to anyone travelling anywhere in any area around here - DO NOT forget a Mosquito Repellent. The mosquitoes here mean business. Seriously. >>) and returned to the room to plan the trail for the day after and sleep. And then there were fireworks. Also, that night I finished Phoenix Wright: Justice For All. Fucking awesome game, much like the rest of the series.

Note to self: Pick up Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations and possibly Apollo Justice when I hit Toronto.

The next day I couldn't drag myself out of bed until around 11-something AM. Had a nice breakfast at the regular place (I found this little Café called the Soft Rock Café on my first or second day in Jasper and I was so impressed by their bloody amazing omelettes and excellent choice of background music that I started having breakfast there every day) and picked up an extra bottle of water (to complement the two I already had) and a few cinnamon rolls for the way - and then, at 12-something, I left along the trail I planned.

The trail I planned was a rather long walk from Jasper Town to Old Fort Point, and from there along the Athabasca River (with a few side turns here and there because of a few little lakes along the way), through Maligne Canyon (Which by the way is fucking gorgeous) and on in a loop through a few other lakes back to the town. Turned out to be a nine hour walk overall, with a few minor stops along the way (I think the longest I've stopped was in the Maligne Canyon restaurant in order to restock on water - I finished my bottles on the way there - and inject myself with Lemon Nestea. Mmmm, caffeine...)

It was effing awesome.

Wildlife encountered includes mass amounts of Squirrels (little bastards are so jittery it's nearly impossible to get a decent picture of one) a few Elk (I'm assuming it's Elk anyway - large dark brown demon deer of doomsdaye with a face that DOESN'T look like an inverted sock) and a couple of unidentified raptors that gave me flybys. Also lots of dragonflies (or is it damselflies? they were rather small for dragonflies/damselflies and all were in flight so I couldn't get a chance to identify them. Oh, and they were blue. A few of them were mating, I think. o_O) and the goddamn mosquitoes. Seriously. The mosquito attack from the night before made my hands swell up and it hurt to move them sometimes. O_o

When I reached Jasper town again it was nine-something in the evening, closer to 10, I think. Mildly sunburnt and with leg pains, but it was so bloody worth it.

I only managed to fall asleep at 2 AM and had only three hours to sleep, as I was planning to grab the 6:24 bus to Calgary this morning. But as the ticket office only opens at 8, I ended up having to drop that idea and take the afternoon bus. I'm going to end up in Calgary at 23:45. O_o Bloody hell. Oh well, at least I got to see a bunch of Elk - some with actually mostly developed (yet still fuzzy) antlers - grazing on the train-track side grass, so it wasn't an entire waste to wake up that early.



On completely unrelated note: Holy shitake mushrooms, Chrono Trigger DS. O_O

... Must... Obtain... Somehow. Seriously, first FFIV DS and now THIS. Why the fuck are all these games coming out when I can't get to them?! x_x

Also, I require moar Katie. >>; Seriously counting the days here. <<;
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Finding places to stay before Canada Day is hell on Earth. XD


Jun. 26th, 2008 03:19 pm
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... We require moar Katie. Goddamnit. x-x
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(An entry involving BC just HAD to have that title)

So. After a long voyage on a train (which sadly did not turn out to be a giant creature from an alternate digital dimension and did -not- take me on a long exciting adventure in the Digital World) involving much Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, some EV training of organic carriers designed to look like vaguely anthropomorphic bees, finishing of Catch-22 and Neverwhere and some frelling awesome view, I'm in Abbotsford. Surrounded by plants. And dinosaurs.

Jasper national park (which the train went through) Is too frelling pretty to be on this planet. I even saw a bunch of animals. By a bunch I mostly mean huge flocks of geese (some during impressive water landings), a single big-horned sheep, and a brown bear that was standing nonchalantly near the tracks and kinda looked at us as if wondering what the hell is this metal thing and what are the little blotches inside it. But most of the awesome stems from the rivers, and random waterfalls, and TREES everywhere.

As I looked out the window into the depths framed by trees taller than I have seen in my entire life - only their tops visible from by the tracks, and even their tops taller than me - I found myself contemplating mythical beasts walking in the shades of these tall trees, in depths where time stood still, not a sound but the flowing of the river and the breeze rustling in the leaves above...

... Maybe I -was- in the Digital World and just didn't know it. <<;

Few amusing notes re: BC.

1. It rains. A LOT.
2. Vancouver is home to an insanely elaborate system of public transportation which makes me think it REALLY wishes it was London.
3. Also, it is home to the most emo place in the world - a town that was absorbed into Vancouver and is named Port Moody.
4. As opposed to the chain of Atlantic Superstores in PEI and Nova Scotia, the Superstores here are titled "The Real Canadian Superstore". Complete with a little maple leaf flag thing after the word Canadian. ROFL. As Katie puts it, "Man. It's a wonder they didn't spell it 'The REAL Canadian Superstore'. Will the real Canadian Superstore please stand up?"
5. Swiss Chalet is frelling -everywhere- in Canada. And I do mean EVERYWHERE.

On a side note, license plates in Canada frelling rock. I have a few pictures of some choice ones. I just need to shoop them into decent size and upload those. And that would probably take me a while to do.

Let there be Desu! XD
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Nova Scotia is frelling -gorgeous-.

So how did my trip go: here goes.

Teh bus launched from Charlottetown rather early morning-ish. After a brief stop at Summerside, it boarded teh Confederation Bridge and we crossed the border from PEI to New Brunswick. Land of random trees and what looks vaguely like swamp-lakes. Rather scenic drive into Nova Scotia, land of epic pretty.

Trees. EVERYWHERE. And Random little lakes. Just my kind of place, lol.

After a brief stop and bus change in Amherst (another nice little location in the middle of no where XD) the journey continued. The prettiness slowly started degrading as soon as we got close enough to Halifax, naturally, but yeah. Halifax is a city. That should explain all.

... What it DOESN'T explain is the big suspension bridge that actually heads into Halifax. Think of the Golden Gate Bridge, only, this one is GREEN. and the suspension 'cables' are NEON FUCKING ORANGE. I swear, either those people didn't watch enough British design shows... or too many.

I was stuck in Halifax for a few hours until my bus to Bridgewater came in, and I took that one. The bus did some silly loops on the way, but I didn't mind - the view was pretty as desu, so works for me. ^^

Adam/Blue Falkon picked me up at Bridgewater, wherever teh heck it was the bus stopped. Bridgewater is one of those cities that's /called/ a city but it's not quite a /city/. It's -pretty-, that's what it is. XD

We watched the Simpsons movie in ze evening (Awesome. And very full of random. XD) and that was mostly it for Friday. ^^;

Saturday I woke up rather late - something around 11-ish AM. (I needed the sleep, having to wake up early on Friday and not getting enough sleep before that drained me). We headed out a bit later, made a stop on this random beach, and then continued our journey to The Ovens national park - Random effing pretty foresty trail along the cliffs overlooking the ocean, complete with little random sea caves. Right near the end of the trail we got caught by some random rain that seemed to come out of no where (I worship my raincoat >>;) - we took somewhat of a scenic detour through Lunenburg - which is apparently a national heritage site, and so the construction styles and coloring styles remained the same for years on end. Nice little place, even if it is constructed entirely of a maze of one-way streets. So we didn't stick around very long.

After heading back to his place, we spent the rest of the day abusing Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (He fangasms over it almost as much as Sem does but not quite XD), F-Zero and... World of Warcraft. Yes, he had to show me the game. XD

What can I say of WoW that I haven't said before. Yes. Its existence pisses me the hell off, it suffers from all MMORPG issues that ever were and it totally fucking retcons everything. That's the negative. The positive is the fact they did put a LOT of effort into the world and some locations and designs -are- pretty. It's still WoW, though.

I didn't play any of those except for Fire Emblem. F-Zero breaks my brain. Too damn Vertigo-riffic. XD

What I did play however is Keyboards. MASS. AMOUNTS. OF. KEYBOARDS. And Piano. He has an awesome synthi-keyboard which he can play Midis from his computer through. That is epic win.

On Sunday I had a bus to catch around 16:00 from Halifax - so we got in the car (this time his parents were driving us XD) around 10-something AM and did a nice run through of some areas. We started by heading to Lunenburg again - his parents know the way around the maze better and they showed me a few things I haven't seen on our initial run - Including a Church that is supposedly the second-oldest in Canada, caught fire and burned up almost completely, and was rebuilt to its former glory, and a School that has its top floor sealed off as it is said to be haunted (the grounds the school was built upon were originally hanging gallows). From there we drove to a place called Peggy's Cove - which is famous for a shipwreck that happened there years ago, and the only survivor was a little girl named Peggy. She was found and raised by the people of a local village and in time the place was named after her. The place itself is this rocky beach-type area which has some insane erosion patters on the rocks. Some of the rocks look like they were picked up and placed there at random. The place was crawling with tourists - which amused me to no end. Really effing pretty.

From Peggy's Cove we headed to Halifax - stopping at the Halifax Fortress along the way to the station. Another heritage site - and so it has random people dressed up as royal soldiers - complete with Marge Simpson Hair hats and for some bizarre reason, kilts.

There's one thing that can be said for the fortress. Guns. Lots of guns. Rather, cannons. They're kinda all over the place. A few are pointed at rather amusing locations - One cannon is pointed directly at where a Bank stands today. As Adam said "Some people must really hate banks." Another cannon is pointed at the Aliant building in Halifax ("as it very well should", as Katie says XD). The interior has been converted to a museum which relates to the naval history of Halifax and the defenses the fort provided over the years. From there we headed to the station and were there for a while until my bus arrived. Overall an awesome day. ^^

It was a LONG way back to Charlottetown. The evening bus doesn't change at Amherst, but rather at Moncton, which means it had to head deeper into New Brunswick - somewhat of a significant detour, heh. It still arrived a few minutes earlier than it was supposed to - which was just awesome.

Katie's mom picked me up from the station and we headed back home. I suppose I don't need to say how much I've missed Katie through this weekend or elaborate on teh uberglomp I inflicted on her a few seconds after I arrived. ^^

So bloody good to be with her again... Mrow.

Anyhows. I have a few days here before I head off again - On the 29th I take the train to the complete other side of Canada - and will be arriving in Vancouver on June 3rd, in the morning. And then Phase 2 will be executed... MwahahahahahahahaDESU.

(I'm so dramatic.)

Also, I took WAY too many pictures in NS. IT'S OVER ONE HUNDREEEEEEEEEEED. I'll be working on shrinking and uploading a few later. Katie seriously NEEDS to get Photoshop. GIMP fails at life.
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What starts with D? Desu starts with D! What else starts with D? Lots of things start with D... oh WHO CARES ABOUT OTHER THINGS!



Alrighty. Seriously now. XD

Time seems to fly at an insane -EFF-ing pace, and at the end of this week the first month (and a week ^^;) of my trip will be over, and the second stage would be executed. Still need to figure out the trains. <<;

STILL artblocked. I suppose I haven't had any almighty artistic revelations while out here.

Meow. ^^

Meow! XD

Apr. 16th, 2008 07:04 am
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I'm in Canada. OMGWTF.

Yesterday was pretty well the longest day of my natural bioexistence. Well, I'm not sure you can really call it yesterday. The timezone changes have a fucked up effect on time.

So. April 14th 2008, at approximately 23:00 we hit I airport, went through all ze madness and security checkups and whatnot, boarded a 767 - got a window seat with a lovely view of... well, the wing. XD Not that I minded - you could still see quite a bit of view, and I was FASCINATED by the random wing transformations. ^^; But.. whatever. Teh plane took off sometime around 1:30 AM-ish if I recall correctly. The next 11-12 hours I spent in the air. Long-ass flight. I think my brain halfway fried.

Eventually landed in Toronto at... 6:20 AM. (Who the heck is Lester Pearson anyway? Sounds like a cartoon character...) One form and several random officers later, I took my first steps into what appeared to be, at first, a wholly alien planet.

For a few seconds. Then I realized it's exactly the same with a bit moar French. XD

I spent the next half-a-day in the airport - fortunately, El-Al airlines are also attached to Terminal 3 (where I had to take my next flight from) so I didn't have TOO much wandering around to do. Spent all these hours listening to music and reading assorted chapters of Catch-22 (Awesome book, btw, although it's halfway impossible to read from end to end without taking long breaks. So EFFing scrambled). Checked in to my next flight (to Charlottetown via WestJet), and eventually, after even MOAR hours in Toronto, boarded a 737 - I got an aisle seat this time, but its location at the relative back of the plane meant I had a perfect view to ANOTHER window that was nearby. XD

The next 1-hours-50-minutes I spent on said 737 (the flight was oddly reminiscent of Jurassic Park - I was surrounded by living fossils from multiple directions XD) and my most vivid memory is STILL when we started descending and then the sun - complete with a VERY large reflection on ze Atlantic - radiated into the plane. MY EYES, ZE GOGGLES DO NOTHING!

Canada is surprisingly much brown-greyer from the air than I expected. XD

I would also like to point out that FINALLY meeting Katie in reality is epic frelling win. ^___________^

So there. I've arrived, settled in... Let the insanity begin. >>;
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Well, folks, I thought this day will never come but it did. Tonight... I fly. Three months, holy desu.

As such, don't expect regular updates from me for a while. ^^;

Beware the green cheese at midnight, the lot of you! XD


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