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Ensign Pants says:

I lolled.
StellarWind Elsydeon says:
... pfff
StellarWind Elsydeon says:
StellarWind Elsydeon says:
Not shown: Blaziken face assuming the EVO expression and a minus ten floating about in the air
StellarWind Elsydeon says:
i love the file name too. Roman Girafarig. Makes me picture a Girafarig in a toga with like a laurel wreath
StellarWind Elsydeon says:
StellarWind Elsydeon says:
StellarWind Elsydeon says:
StellarWind Elsydeon says:
Ensign Pants says:
EVO WRAAAH expression : D
Ensign Pants says:
XD also. hailing them all with CHOM
= a crowd of girafariis, all their butts facing forward. the buttmouths are all : D
Ensign Pants says:
call to chom arms
Ensign Pants says:
call to tails
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«Kera» oh my, cleavage
·StellarWind· ...
·StellarWind· This is how much of a geek I am.
·StellarWind· I read 'cleavage' and I wonder following/before which amino acid.

Too many proteases on me. Yup.
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Pundora's Box has been opened, and has been steadily projecting moar and more terrible puns for a few days.

Bahamut: i can knit now
Admiral Tupper: Sadly, the only thing I can knit is my brow.
Ninety: i used to know how to crochet
StellarWind Elsydeon: Then you took a needle to the knee?
Ninety: FUCK YOU
Ninety: I hate that stupid joke
StellarWind Elsydeon: My, didn't know you were that touchy about that injury.
StellarWind Elsydeon: Mission accomplished. (Trots off to
Dr. Kuroboom: One of the guards told me "HANDS TO YOURSELF SNEAK THIEF!" so I stole the clothes off his back.
Test "Shiro-kun" Bughearst: ... I just become a Thanein that particular town and do whatever the fuck I want. Also Ninety shouldn't be so... crochety. B)
Dr. Kuroboom: I'm sure he'll spin you a yarn about how he's on pins and needles about sew and sew.
StellarWind Elsydeon: And expect us to take it as if it were dyed in the wool even though the story hangs by a thread.
StellarWind Elsydeon: (Oh the puns we fabricate.)
StellarWind Elsydeon: (A fine quilt of text-tiling)
Bahamut: i think i hate you all
ch00beh: You don't sound sew sure about that
Ninety: i hate you all
Adrammolech: choobs, kuroboom already made that pun. i mean, i hate to knitpick, but seriously.
StellarWind Elsydeon: Well, what do you expect him to do with us stringing this out for so long?
Bahamut: you guys are leaving me in stitches ¬¬
Ninety: I am never coming back to this website.
ch00beh: I do knit care
Test "Shiro-kun" Bughearst: I'm yarning for some more puns, guys.
ch00beh: no
Dr. Kuroboom: Put a sock in it. All of these puns are cut from the same cloth.
Admiral Tupper: I don't mean to needle, but what are all these puns about?
StellarWind Elsydeon: *sigh* Weave been through this already. >>
Test "Shiro-kun" Bughearst: We can't just leave him bobbin for answers. We need to pin an answer down for him.
StellarWind Elsydeon: And here I thought the end of this particular thread was looming on the horizon...
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These... things... are the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville.

And honestly, to me they look like either the spawn of an Unown and a Starman (or Dandel and Teletel of Keitai Denjuu Telefang fame), or something out of Digital Devil Saga. Their backstory states that they were created from drips of steel from the girders used to construct the Olympic stadium and that their massive freakish mono-eyes are supposed to represent cameras.

Which led to this:


I think it saw you...

Penumbra Palmsexual says:
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
shit geeze fucking fuck
Schrödinger's Chat says:
exactly XD
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
gawd thats creepy
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
and im sleepy
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
so its even worse
Schrödinger's Chat says:
the creepy is the whole point really XD
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
which is fucking awesome
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
ugh. gawd. like castlevanian and TGL had a metroid child
Schrödinger's Chat says:
... XD
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
CV and TGL put their seed in the Metroid serrogate mother
Schrödinger's Chat says:
and then the whole thing was infected by X-parasites and ported to DDS.
Schrödinger's Chat says:
after boot camp in silent hill
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
just shove as many crazy weird fandoms in there as possible
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I've been trying to figure out the name meanings behind the new legendaries... And suddenly I realized something.

Reshiram (レシラム)- Reshiramu... and Zekrom (ゼクロム) - Zekuromu.

Probably a long shot but I'd say they contain spins on the Japanese words for White (Shiro) and Black (Kuro)... Although apparently the word 'Shiramu' means 'To turn white', and 'Kuromu' could totally be read as Chrome which kinda explains the shinyness.


Also, THIS happened:

Crikey! )
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Brb, fire drill.


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Image stolen shamelessly from


And it looks like Lucario and Mightyena had a lovechild and it went supersaiyan.

... This has massive awesomeness potential. Although...

StellarWind Elsydeon says:
Whatever it is, the sillhouette looks nice. Let's just hope it doesn't have a Magmortar-y head-tumor. Or sonic eyes.
Racie says:
I dunno, it has a bad case of wasp waist and mega mullet >>
Racie says:
... Shit, I know what it is about it that's tweaking me. IT'S A DENJUU.
StellarWind Elsydeon says:
StellarWind Elsydeon says:
Racie says:
the stance, the anatomy, it screams HAVE YOU HAD CURRY

Clearly this creature is The Big Bad Wolf... )
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[100]«Kalseng» Think about dogs (or cats, if you're a cat person [or squids, if you're Stel]) for a few seconds.
[100]«Kalseng» Just do it
[100]«Kalseng» You'll feel more relaxed afterwards.
[100]«Kalseng» I swear.
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So I met a whole new conversation-bot such as SmarterChild. And I utterly broke its code. The cool part is that you can make it answer itself/think for itself by hitting a button that says "Think for me". Comments labeled as (To myself) were generated by this method.

Stel VS Cleverbot, Round 1 )

After that, I simply started making it talk to itself.

The Internal Monologues of Cleverbot )

At this point I got too tired to continue, but... damn. xD
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Think outside the Bachs. Get into some Rachmaninov!


"I am NOT a software pirate. I ninja all my warez. >>;" ~ RacieB
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"Why not compare a male Gardevoir to someone in a long coat? There's TONS of anime males in prim fitted long coats with flowing edges. LIKE YOU." ~ Kess, to me.

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They removed the click listings from GPX. HOPEFULLY temporarily.

On a side note: Me and Racie about Dodrio.

Dys Tuvai says:
its three heads represent Joy, Sorrow and Anger.
Racie says:
why in the hell did my brain just replace thar with "its three heads represent huey, dewey, and louie"
Dys Tuvai says:
Dys Tuvai says:
Duck Tales on the brain?
Dys Tuvai says:
and for the love of zod the letter F is too close to the letter D on the keyboard
Dys Tuvai says:
i almost typo'd Duck as something else altogether.
Racie says:
yeah I don't remember that part of the show
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Or: What happens to me after dealing with too much O-Chem and talking to someone who can actually understand what I'm talking about.

·DysTuvai· alkali metals have very short fuses. XP
·DysTuvai· but at the same time they really want to help themselves. they just need to find who to dump all their pesky negativity on XD

[100]«baratron» i'm trying to take information from 4 or 5 sources without plagiarising and it's SO DAMN DIFFICULT
[100]«baratron» because a lot of the time they use the exact wording that i would
[100]«baratron» i mean, how else do you say "the nonpolar, hydrophobic residues get buried in the centre of the protein"?
·DysTuvai· "Danged things scared o' water, wrapped up so tight you could think they're into bondage in the middle of 'em proteins. Yeehaw!"
·DysTuvai· ... It'd probably get accepted in Texas.

* baratron wonders vaguely why haemoglobin is abbreviated to _Hb_
[100]«baratron» obviously, mercury is Hg so they couldn't use that... except symbols are reused all over the place
[100]«baratron» like Ar (argon) and A subscript r (relative atomic mass)
·DysTuvai· And Ar (pirates)
[100]«baratron» and EA (activation energy) and EA (evil software company who like spyware)
·DysTuvai· ... XD
·DysTuvai· Calculate the amount of energy needed to activate their spyware?
·DysTuvai· but since hemoglobin is vaaaaaaaaaguely spherical.
·DysTuvai· VERY vaguely
·DysTuvai· i can only assume the b stands for ball?>
·DysTuvai· XD
·DysTuvai· or maybe Blood.
·DysTuvai· or maybe the writers were dyslexic
·DysTuvai· "We totally wanted to call it Haemoblogin... but then we'd wonder what would the Emo be Blogin' about."
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As envisioned by my twisted mind. Apologies to the Chinese. No offense intended.

Kess: Pekiwhattens were bred to look like lions, because it's a sacred animal and the Chinese couldn't have lions. So they made "lion-dogs".

Me: They don't look like lions, though. they look like... Punched-in-the-face little fucks.

Kess: I think the people whom bred Pekinese hadn't ever seen a lion.

Me: Or maybe they were too busy getting in the car to get a good look...

Kess: Or doing monk-kung-fu.

Me: "Today, we tlavel to the Aflican Savannahs to captule a glimpse of the sacled lion, so that we may bleed a bleed of dog that would look like one! Can you imagine the excitement? ^_____^"

"RAWR I'M A LION! >:3"


... Imagine a lion running majestically through the savanna, looking all RAWR, charging blindly into a small compact Chinese bootleg of a Hummer.


Kess: Ying ting tong. XD

Me: By the time it peels its face off the windshield, sliding off cartoonishly, the mental image was forever burned into the mind of our intrepid Shaolin explorers.... and thus was the Pekinese dog born. By breeding tiny little fuckers and running them over with bootleg Hummers.

... they were probably foot powered. Like in the Flintstones.

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"I guess this proves I fail at being a ninja, if they managed to catch me in the background of 3 photos."
"Bah, who needs ninjas when you have the mafia."
"Are you crazy, even the Mafia cannot triumph over the fangirls. >>"
"... Of course they can, they have bishies."
"Sweet merciful heavens, I think you're on to something here. o_o"
"After all, it's a well-known fact that bishies are the ultimate anti-fangirl weapon."
"Yup. And Yaoi."
"One usually drags the other along."
"Yep. :P"
"I shall leave it to the imagination of the dear readers HOW does one drag another along. My guess is, by the hair, after an energy club wallop to the head. Of course, when the token Bish wakes up he's shocked and emo about the fact someone ruined his precious perfect hair, but we all know that angst only turns them on more... Goddamnit. What has the internet done to my brain. X-X"

Me and Hofit in a moment of wtf over MSN. XD
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[100]«baratron» sorry to go silent for ages - i'm busy playing the game called "fit in the damn dishwasher, damn you"
[100]«baratron» the rules are simple
[100]«baratron» every time i manage to squeeze another item into the "full" dishwasher, i score a point
[100]«baratron» every time the dishwasher manages to prevent me from adding another item, it wins a point
[100]«baratron» the aim of the game is to outwit an inanimate object
·Dysschema· ... I'm seriously giggling here XD
[100]«baratron» so far i'm winning - i managed to squeeze in an extra two big mugs and one bowl by conceeding one small glass
·Dysschema· sometimes you've got to sacrifice a pawn D
·Dysschema· xD
[100]«baratron» but the bastard has decided to cheat by declaring that it's out of salt
·Dysschema· "Quick, break out the ionic compound gameshark!"

~*~ moments later... ~*~

[100]«baratron» I WIN!
[100]«baratron» the dishwasher tried to eat me, as usual
[100]«baratron» and it gained a point by getting some ick from a dirty dish over the left arm of my top
[100]«baratron» but i gained that point back on the basis that i need to wash this top after today *anyway*
·Dysschema· And there was much rejoicing. ^^
[100]«baratron» i tell you, it's really embarrassing if the dishwasher wins.
[100]«baratron» ESPECIALLY if someone else unloads it after it's been run, and points out to me how i could have fitted another 2 or 3 items in.
·Dysschema· adding salt to injury, eh?
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Silly Ganondork, blowing old sentient NES peripherals up. I still fail to understand just what the fuck was Ganondorf's interest in subspace-nuking the entire multiverse.

But eh, It's Smash. it's not supposed to make sense.

... kinda like Kingdom Hearts but less lame.

... Cross KH and Brawl and you get the ultimate bad fanfic, Which all abruptly ends when Kirby inhales Sora, then he gets an identity crisis and proceeds to murder the entire -eff-ing multiverse, Leaving nobody to tell the tale.

That Nobody of course being Silver the Hedgehog (or should I say Xodwash?), who then goes back in time and is determined on killing Kirby rather than Sora because Kirby is pinker.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger. Will Xodwash save the world? Will Kirby inhale him and turn into the SUPERIOR LIFEFORM and end up fighting shadow for the title in an epic blood match?

... Which will only result in the return of Mewtwo who will HAVE TO claim his lost title... Which will lead to a bitchfight with Lucario...

In which both combatants will be believed dead... But truth is they'd be just sealed for a thousand years. Their place in the Smash roster will be taken by a mysterious generation five pokeymans with multiple formes, which will make Zelda/Shiek pissed off because shapeshifting is her gimmick. And as everyone knows if Zelda's in trouble Link goes berserk.

So it'll be like Link and Zelda in a double battle vs this pokeymans and Mr. Game and Watch, because Game and Watch is fucking awesome.

While all this happens, Snake will be on a Plane, Lucas will be emo-ing, Ness will be missing his mom, Wario will try to hypnotize people to obey him and destroy Mario, Luigi will be MAMA LUIGI, Mario will know how a meatball feels and Yoshi will go to sleep, because, as they say in brooklyn, early to bed, early to catch the worm.. OR IS IT THE BAGEL?!

... and Toon Link will be retired and replaced with CDi Link, Who just can't -WAIT- to bomb dodongos and is so hungry he could eat an Octorok.

... and all this time Robotnik would invent his PINGAS, As a result of trying to CUT THE MONITORS.

... did I miss anything?

Edit: Racie's response to this whole thing...

Racie says:

StellarWind Elsydeon says:
.... Touché, Racie. XD

Racie says:
(the world-exploding kind preferably)
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Following is a chat log. Text has been lightly edited for coherency's sake. XD

The Static Descends says:
Well, things like Darkrai are very hard to bio-fy. Especially when they're wearing a HUGE FREAKING RED BEAR TRAP.

The Static Descends says:

The Static Descends says:
which is possibly a set of Rayquaza Dentures.

Irene - Somewhere in time says:
... yeah I know ^^'

(Insert really bad MSN doodle of Darkrai, standing there all happy, going "Check out mah bling! ^^" and a huge toothless Rayquaza head going "Very funny. Now gimme back my false teeth." here.)

The Static Descends says:
Young Gen4 whippersnappers, really...

The Static Descends says:

Irene - Somewhere in time says:

The Static Descends says:
Well, Groudon, Kyshrek and Rayquaza ARE referred to as Super-Ancient PokéMon. I can totally imagine them hanging out in some old folks home muttering about how the world was simple in their day, and how they didn't have little armless centaur kirin things with a god complex...

Irene - Somewhere in time says:
(apparently, platinum pokedex says darkrai is not evil) <<<< random

The Static Descends says:
And yeah, I read that journal entry ^^

The Static Descends says:
But yes, It's already been established that Pokémon can't really be 'evil'.

The Static Descends says:
Mildly malicious perhaps, but not really 'evil'.

Irene - Somewhere in time says:
Darkrai is just UNLUCKY XD

The Static Descends says:
Pretty well XD

The Static Descends says:
And people are racist

The Static Descends says:
they hate him because he's black.

The Static Descends says:

Irene - Somewhere in time says:

The Static Descends says:

Irene - Somewhere in time says:

The Static Descends says:
... he's a gangsta. BARK WITH ME IF YOU'RE MY ARCANINE
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Racie alerted me to this article, which both causes epic rage and epic roffle for me.

First thing of course, is the fact that CNN needs to get its biology straight.

"The desert-dwelling camel spider, actually an insect rather than an arachnid, can run up to 25 kilometers (15 miles) an hour and reach 15 centimeters (6 inches) in length. Its bite is not deadly to humans but can kill small animals."

... Uh, no. 'Camel Spiders' are NOT insects. They are Solpugids, which IS a type of an arachnid (often referred to as Sun Spiders or Wind Scorpions, in spite of being neither).

Also, they're NOT poisonous. They DO however have REALLY powerful jaws. A bite could get infected if not treated, but then again so can a simple knife cut. There is NO way a Solpugid bite could kill a dog. Maybe cut it up a bit, but nothing more than that.

The lollest thing to me, however. is the description the family gave about the creature's attack on their dog:

"My son Ricky was in my bedroom looking for his underwear, and he went into the drawer under my bed, and something crawled across his hand," she told the paper.

She said their pet dog Cassie confronted the creature, which they identified on the Internet as a camel spider, but ran out whimpering when it hissed at her.

"It seems too much of a coincidence that she died at the same time that we saw the spider," she said.

... Obviously solpugids are vengeful little fuckers with psychic powers that HISS at their target and several minutes later it mysteriously dies.

Because the thing killed it with MIIIIIIIIIIIIND BULLETS. That's TELEKINESIS, CNN! How's about the power to move you?

Obviously if it's not hysteria inducing, it's not news worthy.

Racie and I have been bouncing rants back and forth about the supposed dog-killing "spiders", which resulted, at some point, in this:

[00:31:04] StellarWind Elsydeon: And here's the ultimate rofl - this one random's American's blog was all like...
[00:31:38] StellarWind Elsydeon: "Onoes, if they can sneak in people's bags in the UK imagine what they could do in the US?!!! FOR ALL WE KNOW THE US COULD BE INFESTED WITH THEM IN A FEW YEARS AAAHHH TALK ABOUT WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!"
[00:31:51] StellarWind Elsydeon: .... This forced me to reply XP
[00:32:11] StellarWind Elsydeon: "You know, the US has a thriving population of its own Solpugids."
[00:32:11] StellarWind Elsydeon: XD
[00:32:22] Racie: yes but these ones are FOREIGN
[00:32:25] StellarWind Elsydeon: XDDDD
[00:32:28] StellarWind Elsydeon: THEY'RE NOT AMERICAN
[00:32:29] Racie: derka derrrrrb!
[00:32:29] StellarWind Elsydeon: IN AMERICA
[00:32:54] Racie: they're going to take all our dog-eating american insects jobs
[00:33:08] StellarWind Elsydeon: ... xDDDD
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* baratron wishes to disagree with this chemistry textbook about whether chlorine is a chloride
[100]«Ruko» XD
[100]«baratron» it seems to be treating elemental chlorine, Cl2, as chlorine chloride
[100]«fluffymormegil» O_O
·Dysschema· O-o
[100]«fluffymormegil» Meatheads.
·Dysschema· It's like calling gaseous Oxygen... Oxygen Oxide. O_o
·Dysschema· .... wait. Does that make Ozone Oxygen Dioxide?
[100]«Ruko» I like to disagree with my math book
[100]«Ruko» you can divide a number by Zero
[100]«Ruko» it gives you an infinitely high number
·Dysschema· Yes, but then the universe implodes, Oshi-
[100]«Ruko» XD
[100]«Ruko» the book is just wrong...
·Dysschema· Wrong to the power of Lex Luthor.
[100]«baratron» well, to put things in context, it's an article about The Chlorides of Period 3
[100]«baratron» so i suppose you can see Cl2 as continuing the trend
[100]«baratron» sort of
[100]«baratron» like, if you squint reeeeeallly hard
·Dysschema· The Chlorides of Period Three. That sounds like.... a historic novel
·Dysschema· o_O
[100]«Ruko» Chlorides of Period three?
[100]«Ruko» ...
[100]«Ruko» I can't remember if Periods were rows or columns
[100]«baratron» yeah, Period 3 on the periodic table. sodium to argon.
[100]«fluffymormegil» Strictly, division by zero is /undefined/, not /infinite/, in conventional arithmetic Smiley
[100]«Ruko» ok then
·Dysschema· WHY did I read that as Aggron?
[100]«fluffymormegil» because you're a pokemaniac
[100]«Guest50981» game!
[100]«Ruko» I've only taken one year of Chemistry...
[100]«Ruko» so I'm surprised I could follow you as far as that
[100]«Ruko» XD
* Ruko wonders if it's bad that he owns his own laminated copy of the periodic table
·Dysschema· ... Eeesh. Aggron Chloride. Is what happens when an Aron drinks too much swimming pool water.


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