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This little story concept has been playing in my head for a few months now. Figured I might write it down.

It's a sci-fi-esque story set around a humanoid hexapodal race - not humanlike, just vaguely anthropomorphic - sporting an array of two arms, two legs, and two extra appendages. The race has three 'castes' or subspecies so to speak that differ in culture and stuff... and in the nature of their extra appendages.

I don't have fancy names for the casts yet, but the names I'll be using are literal translations of what their names mean:

The Winged Ones - artistic, creative, scientific, and value life over all else. Though they will fight if prompted to. Their secondary appendages are indeed wing type things and they are functional.

in sharp contrast, the Bladed Ones - A militaristic warrior society, run by generals, and they are intelligent and fierce. Their secondary appendages are rather intricate blade appendages that can sort of lash and attack at massive speeds.

and lastly, the Shielded Ones - extremely elusive, mostly keeping to themselves. Not very much involved with the other factions or other races. Their secondary appendages are large and rather heavy shield-like appendages.

These three factions are a product of many years of artificial selection - and while they cooperate and work together on many things - interbreeding between the three factions is a social taboo - though biologically POSSIBLE.

The storyline that's been running through my head for months starts with a rather high ranking Bladed One, a strategic liaison to the Winged Ones, who inexplicably ends up falling in love with a Winged One female. They kept their affair very secret, but eventually the winged one ended up pregnant, and, well... Let's just say that Winged One uterus-es are NOT designed for even partial bladed one babies. >>

She died giving birth to a daughter - which was born alive and well - buuuuuuuut yeah - it's a huge social taboo as I pointed out. SO, the OFFICIAL records say that she indeed died of childbirth complications, but that the child was a winged one and was stillborn. To make things easier for everyone. What they don't know can't hurt them.

But since the Winged Ones are all huge about the sanctity of life, they raise the child in hiding - and the father actually takes a very active role in raising his daughter. He's rather broken by his companion's death. But he raises his daughter - discretely of course. He's a strategic liaison to the winged ones so him being around them a lot is not suspicious.

And yeah. The girl grows up and turns out to be quite a strategical genius - smart enough to stay hidden, and yet takes after her father.

Of course it all has to go to hell, naturally, because yeah. Bladed One society is rather cutthroat - everyone's spying on everyone, particularly in positions of power, and if an opportunity to make political fortune on your rival warlord's back arises... Hell yes they'll grab it.

And indeed someone digs around and finds about the guy's daughter and exposes him.

... He's captured, stripped of rank and executed publically for treason, while his daughter is forced to watch. She manages to escape a similar fate because of her EPIC BLADE WINGS, and the Bladed Ones let her be (as in, do not pursue) because they figured that she's going to blame herself for the death of both her parents and, having no place to go (being a hybrid), she'd end up killing herself anyway.

........ However, as stated earlier, she's a brilliant strategical mind, and now it's /personal/. Soon enough she hatches one HELL of a daring plan.

After surviving for a while, she manages to convince a faction of Winged Ones which is very adept at genetic manipulation that she needs to have her genome resequenced to 'purify' it, so she could live a normal life. (I'm pretty sure she made up a sob story about how her mother was raped by a Bladed One and how her 'corrupted' blood makes her 'stained with violence'. End justifies the means, eh?)

They believe her - and she hands them a vial that she's been carrying with her containing her 'mother's DNA' as a basis for the resequencing. As it turns out though, she tricked them - the DNA sample she gave them to serve as a base was not a single-caste DNA patterns but a blend of all three castes - Bladed, Winged AND Shielded.

By the time they realize it it's too late - and she emerges a perfect synthesis of all three factions.

From that point on she makes it her life's goal to find more hybrids - because she knows more exist somewhere, they're just hard to find - and sympathizers to her cause, and transfiguring them into this sort of synthesis too - and basically challenging the caste system.

And yeah. She pretty much creates her own small private army - a new faction whose name translates to 'Exalted Ones' - that seek to bring down the current governments of all three castes and reforge the entire damn race in a way that will make sure that no one will ever suffer again because their parents happened to be of different castes - and eventually transfigure all three into one great unified race.

Naturally, this calls for quite a bit of negotiation and diplomacy, politics and the occasional act of terroris-errr I mean "freedom fighting", of course.

The existence of this new resistance movement is straining relationships between the three castes - as there are naturally a lot of people who want the status quo to remain - either because they're old fashioned or because they personally benefit from it...

Where will it end? Desu knows. That's all I have for now. @_@
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I currently have 'Within You' from 'Labyrinth' stuck in my head. Thinking back to last week, I can understand why... ^_^;

Other songs that have been stuck in my head lately are 'Master of the Wind' by Manowar (whom I've developed quite a major liking to the songs of - particularily the one that got stuck in my head, 'Swords in the Wind', and 'Courage'), and 'Take My Hand' by Toto, the credits theme from the 1984 David Lynch version of Dune (which is one of the prettiest instrumentals ever made). And various iterations of which keep playing through my head lately. I haven't really had the heart to listen to anything else. Except for stuff I mauled on my guitar, that is. Oh, and an awesome Scorpions acoustic concert I have on DVD.


I'm feeling much better than last week. My mind still falls into lapses of sadness every once in a while, but I think I've channeled most of it out by now.

Also, I've been in a WarCraft mood lately. I've dug WarCraft III out of mothballs and started playing it. Burning HOURS. And loving every bloody minute of it. Man, that game is pure awesome. I finished Reign of Chaos last night, and I want to finish The Frozen Throne next weekend I get to be home. I miss the Draenei, kinda. xD

And by Draenei I mean the ugly-yet-awesome permanently-cloaked, fanged denizens of Outland (formerly Draenor). Back when they were still the natives.

Don't get me wrong, I love the WoW Draenor design. If I got over my hatred for MMORPGs and robbed a few banks to allow myself to play it, I'd probably create a Draenei character. The females look freakin' awesome. All detailed outfits and tendrils and horns and blue skin. Heh. ^^; But enough people ranted about the sudden connection of the Eredar (Archimonde's original species) and the completely unrelated Draenei. I honestly think that if they wanted to make the Eredar good guys, they could have NICELY wrote them in as a new race rather than just, y'know, fuse them with my favorite race of nuclear mutants.

Actually, coming to think of it, I think I like a lot of the corrupted races more than the official races. I mean, Naga and Satyrs are NEEFTY. ^^

I found a lot of secrets I haven't encountered last time I played (most of them in Night Elf levels. Like the Hydralisk and the 'Shrine of the Uberfish'. But I think that 'The Largest Panda Ever' was what took the cake. xD

Also, Illidan STILL kicks nine kinds of ass, at least.

Heh. This entry serves no real purpose except for some venting and random rambling. ^_^;

Oh yeah! And I've been having more thoughts about a conceptual webcomic plot i've been toying with for ages.

The story begins with QT-3.14, an android-like life-form who is accidentally summoned into a world where high-technology doesn't exist, but rather magic and fantasy rules. Needless to say, she isn't happy about it (particularily because she was summoned right when she was in the middle of a nice bath and her weapon modules got left behind. XD). She sees the potential of this world and plots its overthrow and takeover.

The only problem is, she's a semi-anthropomorphic animalish creature which doesn't look very intimidating without her weapon modules. And the young, hyper apprentice mage that summoned her by mistake seems to consider her some kind of an intelligent pet (much to "Cutiepi"'s annoyance xD). Said apprentice is actually extremely prone to magical accidents. Much like her master, an old, reclusive mage with a passion for alchemy (and unfortunately a passion for brimstone also, which more often than not makes his experiments explode). xD

Two more planned characters are Aelyn, a good-aligned Necromancer (Yes. xD) who's not very good at it. I mean, she tries REALLY hard to raise a mighty Dracolich, but ends up with a tiny, cute bone dragon with the personality of a puppy. And also, a girl who's VERY talented in magic, but isn't allowed to join a mage school because, well, her name is too mundane to be a mage name. xD

But yeah.

Gotta wrap this entry up.
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Whooo. Long Update. x_X


Real Lifeness - It's been two weeks since I've been posted at the base I'm going to do most of my military service in. The new place is awesome. And the work, as it is, is not too stressful and is done in an air-conditioned lab-like environment. Fun. ^_^

Well, I haven't actually started working yet, as I still have a lot of reading and stuff to do before I can actually work with the kind of parts we deal with - but I'm beginning to make some progress with the whole thing, and soon enough, I will be actually able to start working. ^^

Right now I'm in an 'adaptation period' of sorts, in which I can go home every day. This lasts a month. Two weeks are already past, and this week, I'll have to spend Wednesday at the base. The next week, I'd have to spend Wednesday till Sunday at the base. After that, things are going to settle into a routine of having one week to go home at thursday and return at sunday, followed by a week where I'll have to stay at the base until sunday. Also, it seems I'll be home at least two days per week - On a week where I go home at the weekend, I can have one of the first days of the week (Sunday, Monday or Tuesday) off, and on a week where I don't go home at the weekend, I can have two of the same three days off. So it's really not that bad. ^_^

I hope that explanation made sense. ^^;;


I started reading Bob and George, and now I'm on a small Megaman phase of my own! HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... (slaps himself with a passing Robot Master, then flings him back into Capcom.)... Sometimes I'm not sure what's wierder and more flicked up... the 'Classic' Mega Man, Mega Man X or MegaMan Battle Network. x_X

... And may I point out that Gospel the Multibug Organism BLOODY ROCKS?! I really love his design. ^_^; Much more than I liked the original Gospel (aka Treble)'s design.

And I've drawn an attempt at Crystal Man as a Navi (or CrystalMan.EXE, if you prefer). I haven't scanned it as it turned out absolute crap, but I like the design. ^^; My CrystalMan.EXE is an Independant Navi, and is generally peaceful - he does not like battling, but should he be forced to battle, his primary attack is launching crystalline 'cluster bomb' projectiles which fire, and split in mid-air, hitting all opponents on screen.

I really should stop this now before these bloody robots consume my soul. x_X


Artness - Nothing much new. I'm working on a picture related to a Digimon Saga I've been working on for aeons. E heh. ^_^;

I've also FINALLY gotten the RP at PokeCharms Updated. That post took me aeons to think of, and it turned out rather short... Meh. x_X

Oh, and remember my Anthropomorphic Alter Ego? Well, I've come up with an interesting explanation for his species' reproductive process, as the species lacks the necessary, uh, anatomy for the more... standard type of it.

Basically, they're a shapeshifter species. So two of them mind-link in a rather intricate process (which is rather pleasurable for both sides), and each of them fissions off a small part of themselves. These two parts that were fissioned off are then fused into a new 'proto-organism', the mind-link between the 'parents' providing it with the initial spark of 'life'. The Proto-Organism then encases itself with a crystalline 'shell', which is then wrapped in large leaves by the parents. The leaves somehow merge with the shell, providing nourishment and energy to the creature within through photosynthesis. (at this point, the parents' part of the process is done, and they can break the mind-link safely).

Eventually, when the creature grows enough, the shell breaks and the 'newborn' emerges from it. It's small, but not helpless - it can fend for itself quite easily (unlike those annoying, wailing creatures human beings call babies). In time, the creature grows and learns to control its own shapeshifting abilities (youngsters are unable to shapeshift at first, but their claws and wings provide more than adequate defense/offense against any who'd seek to attack them).

Uhh... yeah. I'm wierd. ^_^;
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Creator's block finally beginning to disappate. At long last. Which is good, because I've got a rather ambitious pic planned out, which I intend to finish in a few days. Emotional confusion still around and evil, but what the hell.

I had a sudden flash of inspiration (sorta) And I came up with a new-ish saga which sounds rather anime-ish. I still have a lot more to Iron out, but hey, it's getting there. Coming soon to a swamp near you!

Phase 2


Anime? Manga? Story? Anything? Sounds the most anime, though.


A dark, Digimon-Tamers-esque real-world like setting. The gradual return of the dragons, whom have went into a phase of dormancy (and hid in the form of humans. Humans with the potential to transform have something to do with the constellations (What it is is unknown yet.)

The villain is obsessed with acquiring a certain Ark whom he believes is the key for a certain power (the ark proves to be more than that. It appears that the ark is sentient, and it has its own agenda... And it eventually possesses the villain in order to do so, Indeed giving him a certain power, but at the cost of his own self. Was it worth it? I'm not sure. But It's an unavoidable RPG Clich×™.) The Ark has been dormant for as long as the dragons, and it has something to do with the dragons.

When the Ark's sentiency begins to be awakened (near the beginning of the saga), the dragons reborn begin to be rewakened as well.

The Dragons and the Sentient Ark originated in the same place, but they seem to be opposed forces. How they came to earth is unknown.


Phase2 dragons are much different... They share attributes of many Breath of Fire dragons, in fact, mainly the Aura Dragon.

The typical Phase2 dragons have sleek-design heads attached to a longish (but not too long) neck that's usually in a curved stature (straightened when dragon is roaring, for instance). The body is somewhat humanoid (Aura-Dragon-esque). Arms are longish and three-taloned. often having blades at the 'elbows. Legs are more muscled-looking, and often have are five-taloned, sort of like the human leg (but not quite similar in shape). Wings are often VERY stylized. Tails are most often long and thin. The body is usually scaly, the underside in a different color than the rest of the body. larger scales form pseudo-armor around the chest area and on the shoulders and knees. Often these larger scales are the same color as the underside scales.

Coloration - Often combination of Dark hues (main body) and Light hues (markings, armors and underbelly scales). Eyes often glow. Obviously, the natural variance in form and markings derives from the type of elemental attached to the Dragons.

The Dragons posess certain gems in the middle of their chest armor. This is the source of their power. The only way to truly kill a dragon is to destroy these gems, though it takes something much more powerful than even the dragons to shatter the gems.

Dragon Elementals:

- FLAME: Fire Based (Non-Elemental Attack Capability).
- MIST: Water Based (Ice Attack Capability).
- STORM: Wind Based (Electric Attack Capability).
- DRYAD: Grass Based (Poison Attack Capability).
- SAND: Earth Based (Metal Attack Capability).
- AURA: Light Based
- CHASM: Darkness Based

(Aura and Chasm lack an "Attack Capability" because their power used in conjection forms this effect.)

More to come...


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