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And though he has faded from belief by many, there is still one they all expect. In their tongue, he is Santakiin, Reindeerborn!

Contrary to popular belief, he distributes the damn presents HIMSELF. Well, he used to have Reindeer... but then they took an arrow to the knee.

... In all seriousness, Merry Christmas, folks. Hope you're having a great one. ^^
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On other news, Wild ARMs 2 pwns too many souls to be listed. Diablo Pillars, Here I come.

On other other news, Imagine what would have happened if Disney went with Namco instead of with Squenix.

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Silly Ganondork, blowing old sentient NES peripherals up. I still fail to understand just what the fuck was Ganondorf's interest in subspace-nuking the entire multiverse.

But eh, It's Smash. it's not supposed to make sense.

... kinda like Kingdom Hearts but less lame.

... Cross KH and Brawl and you get the ultimate bad fanfic, Which all abruptly ends when Kirby inhales Sora, then he gets an identity crisis and proceeds to murder the entire -eff-ing multiverse, Leaving nobody to tell the tale.

That Nobody of course being Silver the Hedgehog (or should I say Xodwash?), who then goes back in time and is determined on killing Kirby rather than Sora because Kirby is pinker.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger. Will Xodwash save the world? Will Kirby inhale him and turn into the SUPERIOR LIFEFORM and end up fighting shadow for the title in an epic blood match?

... Which will only result in the return of Mewtwo who will HAVE TO claim his lost title... Which will lead to a bitchfight with Lucario...

In which both combatants will be believed dead... But truth is they'd be just sealed for a thousand years. Their place in the Smash roster will be taken by a mysterious generation five pokeymans with multiple formes, which will make Zelda/Shiek pissed off because shapeshifting is her gimmick. And as everyone knows if Zelda's in trouble Link goes berserk.

So it'll be like Link and Zelda in a double battle vs this pokeymans and Mr. Game and Watch, because Game and Watch is fucking awesome.

While all this happens, Snake will be on a Plane, Lucas will be emo-ing, Ness will be missing his mom, Wario will try to hypnotize people to obey him and destroy Mario, Luigi will be MAMA LUIGI, Mario will know how a meatball feels and Yoshi will go to sleep, because, as they say in brooklyn, early to bed, early to catch the worm.. OR IS IT THE BAGEL?!

... and Toon Link will be retired and replaced with CDi Link, Who just can't -WAIT- to bomb dodongos and is so hungry he could eat an Octorok.

... and all this time Robotnik would invent his PINGAS, As a result of trying to CUT THE MONITORS.

... did I miss anything?

Edit: Racie's response to this whole thing...

Racie says:

StellarWind Elsydeon says:
.... Touché, Racie. XD

Racie says:
(the world-exploding kind preferably)
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Lurrvurr ... leee says:
i find it funny they are called space pirates. its like.. dogs and humans ...

StellarWind Elsydeon says:

StellarWind Elsydeon says:
Space Pirates! Now a taxonomical classification

StellarWind Elsydeon says:
Arrpiratus Spatialus

StellarWind Elsydeon says:
... FUCKIT. Now I have a goddamn road runner metroid cartoon in my head

StellarWind Elsydeon says:
SAMUS ARAN Hotchickus Inarmorus

SPACE PIRATE Anthrobuggus Arrmateyus

StellarWind Elsydeon says:

StellarWind Elsydeon says:
The very idea of Samus speed-boosting, then stopping in midair, going all "MEEP MEEP!" and hyperjumping into the atmosphere amuses me. >>;;;

An even more terrifying thing is that the closest thing to the Road Runner in the Metroid-verse is the Dachora, and one of them actually teaches Samus the speed-boost-hyperjump technique. I guess that means something in some cosmic manner... >>;

Is Mother Brain an ACME product?
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Too much Okami leads to Fusion. Too much Fusion leads to frustration. Too much frustration leads to wolf goddesses in biomechanical armors and back-mounted chargable cannons fighting demons infesting an ancient Japanese space station and absorbing them to recover lost brush techniques.

... All in stunning cel-shading.

... Most disturbing crossover ever. At least until I'll think of something even more disturbing.

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... Samuel Chell Jackson.

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Me: PokéMon is being taken over by french people. I mean, the D/P protagonist, Fantina... What next, a baguette Pokémon?!

Racie: Well.. mime jr >______>

Me: ... DAMNIT. Now I have Mime Jr. and Fantina in my head.

... and Mime Jr. is singing 'You Touch My Tralala.' and Fantina is like 'WTF?! I'M OUTTA HERE.' And flies off on her fucking beehive helicopter head. Soon enough an army of enraged Vespiquens follow her, declaring her the everlasting queen of the swarm.

Meanwhile, Mime Jr.'s dreams of pimphood are crushed and he commits suicide by eating HIS OWN ICE CREAM SHAPED HEAD. CSI Jubilife arrive on the scene (in a Hummer, of course...). Out emerges Flint in sunglasses to the 'Shaft' theme. Cynthia arrives on the scene, looking totally excited about her latest case, and looks for bullet fragments all over the place before realizing that there are NO bullets anywhere, while a psychic talks to the mime jr. corpse while determining the cause of its death (as if the gaping lack of head isn't obvious enough). Flint makes a snide sarcastic comment, because he's one bad mother ("SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" "I was just talking about Flint!" "Then we can dig it!").

Into the scene rushes Miror B who's offended by the fact there's ANOTHER Afro-guy all of a sudden. Flint and Miror B go into a battle of 'fros by firing their lazors from it, except that Miror B wins because his fro is a Pokéball and Flint gets caught >>

Miror B proceeds to chicken-dance out of the scene while Cynthia and the psychic stare at each other going all "... O... Kay."

Zoom out. Fantina is STILL flying with a swarm of bug-types behind her, poised to strike at that little Skank Phoebe in Hoenn.

Rolling end credits to 'What A Wonderful World'.


And all this while, Racie was like.. o_________o

My mind REALLY scares me sometimes. <<
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Touché, Wikipedia. XDDD

On a side note, I hear that Unilever and Apple are planning a merger. iCan'tBelieveIt'sNotButter will make millions.
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A few things have come to my attention today.

1. Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, aka Psychic Midget Patrol, are associated in the translated version with Intelligence, Emotion and Willpower. However, originally, they were associated with Wisdom, Courage and Power.

Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah... Waitaminute... THE PSYCHIC MIDGETS ARE THE TRIFORCE. O_O

... And then you have Cyrus, the team galaxy boss. Tall guy, spiky cyan hair, looks angry... waitaminute, what happens when you color-swap that and add a bit of a beard?


This leads to two obvious conclusions:

A. Prof. Rowan is really a Deku Tree.
B. ... Dialga and/or Palkia are Zelda.

At this point it's obvious that my mind has a broken link. but the second revelation of the day made my brain officially break.

2. Harry Potter's main child/teenager characters are all mustelline-related in some way. I mean... Harry Potter, Ron Weasely, and Hermione (which is a hell of a lot like Ermine) Granger. Also take into account that Draco Malfoy, the primary child antagonist, has experience at being a ferret (maybe a sign that there is a bit of good in him after all xD)

... Which kinda explains the whole Voldemort/Snake thing. Even though Mongooses aren't true mustellines, they look a hell of a lot alike. And we all know the legendary Mongoose/Snake Genetic Rivalry (Zangoose Zangoose Zangoose... Shroomish Shroomish?) >>

Dear Mrs. Rowling. As much as I love your work, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I've had it with those MOTHERF***ING MUSTELLINES ON THAT MOTHERF****ING PLANE!

That is all. XD


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