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Oh my fucking god, what have they done to LJ.

Not that I even use it these days but still. Jesus effing christbuckets.
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And sadly, they'd do a better job than 343i seem to be doing.

(Insert five hours of nerdrage about Cryptum, Primordium and how bears named Greg do not belong anywhere near writing things even vaguely related to the Halo series).


Anyway, needless to say I've been back here for a while. Landed on August 22nd, and been kind of derping about since. I figured that since I haven't updated LJ in bloody ages I might as well ramble for a bit about what's been going on with me as of late. Caution: This post is going to be a huge fucking novel.

So, first and foremost: the trip. ).

So, TL;DR version - It was an awesome trip and I had a wonderful time with ze lifemate.

Once I got back here, not much happened. I've replayed a few point-and-click adventure games and started a new run of Pokemon Platinum (because I've finished the copy of White I finally got my claws on) and a run of Baldur's Gate 2 (Half-Elf Druids aren't exactly the strongest characters one can play. <<;). A new AC unit was installed in my room (which direly needed it!) and all was relatively quiet.

Until this Sunday. )

But on happier news...

So. I got a new scanner. ).

And that's pretty much the rundown of everything. Hurdadurdalur. Plans for the rest of this month include some reconstruction/redesign work on my room, signing up for whatever courses I have as soon as possible (I hope they're still running that Astrobiology course!) and set up the dorms for THIS year. Oh gods dealing with the bullshit 'reformed' public transportation system that fails to work properly kill me please. x-x
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Merry Christmas to those of you who do~


Been a bit of a crazy few weeks for yours truly. I've been sick on and off for most of them, though this past week was pretty much the worst of it all, complete with coughing like a dog and producing phleghm (SILENCE. I KEEL YOU!) in mind-shattering amounts. I missed a whole bunch of classes due to preferring to only come to things I couldn't catch up on later (such as labs). Then, on Wednesday, in the middle of some work on various things (including watching recorded ecology lectures and rephrasing some things on my PokeMon Evolution essaything for 'charms) my laptop decided to spontaneously die.

Fortunately, the cause of death was entirely unrelated to the hard drive - so it and all its data are still safe and sound. I've purchased an adapter case today which effectively turned the laptop hard drive into an external hard drive - which, other than the nice fact it has all my data backed up portably (I still want to make another backup copy just in case something happens)... well, it'll serve as a nice external HD (80 Gigs are still pretty good for extra storage space for -my- needs anyway) for me when I get a new laptop - which should be in a matter of a week, possibly two or three, depending how certain things at my dad's workplace go. (The laptop in question is his work laptop, a rather lovely two-year-or-so old Dell which not only still runs on XP, but also has a widescreen -AND- a serial port, which means I could probably plug in my ancient fossil tablet again eeee-)

It's SO nice to have my data intact in the meantime. ^^
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Fffffffff I hate it when my connection spontaneously decides to fail like a failz and kicks me out of MSN, and when I manage to log in again the person I was talking to has already left. x-x
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So here goes.

I guess I haven't posted it on LJ, but most of the people who read this are likely to already know that my main computer has been in and out of commission ever since I got back. But in case you didn't, here's the story.

This computer has been around and in perfect-ish working order since 2003. It only had to be formatted once in its entire history of life. Perfect survival record. I think.

Then I flew off for three months. Before that happened, I turned the poor thing off and unplugged it. You know, to keep it safe from passing power outages.

Three months later, I return home. I turn on my computer, and... wtf, the computer doesn't turn on, at all.

So I drop the computer off for repairs - as it turns out, the power supply died. Fair enough. Power supplies sometimes DO die inexplicably. So I go and have that replaced, computer turns on again, and everyone is happy bunnies.

Or so I thought.

Soon enough a whole series of bizzare malfunctions attacked - spontaneous resets, blue screens on windows, sudden hardware failures... Only god knows -what- the fuck happened there. Possible diagnoses (according to the internets, anyway) were graphic adapter driver going bad (ruled out, as I uninstalled the drivers and installed new ones and nothing happened), RAM or Motherboard failures (which worried me as this computer is ancient and parts for it would cost an arm and a leg.) or something else entirely. It could be so many different things I figured I'd have a professional look at it.

And guess what? The problem was bloated capacitors on the -graphics adapter-. So we had THAT removed and the onboard graphics adapter's driver installed. And I thought that was the end of that.

When I connected everything and started the computer, it worked. Then I plugged in the wireless modem I have for the computer. It couldn't properly go online, so I tried connecting the network cable instead. And suddenly, it froze.

I reset the computer, only to find out it's not recieving any form of input. Shut it down again, tried turning it on...

Guess what? It's NOT turning on.

Either the new power supply burned, or there's something even more fundementally wrong. But either way, my computer is dead. AGAIN.

For the moment I'm using my laptop as a desktop computer. Whatever it was that killed my computer again, I'm going to check on it again tomorrow. If the computer is salvagable, I'll try at least to salvage it. If it isn't... well, I'll get a USB keyboard for the laptop. Because i'm fvcking tired of the laptop's keyboard. seriously.

... Also, where's a Katie when you need one. >>;


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