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Why must you be made of so much awesome. ;-;

So, I've been toying with the idea of making a Wallpaper based on my Pokefic-in-progress, and seeing how it's sort of a huge Inspired-By-Wild-ARMs fic, I've been watching random Wild ARMs intros in order to try and find a certain sense for how the group shots looked in that.

... I found myself really... really.. squeeing... hard.

Words cannot begin to describe just what that series does to me. WA2 and WA4 in particular. Their intros...

Something about those two particular games really makes me squee hard. The original WA was awesome, don't get me wrong, but... I dunno.

... Also I kinda sorta realized something. WA3 -gets me-. Maybe it's the fact that sometimes it feels like a glorified dungeon crawler, maybe it's the fact that a WHOLE MESS OF EVERYTHING is thinly-disguised inferior copies (Tributes, I know, get over it) of characters from the original games MINUS a trait that made the original game character awesome. >>;

But still. I will get around to giving 3 a proper playthrough someday. If I live that long.

Anyway. Sorry. Random burst of fangasm. I had to. @_@
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Pocket. Monsters. Special. Or PokeMon Adventures to those of you who aren't familiar of its Japanese name.

It fucking pwns souls. So WROOOOOOOOONG and so AWESOME at the same time.

I'm somewhere near the end of the Crystal arc right now - and though it isn't quite as bloody as the Red/Green/Blue and the Yellow sagas were, it's still rather winful. The art quality took a HUGE plunge during the beginning of the Gold/Silver arc, though - but that is to be understandable, apparently, considering that Mato, the artist (whom I was certain was male but is apparently female!), seemed to have suffered from some illness which caused weakness in her wrist - which is the reason she left after issue 9 and was replaced by some guy who actually does a better job than she did. >>;

Rather horrible official translation from the Gold/Silver/Crystal arc and on aside (the scanlated issues always seem to be so much better >>; That's what you get when you let a Singaporean company do the ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS what the desu) I'm REALLY enjoying this series and I'd really love to see where the series goes once Ruby and Sapphire roll in.


Speaking of Pokeymans, I had the most vivid couple of mental images in the recent days about some of my RP and fic characters. It's nice to be able to have images like these again. I missed that. I still don't feel compelled to draw anything - I seem to be permanently artblocked lately - but I like it when I can conjure up clear and vivid images in my mind. ^^


Also, on a side note, my Lunatone egg on GPX+ hatched and lo, it is SHINY. One of the only shinies I actually appreciate. Which didn't stop it from being named Majora and shoved into the PC where it belongs. XD

I got another Eevee egg. Hoping for a female just so I could have a female Umbreon named Dysnomia, but I'm not counting on a female. If it's a male, I'll just name it Endymion. ^^

Oh god Advil's close to evolving. At long effing last.


Mar. 24th, 2009 11:02 pm
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I think I just had a Nostalgasm.

Season 1 of Silverhawks released on DVD. Which means that unless Warner are planning to be complete douchebags about it, Season 2 would be too.

Frelling Squee.
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So for, like, years? I had this bit of a theme from an 80s cartoon in my head. I could not for the life of me remember just what the flying fuck it came from. YEARS. And then, today, the answer inadvertently fell into my lap.

It was the theme song from this.

So yes. Genetically engineered mutant angry sentient plant creatures that look slightly like the lovechild of Toad and Freiza on drugs threatening the universe, and the only thing that can stop them is a bunch of characters, a magic root of some sort, and... freaky Mad Max vehicles.

What sort of psychopath can think this up?

Oh yes. HIM:

The main in the photo, in case you're wondering, is J. Michael Straczynski. Aka The Great Maker. Aka the creator of Babylon 5.

Yes. This (and He-Man, but shhhh) is what he made about a decade before he made B5. In collaboration with a French dude whose name doesn't even matter because it fails to echo the sheer epic of JMS.

... This is a childhood mystery resolved to me. Now if only I can figure out the name and artist who performed this one particular tune that never leaves my head, my life's purpose shall be fulfilled and i could die a happy fuzzbucket.

Shame that'll never happen. oh well.

Edit to clarify: The "this one particular tune that never leaves my head" isn't related to any of this - it's a completely different childhood mystery, which will probably forever remain one. But thanks for letting me know that the infamous Haim Saban/Shuki Levy combo worked on THIS one too. Come to think of it, there weren't a lot of 80s cartoons they weren't involved in in some way. o-o
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It may have hideous voice acting from hell and platformery action sequences of the sort that make me want to strangle the developers...

But it's still fucking awesome.

That is all.

(Now to take a break from it until I feel up to loading the game-complete-clear-data and start harvesting sidequests. XD)
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Let it be known that Terranigma is one of the most amazing fucking games EVER released on ANY system in the entire history of Humanity.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest I can talk more sanely.

Anyhow. How'd I get onto Terranigma again? Here goes.

I was having a discussion with a close friend of mine and Soul Blazer came up. Which reminded me that:

A: I never actually got to play it. OR Illusion of Gaia. And I wanted to play both of them for a long while.
B: I haven't played Terranigma in over nine thousand years and I loved that game to pieces.
C: They're exactly the kind of games I've been craving lately.

And so I started somewhat of a Soul-Blazer-Series-athon, starting with Soul Blazer itself, proceeding through Illusion of Gaia, and finally ending in Terranigma.

Soul Blazer itself was fun with the exception of the tedious bosses and somewhat awkward translation. The game mostly centered around the resurrection theme - both on a larger scale (you, in the role of the nameless 'Blazer', a divine being sent by the Creator Deity of the SB world, referred to as 'The Master', destroying monster lairs where the souls of various life-forms in the world are captured) and on a smaller scale (little interludes involving the personal lives of side-characters and their dreams). The storyline felt a little lacking in plot exposition, though, making the game feel more like a long string of battles and dungeon crawls. But it STILL kept me playing for hours, so all good. I played that game for a whole night straight and that's saying something.

Illusion of Gaia to me is the weakest part of the series game-wise both gameplay-wise and story-wise. It LAGGED. One long string of lag. I painstakingly played the game with a guide by my side just to get all the [eff!]ing Red Jewels to see how IoG connects to Soul Blazer, and let me tell you something... It was rather disappointing. Not even a bloody special item. Just an optional boss you get little for except for a small bit of plot exposition. It was nice, but not really worth the frustration. ^^;

IoG mainly centered around a group of human characters and their adventure following the main character around. Said main character, by the way, wields a neon-pink flute which he bitchslaps his enemy with, has psychic powers and Telekinetic abilities, and has the capability to transform into an angry looking bishie knight with the most retardedly deformed sprite ever concieved for a main character. Any more description and It'd be too much spoilers. All I can say is the plot actually centers around these characters and their journey, and the lack of ability to backtrack and explore the world (which was a nice feature of Soul Blazer as well as Terranigma) is annoying as frell. Very limited inventory space, too. >>; I think the game only got really awesome at its end, disturbing as it was...

Terranigma on the other hand was -perfect-. It had just the right amount of plot and the right amount of action, and the only boss I could REALLY call tedious was the final boss (I suppose that makes sense, considering the insane amount of damage Ark can deal in later levels), the storyline was fine-tuned to extreme levels and awesome as hell, the music was gorgeous, the graphics push the SNES' abilities to their limit and beyond, and... Yes. There's a reason why it was one of the only action-RPGs I've really loved even when I wouldn't touch the rest of the genre with a ten foot pole.

That game never fails to make me cry. It's just that beautiful.

Kind of a shame it's a bit little known. But really? Having played this game I am happy it never got a US release. Even without considering the fact the localization of SB and IoG left the games with some seriously awkward translations in comparison to Terranigma (which was only localized in Europe and Australia), a lot of the themes in this game would have been considerably watered down by those those [eff!]tards at NoA. Granted, this means little chance of the game getting a Virtual Console release, but, well, the game is practically nonexistent nowadays and so I don't feel bad at all about emulating it. AND I get to flip off NoA while I'm at it. ^^

Err, yeah. Now that I'm done with my Terranigma fangasming I should cut out the rambles before I end up emitting spoilers by mistake. That game is too awesome to be spoiled. It must be experienced. >>;
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I seem to have fallen in love with the theme from Wolf's Rain. >>;

The series itself confuses the fuck out of me - at least, the little of it I saw. And I WISH I knew what was it with anime series and royally fucking up animals. But the MUSIC. My GOD the MUSIC. DEFINITELY Yoko Kanno. ^^

I want to watch more of this series... but it mildly hurts my brain XD
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Let it be known that Vandread frelling pwns.

That is all.


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