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Oh my fucking god, what have they done to LJ.

Not that I even use it these days but still. Jesus effing christbuckets.
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People who attach a ":3" to comments intended to be hurtful or passive-aggressive. I've dealt with enough of that shit to last me a lifetime.
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And sadly, they'd do a better job than 343i seem to be doing.

(Insert five hours of nerdrage about Cryptum, Primordium and how bears named Greg do not belong anywhere near writing things even vaguely related to the Halo series).


Anyway, needless to say I've been back here for a while. Landed on August 22nd, and been kind of derping about since. I figured that since I haven't updated LJ in bloody ages I might as well ramble for a bit about what's been going on with me as of late. Caution: This post is going to be a huge fucking novel.

So, first and foremost: the trip. ).

So, TL;DR version - It was an awesome trip and I had a wonderful time with ze lifemate.

Once I got back here, not much happened. I've replayed a few point-and-click adventure games and started a new run of Pokemon Platinum (because I've finished the copy of White I finally got my claws on) and a run of Baldur's Gate 2 (Half-Elf Druids aren't exactly the strongest characters one can play. <<;). A new AC unit was installed in my room (which direly needed it!) and all was relatively quiet.

Until this Sunday. )

But on happier news...

So. I got a new scanner. ).

And that's pretty much the rundown of everything. Hurdadurdalur. Plans for the rest of this month include some reconstruction/redesign work on my room, signing up for whatever courses I have as soon as possible (I hope they're still running that Astrobiology course!) and set up the dorms for THIS year. Oh gods dealing with the bullshit 'reformed' public transportation system that fails to work properly kill me please. x-x
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... You know, I just had a thought.

Evil magical artifact containing a piece of its creator's soul, attempting to preserve itself (sometimes by affecting the personality or actions of its carriers) because as long as it lasts, the creator cannot be truly destroyed...

Holy shit, Horcruxes are cheap ripoffs of the One Ring.
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And the massive amounts of spambots that seem to plague it lately, I've set captchas on comments from anyone but friends. If that won't work I will probably have to disallow comments from non-friends in general. Just a random heads up.
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The media these days is sensationalist. Something happens, they get in there with their equipment and zoom on the bloodiest goriest parts just for ratings' sake. That's nothing new, it's been that way for ages - but sometimes, I find myself truly appalled by what some people would do to get a story and the low techniques they use. Partial quotes, for example, and the reactions of OMG I'M SO SHOCKED dumb-arses to them.

A scene from Portal 2 ahead. Some of you may consider this spoilers. )

Using half-quotes out of context, over-dramatizing shit - all tried and tested methods used by news people to create the next sensation, even if it includes giving a stage to idiots who don't deserve it.

Or take the latest speech by Obama about the middle east where he... really doesn't say anything new. I've seen various reports on it: some (like Fox News, which are neither) make a point on emphasizing the OMG 67' BORDERS thing while other news sources talk at length about the "exchanges of territories that are acceptable to both sides", speaking of the larger settlement clusters remaining in Israeli hands. Same speech, two different focuses, and on every side the talkback idiots who are like "OMG OBAMA IS ANTI-ISRAEL" (even though the man keeps talking about how Israel has the right to defend itself and that the Arab world needs to fucking recognize it or nothing will happen XP) even though quite frankly they States have technically been saying the same shit for decades and we all know absolutely nothing is going to change. >>;

Guess all I'm saying is, the mass media needs to be hit with mass drivers. That is all.
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A few days ago, for no real reason, LJ delorted my color scheme.
I wasn't too happy about it, but what can I do really? So, here I go to edit my color scheme again - and it just wouldn't have it. I suppose it was a ploy of theirs to force users to switch to their new style system, or what the hell ever.

So, I switched to S2, thinking I might be able to make something of it. I was wrong. The CSS is all OVER the place, and even when I fed it a stylesheet I modeled after that of other layouts I've seen before, it simply refused to work.

So I did this in the meantime.

I wonder if CSS overrides can only be done by plus account and on users. >>;;

...... Huh.

Jun. 6th, 2010 06:04 pm
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Seems like the person who brought the article that made me write last entry to my attention neglected to check the fucking date. Article is from 2008. Oops.

Not that Squenix did anything really original ever since, but yeah. >>
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It appears we can kiss any hopes of anything else original from the fuckers at Square-Enix anymore.

Apparently the company president has announced that Square-Enix will no longer develop anything that isn't made to appeal to the 'mainstream' audience and gave the employees an ultimatum - 'mainstream' ideas only or they risk losing their job.

Supposedly the background for this royally dumb decision was losses on the financial side. Gee, have they wondered if it may be BECAUSE the fanbase is tired of playing the same Final Fantasy games all over again? Maybe it's BECAUSE they keep recycling and remaking everything? Maybe it's because we're TIRED OF THEIR BULLSHIT?

God Damnit. There goes any hope of a TWEWY sequel.
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Guess what? They're making a Transformers 3.

I can only wonder WHY.

Also seems that Megan Fox walked off on them (Good riddance to bad rubbish, the woman is an insult to that name) and so instead of her they hired some new chick - a woman whose only acting experience is being a Victoria's Secret model.

In other words, another talentless pretty face hired solely for the fucking 'babe factor' in a movie about robots that is about anything BUT fucking robots - moreso about MICHAEL BAYSPLOSIONS and General Motors Ad Revenue.

... But then, 2011 TMNT movie involving Michael Bay. I can see the exploding pizza and exploding turtles from over HERE.

I am growing sick and fucking tired of humankind.
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"Let's make a PSP game that features a Sony PSP R&D worker who discovers invisible monsters that you can ONLY SEE WITH THE PSP, market it along with a webcam for the PSP and a silly physical 'trap' which the camera will reocgnize - and now he's trying to Catch 'em All and train them to kill - errr - to battle each other that is! Oh yes, and the lead villain is a guy who hacked into the labs to steal the technology (because obviously these monsters are so special and there aren't any monster-raising games for any other console liek oh mah gawd) and is employed by some Face-Heel-Turn Billionaire! AND ALL THIS BECAUSE THE UNIVERSE REVOLVES AROUND THE PSP AND ADDONS FOR THE PSP".

... Yes, It's as fucking ridiculous as it sounds. And the sad thing? It's real. It's scheduled for a Fall 2010 release and it's real.

And the creatures unveiled on the official site are very boring and uninspired. >>;

What is it with Sony getting such a hard-on for 'augmented reality' anyway? I mean, after the whole fiasco with the Children's Card Game That Is Played Through The PS3... >>;


May. 23rd, 2010 06:45 pm
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So. Today in Phys Chem, our professor begins his lecture about the Second Law of Thermodynamics - which loosely implies that the Entropy/Chaos/Whatever in the universe continuously rises... And starts it by mentioning a group of American Fundamentalist Christians who actually went to the Supreme Court of the USA with the demand to revoke the Second Law of Thermodynamics, because, as they stated, "We don't like the implications of this law, and we will not rest until it has been reversed in the courts."

Yes. They want to revoke a fucking law of nature because it doesn't settle with their idea of magical creation. But then, these are the same people who attack evolution because it's 'Only a Theory'.

As one Tim Minchin once said, it's a good thing they say that - Evolution IS only a theory, and maybe they feel just as strongly about other theories, such as, say... gravity... And maybe they'll just float the fuck away.

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Fan sets Pokémon collection world record (from Bulbanews)


So. Dig this. Her collection has 12,113 items of pokemon merch collected over 13 years (that's about 2.5 items bought per day on average), it fills up her entire damn family's home... and she's only 21.

How the fuck did she have the money for all this? Let alone the fact her family, apparently, is 'very supportive' of her collection. Even though it takes up their entire house including her mother's room.

I'm sure some people would consider her a hero for getting into the Guinness World Records book by spending far too much money on merch. To me it's just a perfect example of the sort of people that need to be taken out and shot.

But then, how do you kill that which has no life?

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against collectors of merch. But for the love of Arceus, there's a fine line that goes between collecting and... this. >>; This is like... unhealthy, man. Just unhealthy.

Also, apparently, she began collecting because she was bullied as a child and PokeMon became her security blanket - Which is not too unusual or even bad. But when it takes the form of obsession - TRUE obsession - yyyyyyyyyeah. >>;

Oh right. And she believes her destiny is to manage to obtain this life-sized Tyranitar plushie that she can't get shipped to the UK.

(On a side note, last year's record went to some chick from the US with almost 6,000 articles in her collection.)

Yes. Have I mentioned that some collectors are obsessive, psychotic, and have no fucking life whatsoever?
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Fffffffff I hate it when my connection spontaneously decides to fail like a failz and kicks me out of MSN, and when I manage to log in again the person I was talking to has already left. x-x
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Q: Why does a test tube contains albumin and pepsin?

A: Because it would rather contain that than be trypsin out on cokein.

Incidentally, if a test tube contained an albumin of some sort (as albumins are a vast group of different proteins) and a proteolytic enzyme such as pepsin, the albumin would not have much time to come to terms with its identity as an albumin before it would have to come to terms with not being an albumin anymore.

So I believe your question would be "Why DID the test tube contain albumin and pepsin", which sounds like a setup for a great biology joke - be sure to contact us once you figure out a punchline!

Q: How would you summarize this article? 3-4 sentences. USE UR OWN WORDS!

A: Bored Australian Scientists are bored, they'll make ANYTHING glow these days, GFP variants are amazing, and UR is not a god damn word.

Yup. That about sums it up.

Q: If you compare two protists of equal volume, which would have a higher surface-area-to-volume ratio?
Spherical or Cylindrical?

A: It's more a question of geometry than of biology, isn't it? Nevermind the fact that they generally seem to have more complex forms than just circles or spheres...

And here we thought the time for nonviolent protists was over.

Q: What would happen to a cell if its plasma membrane lost its selective permeability?
I only have one more question to this stupid assignment and i cant find it anywhere in my book. can someone help me with the question above?

A: Simply put, the cell would be [EFF!]ed up beyond all recognition.

There are two ways that a membrane may lose its selective permeability - either becoming completely permeable or not permeable at all.

Let's put this very simply. Let us say that the cell is a house, its assorted organelles and products are the residents, and the cell membrane is its brick walls. It has doors, it has windows, and it has a particularly irate T-cell that fancies itself a guard dog. Its name is fluffykins.

Suppose we take scenario one. The membrane is not permeable at all. Basically we just bricked these poor bastards in the house and boarded over their windows. Family can't go to work, meaning no food, meaning that sooner or later they're going to go crazy and cannibalize each other. You know, sorta like on Big Brother, except it's not on the air.

Point of the matter is, everybody dies.

Now let's take scenario two. We rip the doors and windows open, and, you know what? Just for fun, we rip the damn walls open too and replace them with lovely decorative cardboard. You know, like they build houses in those Earthquake Prone Areas in China.

Now everyone's free to do what they do, Except that anything and anyone can come in. In excess. Think of it as a huge shopping spree, except, it's a shopping spree of [i]doom[/i]. Sooner or later, Important household gadgets suddenly disappear because they decided that the ratio of gadgets in the house to the gadgets outside the house is unequal and there must be balance. And every little drop of rain leaks in until the entire place floods up and explodes. In the extra-cellular space.

Of course, this is a highly simplified explanation, but we believe that if you have at least two and a half working neurons, you could come up with a way to make this sound biological enough for your assignment. The reason it isn't in your book is because, really, when you think of it this way, it's blindingly obvious. ^^
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Ken Sugimori seems to have caught a really bad case of BALLinitis. It's like half the damn batch of new G/S art was drawn entirely with the circle tool. And as if that's not enough there's the new female character. HOLY. FUCK. ON A STICK. Her hat is more stupid than Leaf and Dawn's put together.

But I suppose it was to be expected. It was all like "... It's a Gen Two redraw. I could draw them as stick figures and the fantards would worship it anyway."

Anyway I can has Porygon. w00t.

Edit: Porygon hatched, Murkrow hatched and evolved, Floatzel evolved, Flygon evolved, Random Togepi, Taillow and Ledian get.

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"At BlizzCon 2008, it was announced by Blizzard's VP of Game Design, Rob Pardo, that StarCraft II would ship as a game with two follow up expansions, provisionally entitled Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void respectively for the Terran, Zerg and Protoss factions. Blizzard states that the game and each expansion will feel like a "full" game. No release dates were announced for the trilogy."

Oh how fucking nice. So instead of paying for ONE game we have to pay for THREE now.

Fuck off, Blizzard. just... fuck... off. I've officially lost ANY trace of respect I had for you. Way to make me stop anticipating what could have potentially been a bloody awesome game.

I'm sure some people will still buy it in spite of how retarded the whole idea is. Blizzard's 'Rationale' for this, of course, is that making it THREE games rather than ONE will allow them to make everything MOAR EPIC and shove in moar cinematics and moar missions and moar crapm and that every campaign will feel like a full-blown game on its own right or bullshit like that. Well, you know, sometimes, more is less. I wouldn't mind delays if it meant one whole awesome game, but like fuck am I paying for three games when I should only be paying for one.

And Blizzard can go to hell. Officially.
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Racie alerted me to this article, which both causes epic rage and epic roffle for me.

First thing of course, is the fact that CNN needs to get its biology straight.

"The desert-dwelling camel spider, actually an insect rather than an arachnid, can run up to 25 kilometers (15 miles) an hour and reach 15 centimeters (6 inches) in length. Its bite is not deadly to humans but can kill small animals."

... Uh, no. 'Camel Spiders' are NOT insects. They are Solpugids, which IS a type of an arachnid (often referred to as Sun Spiders or Wind Scorpions, in spite of being neither).

Also, they're NOT poisonous. They DO however have REALLY powerful jaws. A bite could get infected if not treated, but then again so can a simple knife cut. There is NO way a Solpugid bite could kill a dog. Maybe cut it up a bit, but nothing more than that.

The lollest thing to me, however. is the description the family gave about the creature's attack on their dog:

"My son Ricky was in my bedroom looking for his underwear, and he went into the drawer under my bed, and something crawled across his hand," she told the paper.

She said their pet dog Cassie confronted the creature, which they identified on the Internet as a camel spider, but ran out whimpering when it hissed at her.

"It seems too much of a coincidence that she died at the same time that we saw the spider," she said.

... Obviously solpugids are vengeful little fuckers with psychic powers that HISS at their target and several minutes later it mysteriously dies.

Because the thing killed it with MIIIIIIIIIIIIND BULLETS. That's TELEKINESIS, CNN! How's about the power to move you?

Obviously if it's not hysteria inducing, it's not news worthy.

Racie and I have been bouncing rants back and forth about the supposed dog-killing "spiders", which resulted, at some point, in this:

[00:31:04] StellarWind Elsydeon: And here's the ultimate rofl - this one random's American's blog was all like...
[00:31:38] StellarWind Elsydeon: "Onoes, if they can sneak in people's bags in the UK imagine what they could do in the US?!!! FOR ALL WE KNOW THE US COULD BE INFESTED WITH THEM IN A FEW YEARS AAAHHH TALK ABOUT WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!"
[00:31:51] StellarWind Elsydeon: .... This forced me to reply XP
[00:32:11] StellarWind Elsydeon: "You know, the US has a thriving population of its own Solpugids."
[00:32:11] StellarWind Elsydeon: XD
[00:32:22] Racie: yes but these ones are FOREIGN
[00:32:25] StellarWind Elsydeon: XDDDD
[00:32:28] StellarWind Elsydeon: THEY'RE NOT AMERICAN
[00:32:29] Racie: derka derrrrrb!
[00:32:29] StellarWind Elsydeon: IN AMERICA
[00:32:54] Racie: they're going to take all our dog-eating american insects jobs
[00:33:08] StellarWind Elsydeon: ... xDDDD
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You'd think they'd avoid the 10-years-later-syndrome. But I guess they didn't.

By 10-years-later syndrome, I mean something that seems to happen in a lot of sequels (I could throw StarCraft II and Dreamfall as examples) where the characters from last story arc evolved in a completely fucked up direction which is COMPLETELY fucking out of character for them.

I mean, take a look at Phoenix, for the love of God. He reminds me of Michael Garibaldi (of Babylon 5) in that smug I-know-something-you-don't sort of way. The type of character that doesn't ask people questions unless he already knows the answers. Not that I mind Garibaldi-types (as Londo Mollari put it, "You're cute too, in an annoying sort of way.") but I really don't care for PHOENIX becoming that type. It's just... not him, you know? >>;

And Ema. Omfg. What is it with game companies and making characters evolve into dark and gloomy types? I mean this is EMA we're talking about here - what's with the sudden Victor Kudo-ness? Not to mention that awesome as she may be, she's still no match for Gumshoe in the field of roflpies. (A Gyakuten Saiban game without Gumshoe is scarcely a Gyakuten Saiban game at all. I'm sorry, but fail.)

Also, whoever came with Trucy needs to be punted into a volcano. She's making me miss Maya, for fuck's sake. <<;

On one last note - wtf is up with the German judicial system in that universe? Their prosecutors seem to get younger and younger. I mean, as if Franziska wasn't enough, Klavier officially takes the cake. For him to be only seventeen during his debut case? I'm sorry but that's just plain fucking WROOOOOOOOOOONG.

But this isn't the first case of a character being raised in Germany and being a total fucking Mary Sue. Tohma from Digimon Savers anyone? <<; At least unlike Tohma, Klavier isn't a complete douchebag. And Ya gotta have some respect for a guy who AIRGUITARS in court.

What I want to know though is what the fuck is up with his (and Kristoph's, for that matter) hair. I mean WHAT IS THAT SWIRLY THING?!

Anyhow. Rant aside, I just started the third case, so maybe the game will have the smallest bit of a chance of getting better. All I can say is that following the epicness of Trials and Tribulations, Apollo Justice feels very underwhelming.

And someday, Just out of spite, I'm going to make a sequel for something in which things TURNED OUT for the characters and they're actually, you know, HAPPY, and not emo, bitter and/or posessing a drinking problem. XP
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So here goes.

I guess I haven't posted it on LJ, but most of the people who read this are likely to already know that my main computer has been in and out of commission ever since I got back. But in case you didn't, here's the story.

This computer has been around and in perfect-ish working order since 2003. It only had to be formatted once in its entire history of life. Perfect survival record. I think.

Then I flew off for three months. Before that happened, I turned the poor thing off and unplugged it. You know, to keep it safe from passing power outages.

Three months later, I return home. I turn on my computer, and... wtf, the computer doesn't turn on, at all.

So I drop the computer off for repairs - as it turns out, the power supply died. Fair enough. Power supplies sometimes DO die inexplicably. So I go and have that replaced, computer turns on again, and everyone is happy bunnies.

Or so I thought.

Soon enough a whole series of bizzare malfunctions attacked - spontaneous resets, blue screens on windows, sudden hardware failures... Only god knows -what- the fuck happened there. Possible diagnoses (according to the internets, anyway) were graphic adapter driver going bad (ruled out, as I uninstalled the drivers and installed new ones and nothing happened), RAM or Motherboard failures (which worried me as this computer is ancient and parts for it would cost an arm and a leg.) or something else entirely. It could be so many different things I figured I'd have a professional look at it.

And guess what? The problem was bloated capacitors on the -graphics adapter-. So we had THAT removed and the onboard graphics adapter's driver installed. And I thought that was the end of that.

When I connected everything and started the computer, it worked. Then I plugged in the wireless modem I have for the computer. It couldn't properly go online, so I tried connecting the network cable instead. And suddenly, it froze.

I reset the computer, only to find out it's not recieving any form of input. Shut it down again, tried turning it on...

Guess what? It's NOT turning on.

Either the new power supply burned, or there's something even more fundementally wrong. But either way, my computer is dead. AGAIN.

For the moment I'm using my laptop as a desktop computer. Whatever it was that killed my computer again, I'm going to check on it again tomorrow. If the computer is salvagable, I'll try at least to salvage it. If it isn't... well, I'll get a USB keyboard for the laptop. Because i'm fvcking tired of the laptop's keyboard. seriously.

... Also, where's a Katie when you need one. >>;


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