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Merry Christmas to those of you who do~


Been a bit of a crazy few weeks for yours truly. I've been sick on and off for most of them, though this past week was pretty much the worst of it all, complete with coughing like a dog and producing phleghm (SILENCE. I KEEL YOU!) in mind-shattering amounts. I missed a whole bunch of classes due to preferring to only come to things I couldn't catch up on later (such as labs). Then, on Wednesday, in the middle of some work on various things (including watching recorded ecology lectures and rephrasing some things on my PokeMon Evolution essaything for 'charms) my laptop decided to spontaneously die.

Fortunately, the cause of death was entirely unrelated to the hard drive - so it and all its data are still safe and sound. I've purchased an adapter case today which effectively turned the laptop hard drive into an external hard drive - which, other than the nice fact it has all my data backed up portably (I still want to make another backup copy just in case something happens)... well, it'll serve as a nice external HD (80 Gigs are still pretty good for extra storage space for -my- needs anyway) for me when I get a new laptop - which should be in a matter of a week, possibly two or three, depending how certain things at my dad's workplace go. (The laptop in question is his work laptop, a rather lovely two-year-or-so old Dell which not only still runs on XP, but also has a widescreen -AND- a serial port, which means I could probably plug in my ancient fossil tablet again eeee-)

It's SO nice to have my data intact in the meantime. ^^
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So apparantly I've spotnaneously caught the flu, or something similar.

It started with a slight fever (37-something celsius), and a splitting headache which even Algolysin Forte (which is pretty much an uberpowerful anti-headache thingy) didn't solve. So I went to sleep. Spent the rest of the day in wierd feverish delusions (mostly tossing and turning, shivering from insane levels of cold, and... some kind of mental displacement which made me wonder about the names of things and their existence and how the universe got tangled up for some reason... And I was like one person but three people and... you get the point. X_x) until my body temperature hit 39.2 (Which is pretty much OW.) Then I took something against the fever and had a few cups of mint tea and a bowl of soup (apparantly I was also quite dehydrated o_O) and that made me feel quite a bit better. Many thanks to my parents, hehe. ^^

And we watched Cars. Just because we can.

Needless to say I didn't go to teh base today. My fever's still around, at about 38.something, but my head isn't spinning wildly anymore (I'm only slightly dizzy). I'm about to have another bowl of soup soon and then possibly go back to bed. I'm so damn tired in the last few days - probably as an effect of this... thing that hit me. :P

Still, I had to go and check a few things and update my LJ...
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No, I'm not dead yet.

Well, for the few people that it's not the past for them - Happy 10th anniversary of PokeMon! xD

Caught myself some evil Bronchitis, been with fevers ranging from the late 38 to the early 39 centigrade. So now I'm home for two days on some bloody antibiotics that could knock down an elephant in 30 seconds... And a lot of soup and hot tea. And blankets. Yay for feather blankets. And tea. And soup. Heh.

On other news, my GF's flying to Poland tonight for a week and a half, along with a group of more students from her school. I'm going to miss her... Well, I miss her when I don't see her for a few hours, let alone a week and a half. So... yeah. I wish her a safe trip and a safe return. ^^

Ugh... Headache again... It's hard to do anything with these bloody headaches. X_X


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