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Welp. It's been 29 years since current bioshell emerged into this particular second-hand set of dimensions. It's been a good couple of days involving quite a bit of good food and some fresh air and the only thing that could make it even better is if this tremendous art block i've been stuck with for weeks now would kindly fuck off. That'd make a lovely gift from the universe.


*glares at aforementioned universe*.

Level Up!

Dec. 14th, 2013 12:14 am
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Year 28 on this gogforsaken rock. The natives suspect nothing.


Nature has decided to give me one hell of an early birthday present in the form of some epic frelling storms that have been raging around here in the last few days - which makes an excellent change from the typically Schizophrainy (that is, the type of weather where it isn't sure if it is or isn't raining, fluctuating in a matter of minutes) weather common around our Decembers. Since the storms were crazy enough to rather shut down the roads for now (and my dad caught some kind of flu) we aren't actually doing one of our typical trips (that will have to wait for next week perhaps?) this birthday weekend. We spent today (yesterday, I should say!) in, had some great lasagna and rewatched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Tomorrow (that is to say today, the date of the actual hatchday) we go, consume steaks and then watch the sequel.

I have some good feelings about this year.
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It's that time again!

27 bloody years on this rock already and I'm still no where near figuring out my shape-shifting abilities or a way off the damn planet. Ah well. XD

Yesterday was pretty damn awesome. I woke up in the morning (after crashing around 3-something in the AM) and the 'rents and I headed off Up North to the Tel Dan nature reserve. Did a nice nature walk (it was all green and foresty and rivery and full of those little tree-tunnely kind of paths that my mother calls 'Elf Trails'. XD), following which we headed off and had lunch at an awesome Italian place. We proceeded to head back home from there, taking a stop or two along the way to obtain ingredients for Tiramisu (because I have this thing with Tiramisu and my birthdays, go fig) and black licorice (and a LOT of it. Another thing with me and birthdays XD). Got home, made the Tiramisus in question, and now I'm just about to crash.

Tomorrow, The traditional EPIC STEAK BIRTHDAY LUNCH. And The Hobbit. I don't know how the hell they managed to make THREE movies out of the bleeding Hobbit, but hey. Why not. ^^
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The mysterious powers of the TIME AETHERS cause you to scale to the next GAD TIER to attain the coveted rank of ARMBLADEITY. You are now officially 26. Hurdadurdalur.
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I need a new meme-thingy to fill up space. XD
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I can has Birthday. ^^ 24. Holy mother of dog. XD
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December 14th, 2008.

Which means I survived 23 years on this blasted planet and HAVEN'T completely snapped yet. ^^

Happy birthday to me and all that desu.


Dec. 14th, 2007 12:23 am
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Happy 22nd Birthday to me.

That is all.


Dec. 14th, 2006 12:00 am
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Happy B-day to me. 21. Yay. ^_^

Also three months exactly to the end of the army.

You may rejoice. Or something.
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Well, actually, I've been one for 25 hours and 10 minutes. The Stel is officially 20 years old.

Dog help us all.
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To notify that I have been officially 19 years old for 2 hours and 31 minutes.


Ugh... Livejournal's old updating system isn't working anymore. X_x
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Yesterday rather rocked. We (as in me and my parents) headed for the north, where we located a rather nice lamp, shaped like a green dragon on a crystal mountain holding a large green sphere (under this sphere is the light source, so when the thing is turned on, the light's all green and lovely... I took pictures a few days ago). Then we headed even further northward into some other city, and I got myself a bunch of stuff. Namely, a bunch of books ("Up in a Heaveal" by Piers Anthony and "Good Omens" by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman), a CD ("Voyageur", the fifth Enigma CD which was only recently released) and one HELL of a nice jacket. I should have pictures of that soon.

Also, I'm probably getting myself a paid webhost and a domain soon at long last. ^_^

In short, it's been a great few days lately.
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Yesterday was FUN. First of all, the sky in the morning (around 6-6:30 AM) was bloody amazing. It was a real sunrise sky, the sort of which you really don't see around this city. The sky was blue, and striped with orangish-pink clouds... It was quite beautiful.

Later on - when it was already morning Me, a few relatives and a few of their friends were on a trip to one of the desert-y areas in the south of Isra Hell. It started with quite a bit of walking on a mountain path (on which I found a few bits of Quartz and a few fossils, which was rather fun, and saw a local lizard or two, and a few birds - black ravens, and a few - one of my personal favorites - Tristram's starlings) until we reached the point where this path split into a path that continued on into the mountains, and a path which went down and back through what was probably a river once (maybe it is when it rains enough). That's when things got psychotic.

The path through the river wasn't all too clear, and to make things even MORE fun, there were a bunch of places that still had water filling them. We had to walk along the sides of the rocks, too. And of course, there were all sorts of pseudo-ladders to cross. the first one was unusable due to water filling out the area where it got to the surface.

But the freakiest part was that one of these water pits was DEEP. It was so deep, that one had to swim through. Of course, some of us had cameras or cellphones or other assorted bits of electronic apparatus on us, and so we had to do some rather crazy stuff to transport the bags across the water pit thing without getting them wet. Suffice to say that a short while after crossing that, I was feeling like Gollum. XD

It got darker sooner than usual, and the end wasn't seen yet. Soon enough we were walking in the dark (thank the duck one of these people brought a pair of flashlights...). Through some part of walking through the night, we reached a place where the walls of the ex-river were high above our heads, and you could see the stars (no place is quite as good to see stars in as the desert) through the top... It somewhat reminded me of the Paths of the Dead. Gollum, the paths, how further LoTRish could we get?

Soon enough reached a rather high place, from which one had to descend by standing on a bunch of metally bits that were stuck in the walls. As it was dark, it was hard to see where you were going, and so it might have made some people rather nervous. I found it rather fun. But yeah, it was already completely dark, but we eventually made it out. W00t.

Oh yeah. And on the way home I saw at least two foxes. Rather pretty creatures. No caracals, unfortunately (I'd really love to actually see one in the wild. ^^;;) but what the heck ever. This was definitely one of those trips that enter my mythology. ^_^

I woke up around 1 AM (I always do lately), and somehow managed to last through the whole day yesterday. Must be the energetic rush from all the walking. ^_^

So, anyway, when we did finally get home (we had to do quite a bit of driving) it was already around 22:00, after which I went on, took a shower, and crashed to sleep. I just woke up now to a rather silent online mornin', but WTF ever. ^_^

On other notes... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Yup, December 14th. So now I'm officially one year older. Yay. So when does the world explode? ^_^


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