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Well, two songs, actually - "Broken Bicycles" (originally by Tom Waits) and "Junk" (originally by Paul McCartney) - woven into one song by Elvis Costello and Anne Sofie von Otter. This particular version has been on my mind for over a week in which I've been trying to identify what the song even was. Today I finally found it and... yeah. It just hits me in a variety of ways.

Lyrics under the cut: )
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Some of you know this journal has a musical namesake, a piece I wrote in 2002. Eight years later, I figured it's time I made a new version. So.

Reflections in Raindrops (2010 Version)
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So. Running through the internets I stumbled upon a bunch of biology (usually) rap parodies by a guy named Tom McFadden. Some of these are fucking brilliant. So I figured I'd share them with the more scientific-humor-inclined of you guys. That's... what. Four of you? xD

3.5 Billion 'til Infinity

A parody of "'93 til Infinity" by Souls of Mischief. Hip-Hop about Charles Darwin and the theory of Evolution? Hell Yes.

Hi, Meiosis!

HI! Meiosis! (One?) Meiosis! (Two?) Meiosis! (CHIKA-CHIKA) MAKES GAMETES! Gregor Mendel on the mic in a parody of Eminem's "Hi, My Name Is".

It's Too Late to Apoptize

Emo Cancer Cells, anyone? A parody of One Republic's "It's Too Late to Apologize".

... Actually I should just link you to the guy's Youtube Profile. The man is a fucking genius.
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We Ran Out of CD Space by Psychostick

What if the world was made of glazed donuts?
You would be like, "Man, that's fuckin' sweet,
I can't believe the world is made of donuts."
What if your hands were made of Hot Pockets?
You would be the first one to be eaten in survival situations!

What if your thumb roared like a dinosaur?
What if you peed out of your nose?
What if your face was shaped like Mexico,
Or trapezoids,
Or Texas and Hawaii?

What if the world was made of other worlds combined into a world just like the world you started with?
What if another world then ate the world made out of donuts, making all the donut people pissed?

What if your face was made of bumblebees?
You would be like, "Dude, this really sucks.
I do not want a face made out of bumblebees."
What if your dad was made of rainbows?
You would be like, "Oh Em Gee that's lame.
I want a dad made out of ninja robots."

What if your pool was filled with applesauce?
What if a hot dog was your tongue?
What if your mouth was filled with broken glass,
And fire ants,
And three meat jambalaya?

What if you tried to build a spaceship with a cannon that shoots crocodiles at everyone you hate?
And what if those crocodiles could shoot heat-seeking killer bees, ensuring that there would be no escape?

What if your room was filled with lots and lots of puppy dogs?
You would be like, "Awww, look at the puppy dog. Aww, c'mere.
C'mere! Whatcha doing little guy? Whatcha doing? Ooh whatcha wooky wooky.
Look at the puppy dog. The puppy dog... puppy doggies!"

Where do the squirrels go during hurricanes?
What if your butt was on your chest?
What if guitars could squirt out sour cream
And nacho cheese
And pure sulfuric acid?

What if the world was made of...
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Yoinked from Demonoflight ^^

1. Write down every letter of your name.
2. Then type a song that pops up in your mind in each letter of your name as the first letter.
3. Count the letters of your name, and tag people you know in that number.

Space Oddity - David Bowie
Take my Hand - Toto
Endless Tale - Wada Kouji and AiM
Lost in Space - Avantasia
Long Away - Queen
At the End of the Wilderness - Michiko Naruke
Rain - Patty Griffin
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
Now and Forever - Richard Marx
Dust in the Wind - Kansas

I tag no one. You want to do it? Do it. Be my guest. XD
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I have no clue WHY I'm posting this, but.

My Rendition of Tom Smith's "Cthulhu Fhtagn!"

Lyrics by Tom Smith, music by Elton John/Tim Rice, Performed by StellarWind Elsydeon as Dagon and Abhoth.

I KNOW Dagon is not supposed to sound so highpitched-y. I blame Timon. >>;
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Skip ahead to 1:15. I just ramble beforehand.
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We All Need Some Light by Transatlantic

Some people think
Think they have none
They might as well stay down
Running in circles
Like bulls in a ring
'Til the sword finds its way down

While the creep beats the rap on appeal
And the cop who can't stop
Shows the kids how to steal

And we all need some light now
We all need some light now
Yes, we all need some light now
Turn on your light
And wash the darkness away

Hey you on the brink
Waiting to fall
To become human surplus
The movie's still shooting
You might still get the roll
And man it's all just a circus

But the clown left town long ago
Maybe he'll come back and give us a show

And we all need some light now
We all need some light now
Yes, we all need some light now
Turn on your light and wash the darkness away

Lawl, this thing makes me update semi-regularily.
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A year ago, last Thursday, I was strolling in the zoo
When I met a man who though he knew the lot.
He was laying down the law about the habits of baboons
And how many quills a porcupine has got.
So I asked him: "What's that creature there?"
He answered: "H'it's a H'elk!"
I might have gone on thinking that was true,
If the animal in question hadn't put that chap to shame
And remarked: "I h'aint a H'elk. I'm a G-nu!"

"I'm a G-nu, I'm a G-nu!
The g-nicest work of g-nature in the zoo!
I'm a G-nu, How do you do?
You really ought to k-now w-ho's w-ho!
I'm a G-nu, Spelt G-N-U!
I'm g-not a camel or a kangaroo!
So let me introduce,
I'm g-neither man nor moose,
Oh, g-no, g-no, g-no, I'm a G-nu!"

I had taken furnished lodgings down at Rustington-on-Sea
Whence I travelled on to Ashton-under-Lyme
And the second night I stayed there, I was woken from a dream
That I'll tell you all about - some other time.
Among the hunting trophies on the wall above my bed
Stuffed and mounted, was a face I thought I knew...
A Bison? An Okapi? Could it be a Hartebeest?
When I thought I heard a voice... "I'm a G-nu!"

"I'm a Gnu! A-g-nother gnu!
I wish I could g-nash my teeth at you!
I'm a Gnu, How do you do?
You really ought to k-now w-ho's w-ho!
I'm a Gnu, Spelt G-N-U,
Call me Bison or Okapi and I'll sue!
G-nor am I in the least
Like that dreadful Hartebeest!
Oh, g-no, g-no, g-no, I'm a Gnu!
G-no, g-no, g-no, I'm a Gnu!
G-no, g-no, g-no...

I'm a Gnu!
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Italian PokéMon themes are bloody hilarious. Yes they are.

Some of them are really awesome, but dear god, the random Italian Engrish is just... Win.


(I just lost. <<;)

My favorite is still Battle Advance though.


In continuation to the last entry I made, I'd like to point out that I finished watching G Gundam a few days ago and dear god that series was so awesome. I was never a big fan of Gundam as a series, but G Gundam is pure unrefined win. A lot of concepts in it reminded me of Wild ARMs - which can only be a good thing. I'm actually downloading the blasted thing now for the sake of having it on my collection, along with GAD Guard, Vandread and seasons 3 and 5 of Digimon. ^^;

Yeah. I liked it that much.


Also, I'm on a Queen kick again. W00t?
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Maybe Tomorrow (The Littlest Hobo Theme) - Terry Bush

There's a voice that keeps on calling me,
Down the road is where I'll always be.
Every stop I make, I'll make a new friend
Can't stay for long, just turn around and I'm gone again.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down...
Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.

Down this road, that never seems to end
Where new adventure, lies just around the bend
So if you want to join me for a while
Just grab your hat, come travel light, That's hobo style.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down...
Until tomorrow, the whole world is my home.
So if you want to join me for a while
Just grab your hat, come travel light, That's hobo style.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down...
Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.

(Instrumental Break)

Maybe tomorrow, I'll want settle down...
Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.

There's a world that's waiting to unfold
A brand new tale no one has ever told,
We've journeyed far but you know it won't be long
We're almost there and we've paid our fare with the hobo song

Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down...
Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.
So if you want to join me for a while
Just grab your hat, come travel light, That's hobo style.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll find what I call home...
Until tomorrow, you know I'm free to roam.

~ "Maybe Tomorrow" by Terry Bush, opening theme for "The Littlest Hobo".
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And I won't always be this way
When the things that make me weak and strange get engineered away...

Gonna be the future soon
Never seen it quite so clear
And when my heart is breaking, I can close my eyes... And it's already here.

StellarWind Elsydeon presents: a Jonathan Coulton cover. >>;
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I seem to have fallen in love with the theme from Wolf's Rain. >>;

The series itself confuses the fuck out of me - at least, the little of it I saw. And I WISH I knew what was it with anime series and royally fucking up animals. But the MUSIC. My GOD the MUSIC. DEFINITELY Yoko Kanno. ^^

I want to watch more of this series... but it mildly hurts my brain XD
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I've already done this one before, but why not do it again. FOR THE RRRRRRROYALTY!

Step 1: Put your playlist on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing. (You can skip songs that are instrumental.)
Step 3: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.

1. "She hangs her head and cries on my shirt, she must be hurt very badly..."
2. "Tatoeba kimi no sono ude ga, kusari ni tsunagaretemo..." -- "Trust", Vandread First Season Opening Theme
3. "Well it's not hard to see, anyone who looks at me knows I am just a rolling stone..." -- "A Place Called Home" by Kim Richey
4. "There, out in the darkness, a fugitive running, fallen from grace..." -- "Stars" from Les Miserables
5. "One more night to bear this nightmare, what more do I have to say?" -- "Ocean Soul" by Nightwish
6. "You wanted this, so sad to see, the sweet decay of ecstasy..." -- Psychopomp by The Tea Party
7. "Free the dream within, the stars are crying a tear, a sigh escapes from heaven and worlds end..." -- "The Dream Within" by Lara Fabian
8. "Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling, do you feel my heart beating?" -- "Eternal Flame" by the Bangles.
9. "There's a sound heard across the land, it's heard across the sea..."
10. "Koraekirezu-ni imanagashita, kimi-no namida-ga hikatte..." -- "Smile", the 3rd PokéMon Advanced Generation endsong.
11. "Tsuradashite ageru kara!" (Something tells me only Katie will get this one. XD) -- "GOING! GOING! MY SOUL!" by Dynamite SHU (Digimon Savers OP1)
12. "I kept the right ones out and let the wrong ones in, had an angel of mercy To see me through all my sins..." -- "Amazing", by Aerosmith
13. "Lay beside me, tell me what they've done, speak the words I wanna hear to make my demons run..." -- "The Unforgiven II" by Metallica
14. "All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces..." -- "Mad World" by Gary Jules
15. "She can kill with a smile, she can wound with her eyes, she can ruin your faith with her casual lies..." -- "She's Always a Woman" by Billy Joel
16. "Time, it needs time, to win back your love again... I will be there... I will be there..." -- "Still Loving You" by The Scorpions
17. "Look into my eyes and you will see what you mean to me..." -- "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" by Bryan Adams.
18. "The sun is sleeping quietly once upon a century, wistful oceans calm and red, Ardent caresses laid to rest..." -- "Sleeping Sun" by Nightwish
19. "life can be a challenge, life may seem impossible, it's never easy when so much is on the line..." -- "The Power of One" by Donna Summer (from the PokéMon The Movie 2000 OST)
20. "Summer has come at last, the innocent can never last..." -- "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day
21. "Wishing on a dream that seems far-off, hoping it will come today..." -- "Wind's Nocturne" from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
22. "Scott became famous for freezing to death in Antarctica..." -- "History is Made by Stupid People" by The Arrogant Worms
23. "A man of intrigue, he lives for the thrill... Always has places to go and people to kill..." "Spy Hard" by Weird Al Yankovic
24. "Osanai te ni tsutsunda... Furueteru sono hikari wo..." -- "Radical Dreamers (Unstolen Jewel)" from the Chrono Cross OST
25. "You seem so far away and I just need to hear your voice..." (Now THIS is too damn obscure. XP)
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In JAH PAH NESE, too. >>

The second verse fails. <<
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I think that most people who know me know that I really love PokéMon. The world, the creatures, a whole set of concepts, the fact it's so open for interpretation and expansion... And just the idea of a whole world full of sentient creatures with powers that could be best defined as magical, living in balance and harmony with nature, having their own integrated ecosystems - and living in harmony with humans, more or less - as well as their relationships with humans, and how it seems like when both are working together - that is when their true potential can be unlocked. The whole "Together, there's no limit to how much we can evolve." thing, to borrow a phrase from an unrelated series which I also love.

... Corny and cliché as this concept might be, I love it. Hell, it's one of the things that got me very much in love with other, more obscure things - such as Lost Eden, where only by collaboration of Humans and Dinosaurs working together as equals, both could stand up and fight an enemy that was much too powerful for both to handle apart.

As much as I love PokéMon as a whole, though, I'm not a big fan of the PokéMon anime. Even though it has its occasional awesome moments (and that even I can't deny), I mainly only catch the occasional episodes for motion reference (Because as much as the official art style is very eh to me, I like seeing PokéMon actually animated) and Team Rocket (Because everyone knows that TEAM ROCKET PWNS FRELLING SOULS. I love those three stooges. XD). Some things about this series just don't sit right with me, I guess.

Maybe it's the main characters that bother me - Even though Ash has been toned down a lot through the years and became... tolerable, it seems that Brock has been gradually losing it over the years and the female characters have the unfortunate tendency to get on my nerves after a while (I hated Misty right off the bat, May started off as a clueless n00b and then evolved into a very meh character, and Hikari makes me want to break things on her head. Namely her Pochama. Daijobou THIS, condom-hat biatch). And don't even get me started about Godmodiachu. Even though he did have his moments, It just bothers the fuck out of me when the thing manages to fucking electro-nuke a TORTERRA. Which is supposed to shrug it off and proceed to EQ the fuck out of the damn rodent. And seed bomb whatever remains.

Still, I may be biased because I mostly dislike the 'chu line. Except Raichu. Raichus pwn fucking souls.

Still, there is one thing I really do enjoy about the PokéMon anime, and that is its soundtrack. Its ORIGINAL soundtrack, that is. The American dub soundtrack hurts my brain (with the sole exception, so far, of the PokéMon the Movie 2000's soundtrack - one of the VERY few cases in which the dub exceeds the original, in terms of music) - but the Japanese soundtrack produced a few of my favorite anime songs yet.

For years I thought that all dub soundtracks of the series were based off the American dub - and for the most part they are.

And then I found this, or rather, Katie did, and introduced me to it. And in seconds, this theme became one of my three favorite PokéMon anime opening themes ever - the other two are 'Ready Go!', the fifth season intro (which, together with the animation, is one of the themes I consider the most beautiful in the series), and 'Battle Frontier' (which may have some Engrish, but that's part of what makes it awesome. That song pwns, as does the animation that goes with it.).

So, what makes this theme special? It's not Japanese. It's Italian.

Apparantly Italy has had its own dub themes, much unlike the rest of the world which copycats and translates the American musical atrocities. And while a few of them have a vast amount of Italian Engrish (the existence of which amuses me - although Italians are probably just as amused to hear random Italian in foreign things, and the Japanese are probably silently laughing when they see these baka gaijin screw up their language) - THIS particular theme is so frelling awesome, that I found myself not only listening to it on loop... but I have an anime intro in mind for Miato, my own personal region, set to it.

... And the only connection between me and Italy is pretty well the fact I love pasta and pizza, and that one of my online friends, who just so happens to be one hell of an awesome artist, happens to be Italian.

I wish I had the translation for those lyrics, too. <<

So yeah. You know the world is broken when a region that is mostly a fusion of British Columbia and Ancient Egypt (among other things) and was created by an Israeli (who dreams on moving to Canada) for a Japanese franchise has its mental image of an anime intro to an Italian theme.

Did I mention PokéMon makes the world go 'round? >>
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Here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. DON'T LIE and try to pretend you're cool...

Manowar - Master of the Wind

I'm not sure what that would mean. Much as I love this song. >>

EVO Symphonic Suite - 14 - Evolution

It's a pretty theme, so why not.

MC Hammer - You Can't Touch This


PokéMon Advanced Generation - Smile


Sonata Arctica - Blinded No More

PERFECT battle song. It even SOUNDS like an RPG battle theme. XD

Chrono Trigger - Lavos

... Wow. That's a bit harsh. o-o

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga - Pray (Instrumental)

I don't know what to make of that. But It IS one of the prettier themes in the game.

The Firm - Star Trekkin'

... Priceless.

EVO Symphonic Suite - 08 - Song of Nature

... The EVO Overworld is my driving song?

Toto - Take My Hand

So does that mean I'll have a flashback to the end credits of Dune? Ahhhh whatever. I love this theme. >>

The Guardian Legend - The Wingless - The Scarlet Halls of Night OC ReMix

Wow. This is the second time this comes up as my wedding song. WTF?

David Bisbal - Silencio

Apparantly the next generation of Stel would be Spanish? O_o

PokéMon Diamond and Pearl - Battle - Yuxie - Emurit - Agnome.


Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections - Terra

... Well, That's a pretty theme. Maybe needlessly dramatic, but what the hey.

Cowboy Bebop OST3 - Blue

No Comment...

Lara Fabian - The Dream Within.

The ironic part is that this is also the end credits song from The Spirits Within. That movie had a bloody gorgeous end-credit sequence, too. >>
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And posted here too for your viewing... amusement? << Another version of this I did long ago...

Put your music player on shuffle.
Press forward for each question.
Use the song title as the answer to the question.
No cheating! (This is really funny and often quite true).
Repost this as what your music says about you.

What does next year have in store for me?
Manowar – Return of the Warlord (ZOMG! THE WARLORD WILL COME BACK! FOR ME!)

What's my love life like?
FFIV Celtic Moon - Illusionary World (I’d laugh if this wasn’t so true. ;_; )

What do I say when life gets hard?
Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun (Won’t you come and wash away the rain?)

What do I think when I get up in the morning?
Sonata Arctica – I Want Out (…XDDDDD)

What song will I dance to at my wedding?
The Wingless – Guardian Legend - The Scarlet Halls of Night OC Remix (… Pretty instrumental, and… strangely enough I can see that, almost. >> )

What do you want as a career?
The Black Mages – J-E-N-O-V-A (… I want to destroy the world! XD)

Your favourite saying?
Wild ARMS 2nd Ignition – Donna Toki Demo, Hitori Ja Nai (No matter where you go, You’ll never be alone… Heh.)

Your pets name?
Arrogant Worms – Let There Be Guns (Oh no XDDDD. I’m more for swords. >> )

Favourite place?
Glenn D. Wright – Nature’s Majesty (Ironically this Instrumental bit always brings my sort-of-home region, The Forest of Stars, to mind…)

Describe your sexlife:
StarFox OST – Out of this Dimension ( >> )

What do you think of your parents?
Strong Bad – TROGDOR! (No… Comment… >> )

What's your Pornstar name?
Rod Stewart – I Don’t Wanna Talk About It (Sums up my thoughts on this question exactly)

Where would you go on a first date?
Mark Seibert – QFG1 – The Magic Meadow (Wow… Winamp found some gorgeous scenery for one… That place happens to be one of the most beautiful places ever seen in a computer game. )

Drug of choice?
Bob Rivers – PokéMon (Well, PokéMon IS my antidrug… >> )

Describe yourself:
Arrogant Worms – The Last Saskatchewan Pirate (Well, That explains a lot…)

What is the thing I like doing most?
The Pillows – Ride a Shooting Star (XD)

What song best describes my school principle?
Manowar - Warriors of the World Unite (I didn’t even realize I was in a warrior school O_o)

What is my state of mind like at the moment?
Cowboy Bebop OST3 – Chicken Bone (Heh, heh, heh… DE-STROY!!!!)

How will I die?
REM – It’s the End of the World As We Know It And I Feel Fine (Apparantly I’ll only die when the world comes to an end, but I’ll be okay with it. xD)

How does the world see me?
Manowar – Master of the Wind (GO EGO!)

Will I have a happy life?
Dragonland – Forever Walking Alone (… Way to stab me in the back, Winamp…)

What do my friends really think of me?
Arrogant Worms – Gaelic Song (cracks up laughing)

Do people secretly lust after me?
Diana Ross – If We Hold On Together (… And what am I supposed to assume from that?)

How can I make myself happy?
Harry Belafonte – The Banana Boat Song (…DAYLIGHT COME AND ME WANNA GO HOME!?)

What should I do with my life?
PokéMon Advanced Generation – ED3 – Smile (… Lovely advice, heh.)

Will I ever have children?
Cowboy Bebop OST1 – Tank! (Well, apparently not, but I’ll have a Tank? ^^;; )

What is some good advice for me?
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Zankoku na Tenshi no Te~Ze (So, when I'm feeling down with life, I should symbiotically merge with a giant biomecha and fight angels? Sounds good to me... >> )

How will I be remembered?
PokéMon the Movie 2000 Soundtrack – The Legend Comes to Life (… Winamp Is being really bipolar today >> )

What is my signature dance song?
Sacha Baron Cohen - I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT! (Ironically that’s the only song that makes me dance!)

What do I think my current theme song is?
Toto – Dune Soundtrack – Take My Hand (Mmm… Pretty.)

What song will play at my funeral?
Glenn D. Wright – Reflections (Hnn.. That’d be a pretty one too.)

What type of women do I like?
FFVI Grand Finale – Dancing Mad (Apparantly, I like them flipping insane?)

What is my day going to be like?
Cowboy Bebop OST1 – Space Lion (… JESUS CHRIST IT’S A LION GET IN THE CAR!)


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