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I made a damn animation, I did. O_o

This is part of Househeld, an RP I'm in, based on Homestuck.

I think I'm getting better at this animating lark. >>;
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A Girl and her Torchic )

So I figured since I can't get SoulSilver anytime soon, I'm going to restart Emerald, and start with A Blaziken Again - I haven't trained one since my first English Sapphire run, and that was yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaars ago. @_@

And this lovely female creature is my main character's representation in my mind, much like Cori was for my first cartridge-run of Emerald. Her name is Soleil, and by now her team is composed of Oradella (Blaziken F), Evergreen (Shiftry F), Orpheus (Exploud M) and Physalia (Tentacruel F)... and she is much <3.


May. 19th, 2009 06:20 am
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... Because I can.
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Cloned from teh Kel...

Seven Deadly Sins Thingamajig )

Heh, this reminds me of one of my latest created characters, A trainer with a team based on the Seven Deadly Sins. How can you contract seven deadly sins into six PokeMon? Simple: Mix Sloth and Gluttony into a PokeMon that combines them both - Snorlax! xD

This is the first time I've actually used Snorlax in an RP team. Antagonist or not, I just dislike that daemon teddybear with a passion. Although Irene makes it look awesome. Yes, she is a deity of art. ^_^

Anyhow: Le team.

Pride: Milotic. Seriously, a Merslug that think's it's OH so pretty and everyone goes gah-gah over even though it's really a magikarp-wannabe with a 'maxed out beauty stat'. Puhleeze. x_X It's a male and its personality is EXTREMELY bishonen-y.

Wrath: Primeape. I mean, the creature has the angry vein permanently tattooed on its fur, or something. It's a male and it has a VERY short fuse.

Lust: Mawile. Don't laugh. Yes, Mawile. So cute, so innocent... And then it turns on you and SNAP! You're impaled in that iron-maiden jaw-horn of doom it has. Perfect femme fatale. curvy, compact and moving seductively when it wants... And of course, the bonus of Attract, which never fails to be the most annoying attack in PokeMon history.

Sloth/Gluttony: Snorlax. It eats and sleeps all day long. I rest my case.

Envy: A Banette. A corrupted shuppet, actually. Shuppets feed on negative emotions, and this one grew up absorbing so many feelings of envy, it changed him. Envy turned to hate. In envy of those who can feel and have a real body, this Shuppet has taken posession of an abandoned plushie and twisted it to its own dark whims. It is still a bad facsimile of a body, and it simply inhabits it without actually feeling anything, and that just makes its hatred and envy stronger and greater. The only lifeforms it doesn't hate as much are its trainer (whom it is grateful to for many reasons) and the Lust Mawile (for reasons that are yet unknown) - and both have a part in unleashing its true potential and cleansing its dark soul.

The only one I'm missing is Greed. I mean, I'd go for Meowth or Murkrow, but, well, y'know how it is. It's not really 'Greed' as much as it's 'Fascination with Shiny Objects'...

Rambling again! ^_^


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