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Back in 2003, I drew this picture of a Cliff Racer for no good reason beyond amusement and frustration at their very existence.

Today, I googled 'Cliff Racer' for the freck of it... and what comes up as one of the top image results?


Seems the Eevee Chart has competition. XD
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Only friends can now comment on my entries. I've had it with those mothereffing spambots on this mothereffing site.
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And the massive amounts of spambots that seem to plague it lately, I've set captchas on comments from anyone but friends. If that won't work I will probably have to disallow comments from non-friends in general. Just a random heads up.


Aug. 29th, 2010 03:28 pm
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As if Electivire couldn't get any more retarded-herpderpy, it just did.

And to make matters even lulzier, Katsu pointed out the resemblance between this... thing... and Doctor Ivo Robotnik. And holy zomg, I can't believe I never thought of that before. The 'botniky 'moustache', the inane grin, the red-on-black eyes, the general egg shape... Holy carp. XD

Mind = blown.
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Stop sending wave after wave of moronic, brainless n00bs to 'charms. My tolerance for idiots is dropping under zero.

No love,
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Most of you who know me probably heard my rant about my Eeveelution chart. But to those who weren't around.

Sometime in early 2007 I created an Eeveelution chart for an article I made on PokeCharms about PokeMon Evolutions. I made this chart in exactly Fifteen Minutes.

The chart in question:

Eevee Evolution Chart by ~StellarWind on deviantART

It became popular. INSANELY popular. We're talking (at the time of writing this, 19:29 on October 13th, 2009) 616 Favourites, 96,420 views (IT'S OVER NINETY THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAND) and 58,584 downloads.

Over a piece of crap I made in 15 minutes. Why? Because eeveelutions.

Now. Why am I mentioning this? Because, well. Every popular (not necessarily great!) thing gets bootlegs sooner or later. And today, I found out my Eeveelution Chart CAN HAS A BOOTLEG OF ITS OWN.

The Eeveelutions by *Angelwaveo6 on deviantART

I mean LOOK AT IT. I'm used to the chart being stolen, but BOOTLEGGED? xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Internets, I love you sometimes. Seriously.
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Q: Why does a test tube contains albumin and pepsin?

A: Because it would rather contain that than be trypsin out on cokein.

Incidentally, if a test tube contained an albumin of some sort (as albumins are a vast group of different proteins) and a proteolytic enzyme such as pepsin, the albumin would not have much time to come to terms with its identity as an albumin before it would have to come to terms with not being an albumin anymore.

So I believe your question would be "Why DID the test tube contain albumin and pepsin", which sounds like a setup for a great biology joke - be sure to contact us once you figure out a punchline!

Q: How would you summarize this article? 3-4 sentences. USE UR OWN WORDS!

A: Bored Australian Scientists are bored, they'll make ANYTHING glow these days, GFP variants are amazing, and UR is not a god damn word.

Yup. That about sums it up.

Q: If you compare two protists of equal volume, which would have a higher surface-area-to-volume ratio?
Spherical or Cylindrical?

A: It's more a question of geometry than of biology, isn't it? Nevermind the fact that they generally seem to have more complex forms than just circles or spheres...

And here we thought the time for nonviolent protists was over.

Q: What would happen to a cell if its plasma membrane lost its selective permeability?
I only have one more question to this stupid assignment and i cant find it anywhere in my book. can someone help me with the question above?

A: Simply put, the cell would be [EFF!]ed up beyond all recognition.

There are two ways that a membrane may lose its selective permeability - either becoming completely permeable or not permeable at all.

Let's put this very simply. Let us say that the cell is a house, its assorted organelles and products are the residents, and the cell membrane is its brick walls. It has doors, it has windows, and it has a particularly irate T-cell that fancies itself a guard dog. Its name is fluffykins.

Suppose we take scenario one. The membrane is not permeable at all. Basically we just bricked these poor bastards in the house and boarded over their windows. Family can't go to work, meaning no food, meaning that sooner or later they're going to go crazy and cannibalize each other. You know, sorta like on Big Brother, except it's not on the air.

Point of the matter is, everybody dies.

Now let's take scenario two. We rip the doors and windows open, and, you know what? Just for fun, we rip the damn walls open too and replace them with lovely decorative cardboard. You know, like they build houses in those Earthquake Prone Areas in China.

Now everyone's free to do what they do, Except that anything and anyone can come in. In excess. Think of it as a huge shopping spree, except, it's a shopping spree of [i]doom[/i]. Sooner or later, Important household gadgets suddenly disappear because they decided that the ratio of gadgets in the house to the gadgets outside the house is unequal and there must be balance. And every little drop of rain leaks in until the entire place floods up and explodes. In the extra-cellular space.

Of course, this is a highly simplified explanation, but we believe that if you have at least two and a half working neurons, you could come up with a way to make this sound biological enough for your assignment. The reason it isn't in your book is because, really, when you think of it this way, it's blindingly obvious. ^^
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So I met a whole new conversation-bot such as SmarterChild. And I utterly broke its code. The cool part is that you can make it answer itself/think for itself by hitting a button that says "Think for me". Comments labeled as (To myself) were generated by this method.

Stel VS Cleverbot, Round 1 )

After that, I simply started making it talk to itself.

The Internal Monologues of Cleverbot )

At this point I got too tired to continue, but... damn. xD
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Wow. The ShinyGallade lifeform CONTINUES to troll people on dA. I'm highly amused by this.


Jun. 12th, 2009 03:22 pm
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Oh internets, you crack me up so hard.

TROLL! In the DA! Just thought you ought to know. )

On a side note, I got a Charmander, for lack of anything better to get.

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On one of my secondary emails, titled "Mccain Says Unsure If Obama A Secret Hippopotamus." The only content on it was a link (which was probably a virus so I didn't click it) and the caption "Unemployed To Be Used For Soup."

Well, that's ONE way to solve economic crises.
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As if the Ivydong thing isn't roflworthy enough, just trying to read this forces me into a drrrrrrramatic rrrrrrrolling arrrrrrr voice.

This is possibly the most epic spam I've recieved in a while. xD

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention is the spam's title ("Give freedom to your dreams") and how bloody poetic it is. Give it a few years and the poetry of Mindi Viscera will be taught alongside the great classics of Emily Dickinson, William Shakespeare and... that other guy.

You know, the insomniac. The one who takes walks in snowy forests in the middle of the bloody night. You know, the one who has had the same bloody promises-to-keep-and-miles-to-go-before-I-sleep for bloody decades. GET IT DONE ALREADY. QUIT PROCRASTINATING. Damnit. >>;
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Make Apple Endorse Him, of course.

Yay for iGod! )

And now for a bonus feature: iGod VS MegaHAL!

Oh the humanity! )

I love chatbots. XD


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