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Virginia is ridiculous and talks like a bad cartoon character, Clive is an Aimless Wanderer (Unless he uses Lock-On), Gallows, for a primary magic user, is not the brightest bulb in the box, Jet is a complete douche and the entire cast of characters for this game feels like cardboard cutouts.

Oh yes, and there's reference to WA1 everywhere. And dungeons. Can't forget the dungeons.

Pretty music, though.

Glad I don't actually have to play through this game.
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WHY did no frelling one ever do a proper high-quality scan job on the Art of Wild ARMs artbook?! x-x
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Why must you be made of so much awesome. ;-;

So, I've been toying with the idea of making a Wallpaper based on my Pokefic-in-progress, and seeing how it's sort of a huge Inspired-By-Wild-ARMs fic, I've been watching random Wild ARMs intros in order to try and find a certain sense for how the group shots looked in that.

... I found myself really... really.. squeeing... hard.

Words cannot begin to describe just what that series does to me. WA2 and WA4 in particular. Their intros...

Something about those two particular games really makes me squee hard. The original WA was awesome, don't get me wrong, but... I dunno.

... Also I kinda sorta realized something. WA3 -gets me-. Maybe it's the fact that sometimes it feels like a glorified dungeon crawler, maybe it's the fact that a WHOLE MESS OF EVERYTHING is thinly-disguised inferior copies (Tributes, I know, get over it) of characters from the original games MINUS a trait that made the original game character awesome. >>;

But still. I will get around to giving 3 a proper playthrough someday. If I live that long.

Anyway. Sorry. Random burst of fangasm. I had to. @_@
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This is what happens when you spend several hours in a row playing Devil Kings. >>;

Contains Devil Kings Spoilers. )

On a side note, playing this made me develop Devil Kings style movesets for several Wild ARMs characters, because my mind loves crossing the streams like that.

Ashley Winchester

Element: Fire

Weapon: Bayonet Rifle ARM

Stats: Relatively balanced Attack/Defense, decent speed (not too slow, not too fast).

X attacks: Melee attacks with the rifle and the bayonet.

Triangle attack: A ranged round of ARM bullets. Hits several enemies clustered together (similar to Shingen's punch, I guess).

Power Attacks: Based on assorted ARM Cartridges - Multi Blast (attacks a wide range of enemies) and Rising Nova (A shoot/slash combination).

Fury Drive: Access. The Fury Drive temporarily transforms Ashley into Knight Blazer, dramatically boosting his stats. His attack patterns remain mostly the same, replacing his bayonet rifle with the energy blade of Mad Lucied and his shooting rounds with fireballs. Yes I know these attacks generally belong to OverKnight Blazer, but I like the ordinary Knight Blazer forme better appearance-wise.

Brad Evans

Element: Darkness (Sadly there is no 'Earth' element in Basara)

Weapon: Might Glove

Stats: Think Shingen, basically. High defense and HP, VERY nice attack, but slow.

X attacks: Assorted punches.

Triangle attack: Earthquake. By slam-jumping on the ground, Brad knocks assorted enemies in his immediate area down and primes them for attack.

Power Attacks: Based on his assorted ARMs. The Bazooka is first amongst these, the AM cluster may also be there.

Fury Drive: Rail Gun. Once his fury Drive finishes charging up, Brad whips out the Rail Gun and fire it forward, dealing immense damage to anything in his immediate firing range. This lasts for a short while before running out of power.


Element: Darkness.

Weapon: Dagger

Stats: Sasuke-ish - high speed, very good attack, okayish defense. She can also double-jump.

X attacks: She can attack with just about every part of her body - her dagger, her extendable arm, her feet, anything goes. Human concealed weapon and all.

Triangle attack: Wire Fist - similar to Sasuke's triangle attack - except instead of one of the shuriken-glaives she uses her extendable bionic arm.

Power Attacks: Rad Blades allow her to execute a forward dash-attack. Other attacks are based on her assorted abilities.

Fury Drive: Lv. 4 Gat. She launches a flurry of attacks all over the place - again, similar to Sasuke's.


Tim and Lilka wouldn't really work in that game as anything but NPCs, and Marivel, well, Honestly, hell if I know what to do with her. XD
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When you google image-search "Emma Hetfield" and one of the first things you get is a picture of Abraham Lincoln with a machine gun for an arm. >>;
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"He's... White-haired!"
"... He's got a crutch!"
"Does he look like a bitch?"
"... Can't argue with that."

~ Why Wild ARMs and Pulp Fiction should never mix.

For extra Lolz, imagine the part of Jules performed by Knight Blazer form, as voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.
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I want this blasted thing. Even if I wouldn't be able to synchronize with it in real life, It would still look damn awesome hanging on my wall.
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I'm out of distractions again, having finished Mother 3.

Bloody hell that game rocked.

Ridiculously enough, I think the game I want to play most now is Alter Code: F. I mean, sure, it's incredibly loosely based on the original and a lot of the changes are a pain in the ass (and why the hell did they have to screw around with Hanpan and Emma's designs? <<;) but... it's still Wild ARMs.

Mind you, I've youtube'd the final battles and HOLY OW WHAT THE HELL they seem near-impossible (I guess they WERE kinda easy-ish in the original, but what the HELL.) Which kinda makes me wonder if I should even bother trying... But...


That's SO freaking epic.

Also that song became an instant fave. Warranted me downloading the entire freaking soundtrack.

Oh yes. I had a dream tonight in which I actually HAD an ARM of some sort. Didn't get to wield it, but I had one. Shows how obsessed I am. I don't even LIKE guns. >>;
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And even though it started out slow, it proceeded to be rather frelling awesome. I'm still more fond of 2 on the whole, but 1 was still bloody awesome.

Now one wonders how long before I go completely and utterly mad.
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Wild ARMs just broke the fourth wall. HARDCORE. Dialogue between Captain Bartholomew and Calamity Jane as the ship they're on is under attack by an unknown factor:

Jane: Do you have any weapons on this thing?
Bartholomew: This is a trade ship, not the USS Missouri!
Jane: You haven't got a clue, have you? This is a GAME! You should ALWAYS carry a special weapon!
Bartholomew: Huh...

... I think my love for this series just jumped a few levels more. XD
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Or rather translationspam. This game is too damn inspiring.

Holding my fingertips in the air
and trusting myself to the western winds
I prepare to cross the arching horizon

If there's any meaning
in fighting there and then,
I can take flight without fearing to lose something

As I embrace sad memories with these arms
that have slashed at thousands of red shadows,
I can feel the heartbeat of the beginning of the future

I don't think anybody really
wants to hurt anyone else,
but if you have something important you want to protect
you may end up resisting even yourself
I'm living now, bearing it all

There are places I want to return to
and people who I love
They are the only reason
why I won't fall into despair

If the dream you searched for
at this culmination of times
is a fragile dream,
trust your own wings as the future begins

I understand that anyone
hides pain in his heart
but if you have something important you want to protect,
you may lose even your gentleness
and brandish only your fury

I don't think anybody really
wants to hurt anyone else,
but if you have something important you want to protect
you may end up resisting even yourself

I'm living now, bearing it all.
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On other news, Wild ARMs 2 pwns too many souls to be listed. Diablo Pillars, Here I come.

On other other news, Imagine what would have happened if Disney went with Namco instead of with Squenix.

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It may have hideous voice acting from hell and platformery action sequences of the sort that make me want to strangle the developers...

But it's still fucking awesome.

That is all.

(Now to take a break from it until I feel up to loading the game-complete-clear-data and start harvesting sidequests. XD)


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