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Or "I am not a number! I am a free man!"

So, yesterday it became official. I finished my long three-year-period in the IDF. That's right. No more armystuffs. I'M FREE.

The only time I'll hear from the army now is in times of great crisis, in which I might be called upon as some kind of 'reserve forces' - everyone who gets released is like that here. However, the good news is that I'm going to belong to my wing's reserve forces, which means that they're going to call me in only if they REALLY need me. Which chances for are rather unlikely.

Anyhow, in a few years from now it wouldn't matter, as I'm really not planning on being here. >>

So yes. Yay for freedom.^_^

Three years. Holy fuck. Where the hell has time flew to?
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Soooo, here I am, at the base. This is the last weekend I'll ever spend here.
Little more than three weeks remain to my service in teh good ol' IAF, and then it's out into the real world. I can hardly contain my excitement. Or something.

Truth be told I am dying for it all to end. To be free of this place. Oh, I've had a good time here, most of the time, even though I'm surrounded, for the most part, by immature idiots (or people who are BEING immature idiots while they're actually decent people). It's strange - I've been a part of this ridiculous organization for almost three years now, and I don't think I ever felt that I want out as badly as I do now. Makes me wonder, really.

Oh well.

I've been reading older LJ entries of mine and wondering why do most of them look the same, even though the thing spans a period of nearly four years. Same issues, different names. I'm in such a bloody loop it's incredible. << I think the first thing I do when I'm done with the army is start working on breaking that loop. I know what the weak spot in the fabric of my being (which, much like the fabric of space-time, is frayed at points and could REALLY use some ironing) is, and I feel the time is coming to mend it.

And then I can fly and conquer the universe if so I'll wish. No matter how many mutant birds get in my way.
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Gate guard duty is eating my soul.

I don't know why I'm even up right now.

I'm sorry for not updating much. I've been rather wierd lately, and it isn't showing any sign of clearing up anytime soon. I've already ranted enough about my recent wierdness, and I'd rather not repeat my whining on LJ too. But I wanted to say to a few people who are not on at the moment... Thank you, for always reminding me that I am never really alone, no matter how alone I feel.

You know who you are.

Real entry maybe on Monday when I get home. Phone typing is a bitch.
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The last few nights (and this morning) felt unusually cold (I hear they hovered around 5-9 degrees). I know, it's not THAT cold, but it damn well is in uniform, especially at night. The days have been lovely coolish with light wind. Like the perfect weather for going around and travelling. The kind of weather that makes me feel more like myself and would really benefit from me being at a forest. Sigh.

We even had a bit of rain. W00t.

I was on gate guard duty last week (last watch was yesterday!) and now I'm headed back to the base after being home for most of yesterday. I'd rather be home, but yeah. I have two months and a half to the end, so what the hell ever, hey?

And I still haven't gotten a chance to reply to teh RPs. X_x

Shutting up.
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The time, at the moment, is around 20:00, Israel Standard Time (GMT + 2) on December 13th, 2006. And you know what that means. It means I have about 4 hours left to be 20 years old. 4 years before I begin my twenty-first year on this silly, bloody planet. And what a year it was.

This period, of December 14th 05’ to December 14th 06’ has been one of the busiest in my life. For one, I’ve gained several awesome new friends – I can instantly name MSDL and Pinecone Tortoise, as well as one friend whom I’ve known for ages but only got to know better around late spring-early-summer of 2006, who shall remain at the moment unnamed. I’ve gained a few new material possessions (mainly a laptop, a flipping awesome trenchcoat and a new phone), I’ve advanced artistically in a way that I find significant (mainly due to constant exposure to one awesome artist whose feedback means quite a lot to me), watched quite a few more great anime series (Yay for Eva and GAD Guard!), been promoted again… Yeah.

Also, who would have thought I would have actually been involved in a war? Of course, my department of the wing didn’t feel much of it. We did have a bit more work (including a particularly silly Friday involving much Rescue Hoist action). But still. Holy cow, a flipping WAR. I could go on for hours ranting about how bloody futile it was and how it only made things in the area worse, and how it’s not easy living in a place like Isra Hell, and how every day it seems like the middle east, the so-called cradle of civilization, is definitely going to be the origin of the end of civilization. How flipping circular and ironic. But I’m not going to, because that’s a subject for another more geo-politic rant, which is hardly what I’m trying to do here. What I’m trying to do here is reflect on things from a more personal angle…

So yeah. Three months exactly left before The Stel is out of the army and into reality. And his plans are still vague, but his plans for the immediate future are becoming more apparent. ^_^

But… of course, this year wasn’t perfect. No year is. I’ve lost someone who was, at the time, exceptionally dear to me (who still haunts my mind ever so often, and I really wish she didn’t…) and have been in some state of chaotic emotional turmoil since – it comes and goes, really.

I’m still lonely as hell, but I’ll be fine. I’m a survivor. (smiles lightly) If life shoots me in the gut, I shapeshift the wound away and Sylvan Rush it. ^^

I just want to get out of Isra Hell before all hell breaks loose. Is all…

Wow, this took me an hour to write. It’s now 21:00. I spent an hour reflecting. O_o I feel like a mutated mirror, XD.

A test.

Dec. 13th, 2006 05:59 pm
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I'm making this entry as an excuse to test Opera Mini on my recently acquired new phone. Just to see if I can. Real entry later.
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So, during my one-hour break at the base today (from 12:00 to about 13:00) I fell asleep and had one of the craziest dreams I've had in a while.

The dream was basically a movie, done in the half live action and half Jim-Hanson-Labyrinth puppet style - a cross between a stupid youth comedy and some serious anime-style drama. And its premise had largely to do with demons.

Yes, demons. They live among us, in human guise, have been living so for centuries. They come in multiple shapes and sizes - ranging from humanoid form to downright animalish shapes.

The demons in the world are all led by a goat/dragon/unicorn creature who has been actually dead for centuries, a magical sword driven into his back. Since no demon can be truly killed, he is slumbering, awaiting a time of great need, in which the song of demons will awaken him again and a mortal bound to him would reach a certain place while it is done (but there wasn't much detail about it).

The story begins with a pair of newly-weds in what seems to be a perfectly normal human city. Except that the girl (without even knowing what she is) is the mortal bound to the dead demon lord, and a guy who was her boyfriend and died hadn't really died - but rather, his spirit became a demon after his death and still haunts the world (His demon form has been named Jack, and looks like a greenish-blue cartoonish glowing ghost that resembles, strangely, a cross of Uncle Sam and the Mad Hatter. xD All in Jim Henson character style, at that XD). He is persecuted by a group of demons who wishes to create a 'new order' in the world, abandoning their sleeping dead leader and breaking the coexistence humans and demons had for centuries - to rule them instead.

The first part of their plan has already succeeded, they stand behind a large secret organization that controls the police in secret, and soon enough they are planning to begin unleashing small scale chaos in preparation to their attack.

Anyhow, the girl's role in the movie was rather minimal - the main character (human) was her husband (who kinda looked like Keanu Reeves with a small beard and really crazy anime-style hair - like, it was long with two dreadlock like braids hanging from the sides by his cheeks and there were several dreadlocks hanging from the back of his hair. The dream's connection to him starts with some stray invisible demon planting sticks of dynamite in his dreadlocks - which take off like small bottle rockets into space, leaving him with more usual Keanu-Reeves style hair. That's where he sees Jack (who was a good friend of his before death) - he doesn't recognize him at first, and he begins chasing him demanding an explanation - something about his mode of speech however instantly gives him away, and then they actually converse. Jack tells the guy what his wife is and about the entire demon situation - and together with a group of demons - Including the promiscuous succubus-like Loretta (who was a male demon at first but posesses the ability to change her sex at will - she is fertile in female form and in fact has many demon children all over the world, all of which initially male but capable of changing genders at will like her), a group of animal-lke misfits and a few other really wierd demon characters rally together to try and find a way to revive their dead, sleeping leader.

In one sequence of the dream, Jack and the main character fused. The dialogue in this part was sorta wierd - they realized that the demons they had to fight were too big and they had to grow in mass... and they decided to fuse to do it... xD

Jack (who formed into a sphere form): "We'll be heroes!"
Main character: Oh, shut up and GROW! CONCENTRATE ON GROWING!

Then they sort of semi-melt semi-stretch and in a rather organic way seemed to grow and intercombine into each other forming this huge, semi-transparant, glowing sluglike demon.

The battle faded in its middle (Though it was clear that Jack/Main Character were winning after roaring for quite a bit and knocking a few flying demons down with wierd jellolike tendrils) into the shady corporation's HQ - that decided to send out an asassin to kill the girl (because she was linked to the demon outbreak, or so was the excuse they tried to give to the assasin, a meek-looking tiny individual XD) While in the meantime, the demons (learning of this) gathered together in one building to plan how to draw the madness to them.

While Loretta takes the girl to the designated place she's supposed to get to, the animal-like demons lock themselves in cages and a big show is made out of one demon being reported to smuggle some strange animals into the country after a trip to a different island. So, in come the special unit of the police dealing with demons (consisted of the corporation demons xD) - who visit the offending demon (they make a big show of how depressed and abused the animals look, xD) - and this is where the other demons start showing up and revealing their true forms. This creates some chaos which anticlimactically ends when the assassin dude drops from the sky... into a large cup of tea, and dissolves in it.

A few moments of doubleyou-tee-eff, followed by comic relief (and low grade stupid teenage comedy humor about Loretta's trans-gendered spawn, one of which, in girl form, was apparantly dating one of the corporation demons without either knowing they others were demons... xD) which creates just enough madness for the cup of tea to suddenly begin releasing green steam (the assasin was also a demon actually xD) and the body of the demon king with the sword in his back, sitting on a chair that isn't even there (he's not anthro, he just looks folded into sitting position xD) - an indication that the girl reached the place she was supposed to reach), the main character (who is now a green furry/feathered demon himself, because of the aftereffects of his fusion with Jack - it is unrevealed if they separated as Jack wasn't shown afterwards, but I think they did) yells at the two leaders of the 'good' demons (who were actually named after real life demons, I just forgot the names) to 'Sing for him' (meaning the demon lord).

The two demons break into inhuman screeching, followed by the rest of the demons (the corporate demons vanish) - and the sword melts into the demon king's back and he melts back into a graceful quadrupedal formation - half Haku, half goat, half unicorn. He rears up. in triumph, and everyone PARTAYS, labyrinth-style, as the camera pans out.

Then the end credits, consisting of a quarter of the screen in black, separated by a red slash-like line, with red font credits rolling in a satanic-looking font, while the upper three-quarters are showing all sort of random demented sillyness and bloopers starring the various characters. XD

MAN, that was a bloody silly movie. So fucking random, it made me laugh my brains out. Even though I naturally hate stupid teenage-humor. It was just amusing like that.

Eesh. xD
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Well, this has been a fascinating and insect-rich week at the base for yours truly. ^_^

It started with me catching sight of a really nifty looking insect that looked somewhat like a mosquito with jet boosters. Except when it took off, it revealed itself to look somewhat more butterfly-like. Looked it up today and it revealed itself to have been a plume moth of some sort. I'll be damned if I know what sort.

Also, among the hordes of generic grasshoppers (earth colored thingies with translucent wings and short antennae), I've spotted a largish, green Acrida Ungarica (or slant-forehead grasshopper). Freaky little creatures, these... It regarded me rather nonchalantly for a while before hopping away.

Yesterday evening I've noticed a large, reddish-pink moth standing on one of the metal panels that run along the walls of the department. I approached slowly for a closer look - and suddenly and abruptly the thing leaps at me, crashes into my forehead, lands on my nose, then flies off in a drunken daze around the entire department and finally lands on the tool cabinet. And that's one fucking big moth, for Israeli standards. A quick check when I got home Identified it as a Lasiocampa Grandis (which looks somewhat like a Lasiocampa Triifoli). Having a moth land on you feels wierd. Especially when it's a cold fuzzy one. xD

Today however was an event to top it all - I saw a smallish green mantis catch a large housefly about the size of its head and thorax put together and subdue it (it was struggling for a long while, beating its wings frantically) then eat it. Mantises are absolutely nifty. And it was eating that fly like a human would eat corn on the cob. Or like a typewriter. >>


Best pic on dA. Evar.
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Still lonely-sad, but things have been going my way today, which is good. ^^

For one, the first thing I saw in the morning when I got online was MSDL. After I haven't seen her for two days or so and REALLY uber-missed her. It was only for a few minutes before she had to go and sleep - but her presence alone made me feel a bit better. I can't explain it. ^^;;

The next thing I found out that made me psychotically happy is that apparantly I /don't/ have gate guard duty - they apparantly found a way to sort it out without having to lodge this duty into my head. I have no qualms with staying at the base for the weekend + Sunday - I have my way into the internets (omg lolz :P) using WAP and if I'll need different ways to pass the time... I have my lappy. And my guitar. ^^

And I went home. W00T! ^^

Starting tomorrow, I will have only half a year left to the end of this Military Madness... 6 months of pointless idiocy before I'm a free anthropomorphic lifeform. ^^.

And I sorta figured out the pose I wanted on that Electabuzz in that pic I've been working on now. Yay. ^^

Other than that, everything is pretty normal. I'm going to be spending most of tomorrow and quite a bit of Saturday away from the computer (though I may have WAP available). Family event thing - a relative o'mine is getting married after a quajillion years of being with the same person. They just decided to make it official, or something. Joy. Ah well. ^^;



Sep. 12th, 2006 07:22 pm
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Welllllll... LIFE is being exceptionally annoying. Two weeks ago I spent a week on gate guard duty. Not exactly the most fun thing in the history of everything. Been home for about a week later (which was good) - but when I got back to the base - it's as if I never left.

And now they dropped a bomb on me - Next week I'm on gate guard duty too, because they had no-one to frelling put on gate guard duty.

............. WTF!?

This seems to be just my luck. ALL the trouble happens to me either bunched or not at all. This obviously means I'd be even MORE offline soon. -_-

I haven't been in the best of moods in general lately. My loneliness-induced-madness is getting worse from day to day, and it's making me an annoying mopey creature. And most of what I have on my mind lately is PokeMon. And that caused a bit of a... falling out between me and one of the people I like and appreciate most online. Which bugs me to no end.

(sighs) I really miss Katie and MSDL now. >>
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So, we've got a war on our hands.

Well, it's not official yet. The sad fact remains though, that the only thing that's stopping this from being a real war is the officialities and technicalities. The situation's been going from bad to worse for the past few hours - Soldiers getting kidnapped on the northern border, other people getting killed, great insanity on a stick.

Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyep. And here I was thinking that *I* had problems. -_-


And my emotional chaos is getting worse from day to day for some reason. But at least this day started out nice. I caught a bus to the base and ran into someone that I rather like and don't get to see too often (she's in a different wing). We spent the journey to the base together. It was... fun. ^^ But still, I can't get over the great emotional chaos. And I really wish that a certain Ebi was on right now. >_>


Also, more PokeMon Diamond and Pearl information was released. And dog, those new legendaries look farkin' sweet. In an alien sort of way. And they control time and space. Wheeee. I'm willing to bet that the third legend for this series is a dimension-warping Kaiju. Torima, anyone? ^^;
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If this was a perfect world, I'd probably be home, curled up in a feather blanket with someone amazing who'd love me just as much as I'd love her for who I am (and vice versa)with candles and relaxing instrumental music in the background, while rain is falling outside (possibly coupled with a thunderstorm, but that may be a bit too much to ask). Or walking along a beach at sunset/lying on a grassy hill under a tree gazing up at a clear night sky, tracing star patterns and having a random, relaxing conversation with aformentioned person, who doesn't even exist and probably never will, because this isn't a perfect world, never have been and never will be.

But a strange lifeform can dream, and it definitely feels like the sort of things I'd want to do after a day like today. And a BLOODY LONG day it was. X_X

Work is hectic lately. A LOT of parts to repair have gathered up on our tables in the last few weeks and now we're catching up on a LOT of workload in the department. Barely had any time to breathe at all lately. And we haven't been a lot of people (various people sick, others taking days off randomly... Leaving me alone with a new person who is still in process of getting familiarized and authorized with everything and one or two more people to work with, barely. Barely enough for anything. -_-

And ugh, the weather's a bloody nightmare. WAY too hot. It's not much of a bother when we're actually inside the department working (blessed be air conditioning!) but when we're occasionally warping from one of our mini-departments to another or going out into the sun, it burninates people to TEH EXTREME. >.> <.< >.> <.<

A few of the people are leaving soon, including (much to my dismay) my direct superior, the person in charge of my department - he's one amazing person, always helping people and being there for them as much as he can. Thankfully, he's probably only leaving at the end of this year, and so I'm only going to have three or two months with his second (who will be inheriting his job and is a bloody-minded workaholic that I sometimes really wish I could throw something large and heavy at) hanging over me before I'm out of here.

9 months to FREEDOM. >.>


I'm mostly over the whole issue with her right now. I still feel awfully lonely and hollow at rare times, and I still do miss the good times I had with her (and the closeness that we shared, something that was severed as soon as we broke up. I found out by my own means that she cut contact with me just as much as I've cut contact with her, and for the most part, I'm glad that she did. A part of me still wishes that maybe someday she'll try and contact me someday, but most of me thinks that it's a good thing that she erased me from her life as fully as I have.

I just wish that I could also stop missing her. Silly me... ¬¬;

One thing that I found out about myself after the whole thing ended was that it seems that now, the company of people online doesn't seem to be enough for me anymore. It's good to have them around, yeah, but it's not like I can turn for them to support on /everything/ that crashes on my messed up psyche o'doom - reality has issues and people can't always be there for each other, even when you need them the most.

It's still better than nothing, though.


Also, I'm finally getting myself a laptop (which should be arriving sometime next week, or possibly the week after, hopefully sooner). ^_^ It wasn't too expensive, and the tech specs are awesome - just perfect for what I need. It was almost too good to be true when we found it. ^^

Mmmm... Yeah, I'm rambling. Best fire this entry away.

End time: 20:10. Almost 25 minutes of typing, good bloody grief. o_o
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I know, I know, I haven't updated in AGES. I just didn't have much time to update, for one, and, well, little to tell.

But fear not! I am not dead, or missing in action, or spending eternity as a frog in some dogforsaken pond in the arctic wastelands. ^^;

Let's just sum up a few things that have been happening to me.

1 - I'm perfectly okay. Even better. ^^

2 - The army's dashing by like I don't know what. Time moves rapidly (In four days - I would have been officially in the army for one year. TWO MORE TO GO, BIYATCH! XD) And I'm actually enjoying myself, pretty much. ^^;

3 - Three cheers for Nintendo for coming up with an Anubis-ish PokeMon at last. YAY FOR LUCARIO! XD

4 - I really... really... REALLY want PokeMon Emerald. x_x

5 - On February 14th, me and my Girlfriend celebrated a half-year anniversary. I drew a picture for the occasion. ^^ You can find it Here. Yay for exploding worlds! ^^ (And I wish I had that trenchcoat in reality. x_X)

6 - And on a side note (and since I mentioned her), it's my girlfriend's birthday today. ^^

Yeah, lame entry, I know. I guess I'll come up with something more coherent at some point in the future.

NYAA! ^_^
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"Y'know... We're sitting on four million pounds of fuel, one nuclear weapon and a thing that has 270,000 moving parts built by the lowest bidder. Makes you feel... good, doesn't it?"

W000000000000000000000t! ^________^

After two weeks, StellarWind Elsydeon had returned home. ^^ Well, I was home for a day or two during those two weeks, but hey - It wasn't enough in comparison. One week of kitchen duty right after a week where you had to stay at the base is NOT fun. x_x Especially when halfway through it, you get the entire soundtrack of Les Miserables stuck in your head. As much as I love Les Miserables, having songs from it playing in your head for four-something days straight is rather irritating. xD

Anyway, I'm finally back home - until Sunday - And DAMN I have tons of stuff to do. x_X I checked my E-mail right away... 128 messages. All SPAM. So I fired up my SPAM-hunting song (Lovely Spaaaaaaaam, Wonderful Spaaaaaam!!!) and went on a deleting spree. DeviantART had a bunch of things to look at, and alas, I also have to finish that third RP wallpaper (the one featuring Katie and Tsunami). And Dog knows what else. A week to catch up on things... That's always good.

~ * ~

If you're wondering about the title, it means "Kick of Flying Walrus!" Japanese is so wierd. xD

~ * ~

Wierd dreams lately... Here goes, from earliest to last.

1. So, I'm heading out of the base (driving my parents' Vitara, of all things. Mental note: Every dream in which I drive any kind of four-wheeled vehicle often ends up having something completely wierd and non-related happen. And for some reason, I can drive really well in dreams - but I don't even have a freakin' Drivers' Liscence in Reality! xD), and on the way, I picked up an online friend of mine and give her a lift home. The camera view is from inside the car - where me and a few people are having a conversation, not really noticing that the view from the front window is completely non-related to anything. For some wierd reason, when we eventually arrived, we ended up in FINLAND, of all places. xD

... The rest of the dream was generally about me trying to figure out two things.

a. How the hell did I manage to get from the base to Finland in a CAR.
b. How the heck am I supposed to get back to Isra Hell, with the car. xD

2. Dream 2 that I remember in particular was a rather wierd sci-fi-esque story. It took place in the near future (that is, the surroundings were still recognizable, but not quite). The character I was in control of this time (I'm not sure what his name was, it was never given, but I know that he looked quite a bit like me - so I'll refer to him as "I" from now on.) was a student at an institution which was a bit like a cross between a university and a museum. Anyway, for some reason I was hanging around the marine biology segment of the place, in particular around one particular wall. The wall was designed kinda like a page from a book, with a rather large display case/aquarium type thing - with the water in layers - ranging from a bright, upper layer to a deep, dark and exceptionally murky layer in the bottom. It was supposedly a display of Cephallopods (Y'know... Squids, Octopii, and the like) with strange qualities - some of which were defined as extinct. The creatures inside weren't alive - I'm not sure if they were actually statues, or fossils, or whatnot (Yes, I know. Real squids don't get fossilized well, but hey, it's a dream. Bear with me, K? X_X). Anyhow, a lot of them were recognizable, one looked a bit like a gas mask, but the specimen that really caught my eye was the sole denizen of the deepest, murkiest layer.

It was exceptionally hard to make out at first, but even though it wasn't alive, it felt as if it was staring at me. It seemed... Ancient beyond all years, and it didn't look like it quite... belonged there, if you catch my meaning. But I made an excuse for that in my mind as in "It's a deep water creature, it's gotta be wierd." The name plaque was barely readable through all the murk and darkness, but it seemed to read "Eternity" at first... then upon closer inspection, it turned out that it actually read "Entity". Freakin' bizzare if you ask me, because both names fit that... exceptionally mysterious... thing... exceptionally well. Something about it didn't look right, but I couldn't tell exactly what.

Anyhow, a bit later, after various discussions with various people, It turns out that earth has been, for a while, under attack by a species of murderous, shapeshifting polytheric aliens. (What the hell?) It has been a while since one of that species set foot on earth (due to a technology developed by humans that created some kind of aura shield... thing, which, while being harmless to humans, made the polytherics break down and burn - as if they were entering the atmosphere. (Mental Note: The resemblence to the anti-undead Aura in Dalaran, in WarCraft III, were rather visible at that). However, the threat still existed.

A bit later (yes, again. I sound like a bloody scene in DoTT. "Later that day... Much, much later..."), around evening, me and a few other students (nameless extras ahoy!) were sitting down by this pool outside and talking. Particularily noticable were me, a female character which I don't remember too well - I think her name was Maria or somesuch - which was a good friend of my character, and another, long-haired male character who was apparantly dating her for a while. Anyhow, then, Maria and I notice one of the staff members walk out of the academy building, but we both notice something wrong about him - She immediately points out that it's the eyes, and I mention that the only thing the Polytherics could never mimic about humans is their eyes. That's when the guy starts killing a few nameless extras in a very T-1000-esque way (morphing fingers to very long blade things and impaling people, heh.) There's a bit of hysteria around, as as the nameless extras slowly get slaughtered, I quietly walk off to a nearby field generator and start setting it up.

Then the bastard notices me, and charges at me. Right as he nears me, I finish invoking the generator and start running, his form reverting to its more natural version - albeit a burning one. Kinda looked like a cross between Thrax from Osmosis Jones and an Infernal from WarCraft III. So here I go, running like mad, the blasted thing chasing me in a furious rage. Eventually, it chases me up to the roof of the tallest structure in the academy, and I leap off the building, backwards. Then, I start GLIDING, saying that "I knew it was a good idea to refuel the thrusters today." It's not like I was wearing a particularily special suit before, but then the view changed to a camera (rather than first-person) vuew, and it seems like I expanded wings (similar to Wren's Aerojet transformation in Phantasy Star III) and was gradually gliding down. The thing jumped after me, and seemed to float, unbothered by gravity, following me. It started launching flaming, detached fists at me, but they didn't survive for long (because the Polytherics couldn't keep control of bits of themselves they detached completely). Eventually, after a rather long impressive gliding/falling scene we both flew into rotating gravity generator (huh?). And somehow, it got turned on, and began generating heavier gravity, slowly. The aura field began to slowly fluctuate at that point. So I run, it chasing me, in this rotating round gravity wheel (An analogy I thought of after waking up would be "like mice in a giant wheel"). But the gravity change - which did little to me - began heaving a dreadful effect on it. With the aura field, it continued chasing me, but began screaming and begging for its life, slowly beginning to flux out of existence. I was unmoved by its begging, until it eventually broke apart and died. That's when the generator stopped and I stepped out with a light dizziness but little more.

The surviving extras and one of the teacher-manager people come up to me then and the teacher-manager person asks me why didn't I spare the creature's life - since it could have been more useful in life than it is in death (I think that he said that it was a surgeon, and polytheric surgeons could heal some injury types that humans couldn't, but I don't remember). Then I said that the day I'll trust a Polytheric would be the day that I die. Y'see, it turns out that a Polytheric has murdered my character's family. Huh.

Anyway, the dream continues onto the next day, where Maria and the long-haired guy talk about the events of the previous day. And then a few things are explained. The long-haired guy himself wasn't human. Or was half-human, i'm not sure. But he was an alien that has been on Earth for a long while, and back when he first arrived, was responsible to a few deaths himself. He always found the Polytherics fascinating, and wished that he could have obtained some polytheric DNA for some sort of research. And an opportunity presented itself, so he felt like he had to use it. Entity, the ancient Cephallopod, had Polytheric DNA in it (I knew that it couldn't have been completely Terran in origin!) - and this guy extracted a DNA sample from it. Unfortunately, the sample somehow regenerated and grew itself into a complete polytheric. He didn't know the sample regenerated until the creature emerged. So, after the guy explained himself, he said that now it was his time to leave Earth, since his actions caused too many deaths. And for some reason he told her to tell me to take care of her, or something, and he walked away, leaving her rather confused.

... What the hell THOUSANDFOLD. xD

3. A dream I had yesterday. A former friend of mine sent me a GBA ROM for a game called "Corona". Well, so he said. He neglected to tell me that it was actually "PokeMon: Corona", a previously unknown PokeMon game which took place in a region parallel to Orre, of PokeMon Colosseum. The frelled up thing was that...

It was in 3D. And unlike any other PokeMon game seen before. For one, it had Wild PokeMon running about, like in Snap, but wierder. It was a first-person view game, for some reason, and... well, Suffice to say that it made me think "Okay. If THIS is PokeMon, something has gone very wrong with Nintendo." The music was ominous and not very PokeMon-like, and there was no other version known out there (Although it was akin to a 'Red Version', or Ruby). The 3D was very nice, though. xD

And as if on cue, something completely wrong happened with the PokeMon anime (Yes, this is the first time the Anime ever appeared in my dreams.) The episode title was an ancient title ("Ash Catches a PokeMon", which was, if I recall correctly, the third episode of the Kanto season, where Ash managed to get his claws on Caterpie), for some reason, and it was defined as the "First Episode". I was wondering what the heck was wrong, but here are the events anyway.

- It seems that Brock had somehow captured a Wurmple, and had utterly no idea what to do with it, now that he had it. He also seemed to have developed some sort of a spite towards May, who had her own Wurmple (Which we all know is now a Beautifly! X_X) with her.

- Ash's entire team sorta... vanished. (A later check in indicated that his oddly changed team has seemed to remain after this episode, but I'll explain about that later.) His 'new' team consisted of Pikachu, Cyndaquil and oddly enough, Treecko (See? May's team isn't the only one that mysteriously de-evolved! Note that Brock also had only Forretress and Lotad. Yes, LOTAD. XD)

- Pikachu was... extremely odd. He seemed to be very woozy for some reason. Treecko's voice was odder than usual - it was kinda like a cross between the helium-filled dubvoice and the more badass original voice. And for some reason, it was a bit larger than usual. And went all "Kimo-Kimori" rather than the annoying dub name. xD Cyndaquil didn't seem to show up at that part of the plot.

- It seems that some kind of a time warp has taken place sending the AG team back to Pallet Town, to the very same day where Ash began his journey in the first place. New Ash hasn't met Old Ash yet, but I'm not quite sure if that happened in THAT episode. What DID happen though is that many of the new Hoenn and Johto PokeMon that the team had were mysteriously warped back to their own time (by colliding with sillhouettes of other PokeMon, of their own element, with a wierd frelled up background. xD).

- The episode was in English, but when I later checked in the dream to see what the HELL happened, the episode's name was Japanese, and it was referred to as an episode which "just aired in Japan". Ash's team changed to feature Pikachu, Cyndaquil and Treecko, and the episode was called "Pikachuu Gone Horribly Wrong? Time Crisis!!" or something like that. xD

... Yes, that is just freaking wierd. I know. X_x

So much for wierd dreams, anyhow. At least, ones which I remember right now. ^^;

Anyhow, I'd best launch this entry before IE crashes on me and kills everything. xD
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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmyep. So, basically, my 'adaptation period' is over, I actually started working (and it's quite fun so far!) and I'm back home after five days straight at the base (Wednesday to Monday) - or rather, I've been home for a solid amount of hours and in fact I should be back at the base in six hours, but I still can't sleep so that's OK. xD

I slept VERY well at this weekend. Covered all the holes in my sleeping hours. Only to create new ones now. Aren't I a genius?!

I haven't drawn anything, though. Not even an electronic sausage.

No new books lately either, though I did get to watch Terminator 2 again. Mmmm. Fun. ^_^
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Whooo. Long Update. x_X


Real Lifeness - It's been two weeks since I've been posted at the base I'm going to do most of my military service in. The new place is awesome. And the work, as it is, is not too stressful and is done in an air-conditioned lab-like environment. Fun. ^_^

Well, I haven't actually started working yet, as I still have a lot of reading and stuff to do before I can actually work with the kind of parts we deal with - but I'm beginning to make some progress with the whole thing, and soon enough, I will be actually able to start working. ^^

Right now I'm in an 'adaptation period' of sorts, in which I can go home every day. This lasts a month. Two weeks are already past, and this week, I'll have to spend Wednesday at the base. The next week, I'd have to spend Wednesday till Sunday at the base. After that, things are going to settle into a routine of having one week to go home at thursday and return at sunday, followed by a week where I'll have to stay at the base until sunday. Also, it seems I'll be home at least two days per week - On a week where I go home at the weekend, I can have one of the first days of the week (Sunday, Monday or Tuesday) off, and on a week where I don't go home at the weekend, I can have two of the same three days off. So it's really not that bad. ^_^

I hope that explanation made sense. ^^;;


I started reading Bob and George, and now I'm on a small Megaman phase of my own! HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... (slaps himself with a passing Robot Master, then flings him back into Capcom.)... Sometimes I'm not sure what's wierder and more flicked up... the 'Classic' Mega Man, Mega Man X or MegaMan Battle Network. x_X

... And may I point out that Gospel the Multibug Organism BLOODY ROCKS?! I really love his design. ^_^; Much more than I liked the original Gospel (aka Treble)'s design.

And I've drawn an attempt at Crystal Man as a Navi (or CrystalMan.EXE, if you prefer). I haven't scanned it as it turned out absolute crap, but I like the design. ^^; My CrystalMan.EXE is an Independant Navi, and is generally peaceful - he does not like battling, but should he be forced to battle, his primary attack is launching crystalline 'cluster bomb' projectiles which fire, and split in mid-air, hitting all opponents on screen.

I really should stop this now before these bloody robots consume my soul. x_X


Artness - Nothing much new. I'm working on a picture related to a Digimon Saga I've been working on for aeons. E heh. ^_^;

I've also FINALLY gotten the RP at PokeCharms Updated. That post took me aeons to think of, and it turned out rather short... Meh. x_X

Oh, and remember my Anthropomorphic Alter Ego? Well, I've come up with an interesting explanation for his species' reproductive process, as the species lacks the necessary, uh, anatomy for the more... standard type of it.

Basically, they're a shapeshifter species. So two of them mind-link in a rather intricate process (which is rather pleasurable for both sides), and each of them fissions off a small part of themselves. These two parts that were fissioned off are then fused into a new 'proto-organism', the mind-link between the 'parents' providing it with the initial spark of 'life'. The Proto-Organism then encases itself with a crystalline 'shell', which is then wrapped in large leaves by the parents. The leaves somehow merge with the shell, providing nourishment and energy to the creature within through photosynthesis. (at this point, the parents' part of the process is done, and they can break the mind-link safely).

Eventually, when the creature grows enough, the shell breaks and the 'newborn' emerges from it. It's small, but not helpless - it can fend for itself quite easily (unlike those annoying, wailing creatures human beings call babies). In time, the creature grows and learns to control its own shapeshifting abilities (youngsters are unable to shapeshift at first, but their claws and wings provide more than adequate defense/offense against any who'd seek to attack them).

Uhh... yeah. I'm wierd. ^_^;


Jul. 9th, 2004 09:53 pm
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... Internet is bloody empty...

Well, I've had a mega-creative weekend. Drawn a lot of stuff, I did. For one, I've finished drawing/coloring a sort of an alter-ego of myself. Anthropomorphic Being? Dragon? Strange hybrid? You decide. Yes, he's been in the works for ages, and I'm bloody happy with how it turned out. (stretches wings). ^^

Also managed to draw quite a bit of other stuff, but that was the only entry worthy enough of a passing comment on my LJ.

Life, as life goes, is crazy. For one, I'm about to be officially done with the course the army made me take and am to be posted in the base where I'll spend most of my military service at on this monday. I don't know which base will it be yet, though. Uncertainty does wierd things to my brain. x_X

I need to get myself some more books. I'm sorta out of stuff to read. ^^;

And now, to seal off this entry, some random Memes ).
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I haven't updated in, like, forever. x_X And much hath transpired. Let me count most of the stuff.

I got to read a whole lot of books ). I've also watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban last saturday (sort of - it was June 12th. :P) What can I say? It wasn't THAT bad. And Buckbeak was awesome. I really loved that Hippogryph. ^^

My last few weeks were fairly uneventful otherwise. Only this week (June 14th-21th) we didn't study, but rather did some rather annoying stuff (generally, some of us were put on sentry duty, others were put on routine cleaning/maintenance jobs and a few of us - of which only I 'survived' without requesting being transferred into one of the other types of work - were put to work in the kitchens/dining rooms, where we mostly did cleaning and sorting things out). Yup, every course gets a week of that nightmare, and that includes Saturday.

That's why I wasn't home last weekend.

However, as it was over today, we got a short time off - we have to get back there tomorrow morning. But then we get out again on Thursday, so it's all good. ^^

'sides, Even being home for just a few hours is better than not being home at all after 7 days of working our tails off.

I've been drawing way too much. But DeviantART won't fugging LOAD. -_-

I'm a bit tired, but what the 'eck. ^^

Time to finish this entry and go do some stuff. X_x
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So anyway, now I'm in a course which is going to involve Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems, because that's mostly what we're going to be repairing. We'll get to deal with all sorts of airplane/helicopter parts. Basically, anything which isn't part of the electric systems... The small but crucial parts like fuel pumps and breaks. Yay.

One of the strangest things about the Air Force's Technical Wing's School Base is a strange anomaly in time which seems to be built into its design. For instance, only there could a watch, synchronized a mere day ago with the accurate time, instantly develop a ten minute delay in the course of one night, said ten minute delay becoming a fifteen-minute delay and then a five-minute delay in a matter of a few hours, and all that without you even touching the blasted watch. Don't ask me. o_O

But with the exception of temporal anomalies and various annoying army things (such as the strange practice of having the officers salute the national flag as it is being raised up a pole, somewhere around midmorning when it gets rather hot, and have everyone else stand there in an order - probably because misery loves company), I've been having quite a fun time so far. The people are great, and it's not THAT bad a course. I don't know if any new friendships may sprout from this, but I'm slowly feeling that I'm getting much more confident around people, which is good, on the whole (since I have the confidence of the average shoe. :P)

But hey, nothing beats being home. ^^

I've managed to draw quite a bit - mostly Rune Artwork, though I DID manage to come up with one of the cutest Bulbasaurs EVER. So that's alright. ^^

Shame my downloads haven't moved bloody anywhere.

Oh yeah. Robin Hobb's "Assasin's Apprentice", the first book of the Farseer Trilogy? IT ROCKS. It's one of the best fantasy books I've read... Got a nice mix of worldbuilding, deep characters, political schemes, dark mysteries... I'm definitely going to start reading part 2 of the trilogy soon.

Yikes... that's one long entry. o_O Best post it, then.
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Woke up relatively late today... 14:32 or something like that. Makes sense considering the fact I only managed to fall asleep at about, oh, 5 AM? ^_^;

Blah. I hate being unable to sleep.

Well, today's my last free day for this week. And tomorrow it's back to the base - and to the start of my course. Whatever it is going to be. When this starts, I don't know if I'll be home at all weekends, or only every other weekend... But I remember what it's like to be home after two weeks - and with the exception of over 100 SPAM messages in my email, nothing really happened. Sometimes I wonder why the Internet slows down so much sometimes.

Overall, it was a rather fun week, in which I've ran into people who almost never go on AIM nowadays and mean quite a lot to me, and I've also managed to draw some stuff (which is always good). Shame it only has a few more hours left.

But oh well, it isn't over before it's over.

Anyway, I'm a bit bored right now (Isn't it obvious? ^_^;) So I figured I might as well fill out Yet Another Silly Survey. xD )

And that's all for this entry. StellarWind Elsydeon, Signin' Off. ^_^


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