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So considering LJ has gone off the deep end and basically declared "Oh hi, we're about to be Russian into an awful lot of new and incredibly stupid policies, and if you don't like it, we will find you and ship you to Siberia, just Putin it out there", I've fucked off from that trash heap and imported everything into Dreamwidth.

.... I'm likely going to forget this bloge exists afterwards, but what can you do.

Level Up!

Dec. 14th, 2016 07:38 pm
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Becaus that's about all I use LJ for these days. Announcing the completion of another trip around the sun.

So there we go basicallly.
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I basically forgot this thing existed all over again. *shrugs* Then again, so did everyone else, so it evens out nicely.
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I love how the amount of posts I produce on this website appears to decrease on a yearly basis. It's not that I forget this LJ exists as much as everyone I know migrated the -eff- away from it (with one exception) and I honestly haven't much to say. Life continues as it does, very little to report.

I feel that I've become much more of a private person as the years rolled by - I've gone from rambling about the most trivial shit absolutely no one cares about on LJ to only leaving an occasional report about a major event and fizzling off into the mist, if at all. I'm far more active in other venues, but even there I do not go on about my existence much, aside from the occasional grumble of frustration with current events. I guess it's this 'growing up' thing?

Derp. Might as well just post something here to state that I am indeed still alive, and will most likely notify you if that changes. XP
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Happy arbitrary point in the planet's orbit and all that jazz. May 2015 be better than 2014!
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Welp. It's been 29 years since current bioshell emerged into this particular second-hand set of dimensions. It's been a good couple of days involving quite a bit of good food and some fresh air and the only thing that could make it even better is if this tremendous art block i've been stuck with for weeks now would kindly fuck off. That'd make a lovely gift from the universe.


*glares at aforementioned universe*.
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Well, two songs, actually - "Broken Bicycles" (originally by Tom Waits) and "Junk" (originally by Paul McCartney) - woven into one song by Elvis Costello and Anne Sofie von Otter. This particular version has been on my mind for over a week in which I've been trying to identify what the song even was. Today I finally found it and... yeah. It just hits me in a variety of ways.

Lyrics under the cut: )
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So, it's been over a month since the day where a biomechanical abomination has been unleashed upon the roads of Israel. And I've done a lot less driving than I expected I'd do, largely because of this ridiculous war going on around here lately (so the increased death toll isn't related to me, guys, sorry to disappoint). Along the way I found out my glasses needed a solid kick in the teeth because my eyes would lose focus at night - and so I got a new set, which fixed THAT problem.

So aside from a few long multi-hour drives to the middle of no where and back with the 'rents, I haven't had much time to stretch my flight muscles so to speak. And so - when today, ze mother and ze grandmother had an appointment to get Needled Chinesely and (as it happens every rare once in a while) the acupuncturist saw them at her house (which has another one of her practices - the primary one is in Tel Aviv), which is pretty much p. much in the middle of no where near Jerusalem - we figured it might be a great opportunity. And so, around 11-something, we set out, picked ze grandmother up and launched off into a rather awesome drive which combined long stretches of open road and a few slower winding roads with some utterly gorgeous view - made it there, they got their stabs, I sat around listening to music on my phone, then we headed back, stopping along the way for some food and later for some food shopping. When we got back here, I had an hour or so to rest before having to head out for one of my art classes - and instead of taking the bus as I usually do I figured it was about time to attempt to grab the car and make my very first actual solo flight, so to speak.

This is where things started getting phenomenally fucking silly.

... I'm a new driver, right? I have no sense of direction, right?... So, my phone's internal GPS decided to have a catastrophic meltdown. I basically realized that I'm not going in the right direction, found the first place to stop without being in anyone's way, phoned home - apparently my mother's been having a similar issue with her phone. Of course, by that time I was already going to be hopelessly late - But I figured, y'know, screw it - I'm not missing this one. Today was my last art class for the month, my instructor's flying off to Belgium for all of August, and I wanted to finish this damn portrait I was working on beforehand, delay or no delay.

Now. We actually have an Actual GPS Unit that ISN'T phone-based, but it wasn't in the car at that particular moment - so I figured I'd head back home, grab it and try again. So I doubled back home (after some navigation shenanigans because where I parked didn't have anywhere to actually do a U-turn so I had to basically do a labyrinth-exploration-sequence to find my way back home to begin with), parked the damn car, headed back up, picked up the NOT phone GPS...

And as you can probably guess, things got even sillier after that.

Whoever built this device had NO IDEA HOW TOUCHSCREENS WORK. The calibration is WAY off - which makes it a Pain in the Arceus to actually bloody input a destination - and there's no calibration options to speak of that I could find either. So yeah. Spent ten minutes or more just fucking typing in a god damn address and waiting for the thing to PICK UP THE SIGNAL... and I am not sure HOW long it took me to actually back out of the fucking parking (because I suck at reverses omg. new driver. can't help it. i will get the hang of it eventually >>;) - but eventually these minor setbacks were set aside and I hit the road.

Once this GPS decided to play nice and pick up a signal, it was FAR more cooperative - I had a quiet drive over to the art class until I tried to find a damn parking space. My first attempt kind of got botched, so I pulled out back onto the road and drove further, when the thing suddenly started trying to direct me into right turns that don't quite exist. From here to there I got back to the street exit and had to do a pretty fucking silly loop to get back to it which included the GPS telling me to take a U-turn where U-Turns are Not Allowed and probably giving me an indignant look when I ignored its recommendation to break the law. You can't trust electronics these days, can you?

Eventually I found what I thought was a parking spot - there was a sign that seemed to indicate that is what it was - and so I proceeded to park. Something felt off, though, especially considering I was the only car parking there and the sidewalk seemed to be marked with what could have either been a no-parking zone or a bus-stop zone - it was kind of difficult to tell in the rather low light. And so I check the sign and as it turns out, it's a parking zone in weekends and holidays, but not otherwise. Welp.

So I got back in the car and in the process of pulling myself out of the spot I managed to PUT MYSELF ON THE OTHER FUCKING SIDE OF THE ROAD ENTIRELY somehow (at least I was in the right orientation for that side of the road at the end of that ill-fated extraction attempt and there was no one anywhere in range that could have been exposed to THAT glorious fail maneuver)... and then I found a reasonably perfect parking spot, managed to handle THIS one okay, finally parked the damn car and headed off to the freaking class, even though I missed an hour and a half of it due to my magical ability to turn what should have been a simple half-hour trip into two hours of complete bullshit - but hey, I managed to finish the picture, and the way back was much bloody saner. So, all's well that ends well. Hopefully next time will be much less ridic.

So yeah. Long day, most of it spent behind the wheel. Still fun.


Jun. 26th, 2014 11:30 pm
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Here’s a suggestion. Never let my mind run COMPLETELY rampant around parodizing YA novels. Because this sort of shit happens:

And it is glorious. )


Jun. 25th, 2014 04:43 pm
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It's been long overdue but I FINALLY managed to pass a driver's test.

That's right.

Biomechanical abominations on the roads.

Weep for the end times have come. ^_^
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Seems that lately I've been listening to dumb amounts of piano-toting British comediennes. Mostly Fascinating da who are utterly amazing - but through related videos I found Victoria Wood and this lovely little song:

I'm terribly torn
About being born
I mean, what is the whole thing about?
"Plop", out you come
(Very near someone's bum)
It can't have been properly thought out!

It depends on one sperm
Knowing which way to squirm
In its version of swimming the channel
I'd have preferred
To hatch out like a bird...
Or been grown on a piece of damp flannel.

But just to arrive
And be told you're alive
Wait ten years for a nice cup of tea
To be suddenly hurled
right into the world
It all seems quite barmy to me!

Isn't it a pity
Life was planned by a committee
While the clever ones have popped out to the lav?
This is my theory
(Though it isn't very cheery)

Our existence is a harsh one,
Try explaining to a Martian,
What a tricky conversation you would have -
And I'm not dense
It makes no sense!

We're only here 'cause an egg meets a sperm and then grows blobs on
Tell me there's more to it than that, I'll just go (pff) with knobs on.

One thing that gets me seething
Is all this bloody "breathing"
No sooner breathing out than breathing in.
It's very tiring
(and there's burping and perspiring!)

Another source of loathing
Is the need for wearing clothing
When some of us look better in our skin
And no matter how well-bought
We all look stupid in a coat!

If we didn't have hair
We could be brushless and be combless
If we were bald
Our dandruff would be permanently homeless!

Bum to the world, the whole thing stinks
I never asked to come
My reasoned, sane, thought-out response
Is 'bum, bum, bum'.

Another large misgiving
Is this urge to keep on living
And the way we were designed to run on food
And this doesn't justify
The individual fruit pie.

And there's never any question
of actual digestion
'til it's been divvied-out and shuffled-in and chewed -
I'd be happy to invest in
A little portable intestine!

I hate meals out,
All that "please wait here to be seated...
... your food is being sprayed with germs,
spat on and reheated!"

And the pinnacle, the steeple,
Is the hell of other people
And the stupid things they have and say and do
like smoking cigarettes
or videoing their pets.

People with a pager
Prats who voted for John Major
People with a gas-fired barbeque
Women using Hermesetas
Or showing you photos of their fetus!

And worst of all
(And I'll only ever say this once)
Is any Brit
With a house in bloody Provence!

Bum to the world, I won't give in
I raise a cheery thumb
And on mature reflection,
I say 'bum, bum, bum'.

Then, of course, there's dying -
Well, they couldn't have been trying,
Why not find a way to keep us all alive?
There's Heaven, I suppose
But no one really knows!

No doubt, Heaven would be raining
"Sorry, closed for staff retraining
Please come back in 1995
Please use the stairs
Pearly lift closed for repairs!"

When we get there, we'll be a mite depressed
To find a Benetton, A Little Chef and, no doubt, a bloody NatWest!

Bum to the world, let's not be glum
Each bum can shine a light
And all that's left for me to say
Is thank you very much, good night!
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Okay so there's about three of you who actively read this but hey, who knows who might stumble upon this lj, so.

Basically I've finally decided that it's about time I started doing something with my art - and so I started reaching out across social networks. Because why not really. So... here's a bunch of places where you can find me and my art.
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Oh my fucking god, what have they done to LJ.

Not that I even use it these days but still. Jesus effing christbuckets.
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Here's to a potentially (and hopefully) awesome 2014.

Level Up!

Dec. 14th, 2013 12:14 am
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Year 28 on this gogforsaken rock. The natives suspect nothing.


Nature has decided to give me one hell of an early birthday present in the form of some epic frelling storms that have been raging around here in the last few days - which makes an excellent change from the typically Schizophrainy (that is, the type of weather where it isn't sure if it is or isn't raining, fluctuating in a matter of minutes) weather common around our Decembers. Since the storms were crazy enough to rather shut down the roads for now (and my dad caught some kind of flu) we aren't actually doing one of our typical trips (that will have to wait for next week perhaps?) this birthday weekend. We spent today (yesterday, I should say!) in, had some great lasagna and rewatched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Tomorrow (that is to say today, the date of the actual hatchday) we go, consume steaks and then watch the sequel.

I have some good feelings about this year.


Oct. 1st, 2013 04:21 am
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Remind me to write a book about a Mary Sue Hipster with no personality and her obsession with shitty Instagram filters, who falls in love with a mysterious man who’s secretly actually an irresistibly attractive color-changing were-squid. Light tentacle bondage ensues but it’s mostly romantic fluff because the were-squid in question really only wants a cuttle.

I’ll call it Fifty Shades of Sepia. »;

(The sequel would be called Fifty Shades of Metasepia and will be all about the were-squid’s very flamboyant german cousin, Pfeffer.)
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Sleepwalking by Avantasia

Wandering barefoot into no where,
Just another winter's night
And I don't feel gravity anymore...

You never lie, never cry
Never talk me out of dreams
And a dream is what remains.

Tell me, don't you see what ain't there
When you look in the mirror
You're starving away, like a candle burning down
Miles away, miles away
You've been cutting off the rope
Letting go and losing ground.

And I... Wonder who's to blame...
As I... Sleepwalk in the rain...
It's my, my silent victory over gravity...
And I... Sleepwalk in the rain...

Winter sky, far and wide, caving in on you and me
Like a brittle wall of the emerald room,
The hall of fame and dying dreams
The love we'd die for, petrified, I want to know
Does a frozen river flow?

And I... Wonder who's to blame...
As I... Sleepwalk in the rain...
It's my, my silent victory over gravity...
And I... Sleepwalk in the rain...

And I... Wonder who's to blame...
As I... Sleepwalk in the rain...
It's my, my silent victory over gravity...
And I... Sleepwalk in the rain...
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The Thirteen Blessings of Sheogorath

For Our Lord Sheogorath, without Whom all Thought would be linear and all Feeling would be fleeting.

Blessed are the Madmen, for they hold the keys to secret knowledge.

Blessed are the Phobic, always wary of that which would do them harm.

Blessed are the Obsessed, for their courses are clear.

Blessed are the Addicts, may they quench the thirst that never ebbs.

Blessed are the Murderous, for they have found beauty in the grotesque.

Blessed are the Firelovers, for their hearts are always warm.

Blessed are the Artists, for in their hands the impossible is made real.

Blessed are the Musicians, for in their ears they hear the music of the soul.

Blessed are the Sleepless, as they bask in wakeful dreaming.

Blessed are the Paranoid, ever-watchful for our enemies.

Blessed are the Visionaries, for their eyes see what might be.

Blessed are the Painlovers, for in their suffering, we grow stronger.

Blessed is the Madgod, who tricks us when we are foolish, punishes us when we are wrong, tortures us when we are unmindful, and loves us in our imperfection.


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