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So. I was on a plane in this dream. And yet somehow I was on the internets. Guess in whatever fucked up alternate dimension this was in they got over the problem.

Anyway, Katie threw me a link to something that was either half an uploaded episode of the PokeMon anime or... I dunno. But Ash and Co. (this was clearly DP arc, as Dawn was part of the group. ew.) were in some Safari Zone type area - mostly walking through a large field of gratuitiously-CGI reeds at that point for some reason. at some point they pass through a small pack of Electabuzz (the odd part is that they looked sort of like a mix between my style of 'buzzes and the anime style... huh. Either way I bloody squeed.), a few Elekids (Again an odd style mix. They were kinda cute too), and then at some point ("I was afraid of this.") one of the evolutions that must never be named (entirely anime style. "WHY?!")

(Actually there was a scene earlier where there was another one, with slightly different markings, and it did something ridiculously CARTOONISH that couldn't possibly happen in the actual pokemon anime, but i didn't notice it at first, too. Was too busy about the episode being contaminated with those THINGS. XD)

Anyway, they emerge from the reed field into this open prairie like area. and there's like... Miltanks and Tauros - and rather nondescript looking white calf things which I didn't think much of. Just standing there, peacefully grazing. Not like a huge herd of them, just a small group. I think the twerp trio rambled about them for a bit, but it was all Japanese to me. Hurf.

Well. There was this Farfetch'd following Ash and the group, and apparently within the dreamscape it's been following them for a while - the whole episode arc actually... Except this time, it somehow managed to piss off this passing Marowak. Said Marowak tosses a Bonemerang, Ash and co - and the silly duck - dodge - and the bonemerang flies smack dab into this one Miltank.

........ Moocow angry. Moocow VERY angry. Moocow goes into wild attack mode. at NOTHING IN PARTICULAR. just. epic rollout.

Which starts a stampede. In a completely different direction to where the Marowak was, btw, just... yeah. Silly pink cow. Anyway the calf things start running away and crying because THE THING IS ROLLING THEIR WAY and as they run, little bitches glow and mutate into like... mini Tauros/mini Miltanks. Like - very distinctively evolved into Tauros/Miltank but it was a short burst of light and morph rather than a typical Pokemon Evolution sequence - which was what kinda set me off.

I remember my brain being like "... Waitaminute. This can't be right... That's not... characteristic of PokeMon..." at that point.

And Katie and I were discussing how something in the animation style was off... like.. the flow of the frames or something. and the way some of the pokemon didn't look quite like themselves. So I rewinded, and I found the weird MONSTROSITY scene again, an realized there is NO way that episode could be an actual episode, then me and Katie started talking about how we should frelling track down the artist becuase DAMN XD

Well, talked. it was on MSN. xD

Also, Apparently, Megan was on the same plane too. And she was wearing a god damn lab coat. Even in my DREAMS she's an epic scientist. Also, ridiculously adorable, but that's her permanent state. XD

(Or maybe I'm just ridiculously in love. Who knows. Oh wait. I am.)
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So I had a dream that was half nightmare and half not.

I was in a city somewhere (my mind classified it as being somewhere in the south of Israel). I sat down on a bench in a park somewhere when this random oldish lady (or so it seemed) just -randomly sat down- on the bench near me and started trying to talk to me. About NOTHING in particular. You know, one of those annoying people who think the entire universe gives a damn about them?

There was a weird interlude involving my paternal grandmother (who died over a year ago) and the Metacanine which terminated in all of us heading home - with me driving the old woman's car - which was actually set up in a similar manner to that of a driving instructor - had two sets of pedals, although there was a fourth pedal along with the normal three - supposedly she had an important enough position to allow me to drive it without repercussions on either me or her. (dreams are bizzare).

Thing is though, the car itself handled very oddly - really unlike any car whatsoever. It was like everything was on backwards - which certainly added to my stress (she didn't help matters either - how would YOU feel if a random stranger sort of attached themselves to you and wouldn't leave you alone?

Eventually, we got home - and she STILL wouldn't go away. So I finally snapped and told her -exactly- what I think about her randomly inviting herself into my life and not asking me what I think about it. I was being polite about it, but she got offended anyway - and somehow we ended up warping to the location where I first ran into her. Things got weird because this confirmed what I suspected in the beginning - this wasn't just a typical human.

There was a short battle of wits at the end of which which her human aspect melted away and she turned out to actually be some kind of mind-consuming monstrosity. I don't think I've ever been more terrified in a dream before - especially because once that transformation happened the dream faded away - the imagery vanished and I was in lucid mode. I was certainly feeling attacked. It felt like whatever it is was trying to rip my skull in two - and I was fighting it off, trying to wake myself up I suppose - though it resisted my efforts - it's like it wasn't really part of -my- dream. more like something that siphoned itself into it and was now trying to kill me, and knowing it could only do it when I'm in dream-state wouldn't really let me wake up... So it felt like I was in a weird state of semi-awake-semi-asleep fighting whatever the flying fuck that THING was.

Apparently though, I managed to defeat that thing - as in the rest of that dream, once I seemingly drove the creature away and managed to fall asleep again with the headache it was inducing clearing off, multiple characters made references to the creature (which my mind for some reason chose to identify as a 'Grimmaulkin', whatever the hell that means) which consumes the minds of others by invading their dreams, their power to assume whatever form they like in one's dreams and the sheer force of will it takes to fight one off. I think that in the end of the dream I found whatever residual data the creature still had - it was a shattered light sphere of some kind - and destroyed it completely.

Even my NIGHTMARES are fucking epic. >>;
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I just had an incredibly lucid dream, after AGES of not remembering dreams (barring one silly thing I had a completely irrational nightmare reaction to, but I'm not getting into that.)

I remember two bits very clearly - one of which involved me travelling through a temple-type-dungeon thing in search for the Holy Grail (yes, I know. Wait-what?) and running into assorted people who joined me along the way - Including Link and Zelda (of the Legend of Zelda series) Jacky Bryant and Pai Chan (of the Virtua Fighter Anime) and a few old schoolmates (most of which I haven't even seen in years) - and as the dungeon continued it started having all sorts of puzzles that required the combination of these different characters' skills. As we walked the final corridors there were animated murals showing assorted images - but be they the past of these characters, possible futures, or just nightmares of the characters, we didn't know - I avoided looking into them because I knew they were just distractions. Traps.

You see, I had this particular dream before with different characters. So I knew exactly what I was doing.

When we hit the final chamber, there was a sword in a display case - Excalibur, lawl. And behind it, locked inside another display case was the Holy Grail itself. Very typical and matching its description in every other video game it's in. I rushed over to the thing and was like "Okay, guys, I'm sorry but I have to do this. (ah-he-hem). STOP. WHOEVER WANTS TO CROSS THE BRIDGE OF DEATH MUST ANSWER ME THESE QUESTIONS THREE, 'ERE THE OTHER SIDE HE SEES!"

General laughter. Everyone knew the reference, and countered with their own Python lines. It was fun.

Then someone asked "So, now what?" and I was like "Oh, that's simple. We need to get Excalibur from the display case and slash the holy Grail in half. I've had this dream before."
"You mean this is a dream?" asks a character in disbelief.
"Oh yes. Been there, done that. You think something this contrived and video-game-like could exist anywhere outside my own mind?"

This is when I felt myself starting to wake up, but I didn't. I went into a spiel about Lucid Dreams, and how standing on that border between awake awareness and dreamscape can be difficult (all the time, of course, struggling with my eyelids becoming lighter and the dream blurring out of focus) but how I can do it - and I did it - Everything cleared out and I was in the dream again.

Naturally something had to change though. Excalibur was in pieces. I attempted to put it together again (the hilt was there, but seemed a little less ornate than last time, and there was no blade - though something blade shaped, flexible and made out of a thin metal sheet silently dropped from the sky - I picked it up and it matched) but something felt incomplete and I kept missing the grail. This conundrum was solved by some of my companions for this dungeon - who found more pieces and the instruction manual for the sword (seriously, it was like the assembly instructions for a Zoid or Lego or something. For a legendary aeons old sword. Mmyep. XD)

Well, it all worked in the end. XD

At some point the dream changed perspectives and this time seemed to involve my dad, other assorted people I didn't know - and Motorcycles. The whole thing took place somewhere very nice and outdoorsy with dirt paths and forests and hills and rocky outcroppings and the occasional waterfall/river - had a very north-of-Israel in Spring/Winter feel to it. I struggled with the motorcycle to be perfectly honest - probably because I was attempting to apply things I learned in -car driving lessons- to it (in all my motorcycle dreams before I just sort of intuitively knew just how the hell to drive the bastards, and drive them well. Huge irony there - I always had great luck with motorcycles in dreams. It's cars that ALWAYS had issues.) So I struggled with the thing for a bit - this was all on a dirt path, and there was this huge hill I had to get to the top of.) After trying to tune the mirrors (which weren't on the whole too functional anyway) I sort of realized that 1 - no one COULD come up behind me as I was the only one in the area WITH a vehicle, 2 - this WASN'T a car... And i pretty much launched myself up the hill (got stuck along the middle, shifted gears or something and gunned the throttle - BOOM. I got there. My cellphone played a damn victory theme. XDDDDD

(To all of you who actually know how motorcycles work: Bear with me. I -don't- know how they worked. And this was a dream anyway. xD)

And then was this whole weird segment that involved a lot of driving around these dirt paths, taking in quite a bit of nature, and ended with a bizarre secret group who rock climb, and I guess I sort of challenged them or something and I made it up their mountain by focusing the stories I heard about them into my intuitive climbing... They were bikers too I think. Had oddly Dragon Gundam inspired bikes. XD

Was an awesome damn dream. XD
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Between the random uni-stress that my dreams have been screaming at me last night, I had one segment that was FASCINATING.

I was swimming in this really long pool - Or was it flying? It was hard to tell exactly what it was - because it was water but it wasn't water. Interestingly enough once I was in it - in the water layer, under the 'surface', it didn't feel at all like I was in any artificial construct. The upper layer of the current was very much like, I guess, the upper atmosphere of a gas giant - minor cloudiness, turbulence below.

Someone or other was chasing me - I'm not sure what their intentions were, but they were on my tail and I didn't like it - I wanted to get away somehow. And I did it by doing something that was supposedly very dangerous.

I dove into the turbulence and under it - into the layer below - that was supposed to be extremely rapidly flowing and high-pressure and lethal to stay in for too long. I knew it was dangerous, and I did it anyway to escape my pursuer - and because I believed that I can get in, lose them, and get out. I believed in my own strength and dove into danger knowingly.

Well, there was a sense of danger. There was definitely a feeling that I have to break to the surface again as soon as possible. But the layer itself was even more placid looking than the above layer - barring the thick turbulence above masking everything on the surface, there was silence - no one else dared to do what I did.

This layer was apparently flowing much faster than the above layer, though, and I soon found out its properties were different than that of the above layer. I couldn't 'swim' in it as well as I could in the above layer. I could do the motions, but it didn't feel like I was propelling myself through. I was struggling somewhat to get back to the surface - I dove deeper than I intended to, it seemed. Soon enough I realized that I was much further away than I planned to breach the surface - the turbulence above seemed to be freezing slowly. It was then that I managed to pull myself up that layer and closer to the surface. It was cold. But eventually I managed to grab hold of the turbulence - it had the texture of frozen clouds - it's hard to explain. It ripped like paper. Like fabric. Like some kind of an organic membrane almost. And as I pulled myself over the turbulence to the surface (interestingly enough when my head broke out of the turbulence it wasn't into the 'water' of the upper atmospheric layer, but into air. I could see the construct of the pool again) I found myself near the end of the pool, surrounded by torn ice floes like the one I just emerged from - but it wasn't that cold.

There were only a few people around me, none of them related in any way to the people that were around in the beginning of the pool. There was no hint of my pursuers, but also no hint of whatever the hell I was doing beforehand - whatever got me into the pool in the first place. I reached the end and pulled myself out of the water and onto the surface, shaking the water off of me, grabbing a towel from the side and wrapping it around myself. It seems like the pool went on forever. And as I was making my way to the other side of the long hall the pool occupied - back to the side I got in from - occasionally chatting with random people who were walking in the same direction, I noticed that while I completely lost track of whatever the hell was going on when this dream segment started - and a part of me was a bit upset about that because it felt important - the path wasn't as long as I felt it was while I was in it.

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So, according to a dream I've had today, Politicians are taxonomically classified as being descended from both roaches and dung beetles.

Although science has known that for centuries. <<
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There's gotta be a better way to start the day than wake up in the morning.

So in this particular dream's beginning (which was done in this weird-ass cross of a game and a bad CGI movie style) I was a member of a group of anthropomorphic wasp things infiltrating an Ant nest for some reason - we had to capture the queen and leave her alive because this particular species of wasp needed the ants as food, and at the same time kill their bishop (wtf, chess pieces) which was the unit that was responsible to creating the ant warrior strain. Basically crippling them while keeping them harvestable.

NOT a very me-ish concept, eh? I know.

As it turns out, the infiltration squad - there were three of us, and the leader had an obvious Leroy Jenkins syndrome - he just rushed into the nest without really thinking. I remember wondering why did he do that, KNOWING that we're going to get caught - but I couldn't do much with my paranoia and suspicions because hey, I wasn't in charge of this mission.

So, we head into the royal hall, and ironically, no one even pays attention to our existence, they're too busy with a party or something. Needless to say everything goes to hell - I know exactly what I should be doing, but the team leader is a complete idiot, walking around all full of self-importance, and the third character (obviously female) is utterly useless, standing there wondering what she's doing there anyway. Fuck. It feels like an episode of Savers, and the sad thing is that if this WAS an episode of Savers I'd be the fucking blond Mary-Sue. x_X

Obviously everything goes to the dogs - the ants sooner or later start getting a little suspicious, so we leave without actually doing anything, and then split up, assumingly to go undetected. I have no idea what happened to the other two - because then the perspective shifted into a Metroid-style escape scene through underground tunnels with various water bits.

Some weirdness later - I've (me this time, rather than a CGI wasp-thing) apparently just arrived somewhere via airplane or something. I emerge into a small snowy forest (the central area of which I know from a picture I took... here. In Israel. WTF) with a map. I navigate through the forest screens (Very Quest for Glory-like, the forest is made up of several clearings separated by trees and stuff) The exit from the forest involves walking over a small barbed wire fence at some part (although later I notice a small gap in the fence that was apparently the real exit) When I walk out I find myself in this really quiet looking pretty place - there's a large, pretty canyon and this path that runs along it, mountains in the background... the landscape is this unnatural and yet very natural mix of desert-like red sandstone and plants. There's a feeling of wilderness, serenity, quiet.

As I walk along the path (headed away from the forest area), I'm slowly beginning to notice voices in the distance. Human voices, somewhat familiar. It almost sounds like a military drill, or briefing. I pick up various mentions of parachutes and airplanes - and it all starts in English, but then, mysteriously, some of the talking shifts into Hebrew.

"WTF is the IDF doing in Finland?" I ask myself. Because to my mind this was Finland. WTF.

The further I walk along the path, the voices get stronger - and finally I find the reason - there is a military base on the other side of the canyon - it's an air force base, and guess who's briefing the local army?

My department, that's who. The six (yes, including the two who left) highest ranking ones - one of them providing the briefing, the others mostly being there. Two of them were inspecting the planes for something. There was a small scene with a few hellos and stuff - been a while since I saw most of them. Then, for some reason I decided to turn back along the path.

As I approached the forest area again I started noticing a couple of birds. There was this heron-like creature trotting along the edge of the forest (which I took a picture of using my camera's zoom function), and later I ran into this REALLY pretty bird that had kinda Chatot-like color schemes, but was more like a fuzzy eagle thing. It was resting on this fence and i had to take various zoomed pictures of it and hope they turned out well. It was all awesome.

"Well, I'll have a lot of awesome pictures to show people when I get on the flight to Canada." Because apparently this was a connecting flight to Canada. And then I realized that I didn't bring my Laptop along.

"... Crap, I'm dreaming, aren't I?" I said, and at that moment I woke up.

Well, not really woke up - just woke up into another segment of the dream. And my first thought was DAMNIT THE PICTURES ARE GONE. ;_;

... Hey, those were really pretty birds. <<

The last part wasn't really interesting - just involved a psychometric simulation test that had a whole chapter that dealt with nothing but bizarre logic-based rebus things that are REALLY not what the test has in them, and were so fucking obscure even god wouldn't have been able to solve. XD

Dude. I have fucked up dreams. ^^
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My dream last night was VERY... what.

the first segment involved malls and nifty katana battles between me and someone who looked a hell of a lot like my dad. And we were sort of bitter enemies but sorta each other's mentors in the same time. Teh what. and the Katanas were like... collapsible and reassemble-able... And couldn't decide if they were one bladed or double bladed. XD

And... it involved books and some other stuffs I can't remember... I think there was a segment involving helium balloons sculpted into the form of a hot air balloon that needed to be upgraded and that she was involved somehow, but I can't really remember.

Anyhow, that's when the wierder segment started. Everything there was kinda cartoonish.

And someone offscreen was talking to some teacher about some contest of some sort - it was inside a school, but not in a classroom. Anyhow, said teacher says that he can't participate because of his past use of drugs and alcohol, or something like that.

Two of the kids in his classroom hear him say that... and that's when all hell breaks loose. Aformentioned kids start running around, breaking things, breaking into houses, stealing stuff... etc. (Because hey, you can't expect people to teach them about what's right and what's wrong if they used to do criminal things themselves.)

Said teacher slowly breaks down into insanity, never leaving the classroom, living entirely off some form of canned meat... what the hell... wiping demented things drawn on the blackboard and constantly screaming DO NOT WANT xD (Because internets >>)

He eventually comes to the conclusion that none of this is real and this is all an illusion triggered by some... psychoactive chemical the government are adding to the meat or something... Then, when he realizes that, he gets kidnapped by some mafia type group who, apparantly, were really operating him as an agent all that time. And me and a pretty shining umbreon anthro girl (I have no idea why either >> - a shing umbreon anthro, of ALL anthros that could appear in my dreams?!) team up to get him out of there. XD

Meanwhile the kids return everything they've stolen, because they really just wanted to have a good time, nothing more than that. huh? Quite an eclectic collection they stole too - it started with pencils and ended up with television sets (SENTIENT television sets with fucking holographic spirits living in them! AND EVERYONE HAS THE SAME TYPE! >>).

... So we get to the roof of this building where they're keeping him somehow. And this really frelling huge muscled bastard who's acting as the guard is trying to attack us. He corners us, and then... Umbreon-chick pulls a matrix style sparta kick faint attack (while EXCLAIMING the attack name a-la Digimon... teh WHAT?!) and knocks him out of the roof. And I cut the wire that's holding him atttached to the building. You could almost hear the torrent of swearwords as he was falling. XD

Into the top of the building we move and we take an elevator to.... Dog knows where. a section of the building otherwise inaccessible? There's a small semi-cuddly elevator sequence. (huh.) We end up in a hallway leading to a door. And from behind that door we can hear Darth Vader or something like that talking to said teacher... ya know, classic mafia interrogation sequences - something about betraying the trust of the mutation organization... (I remember my reaction was "Teh hell, Star Wars? But this is a totally different universe!")

Anyhow. I kick open the door, and the two of us (and the teacher) run away. we reach this lobby type area, and there's an umbrella rack with a lot of random things. Cue main mafia guy, bald short fellow with some creepy looking chainsaw-clamp-something looking device, approaching ominously.

"I'm going to get us out of this. Let's see what i have to work with." I say... and the MacGyver theme starts up. (XD) So, I pick up random objects from the rack... kinda... tie them together... somehow... and use the resulting mishmash to beat the clamp thing out of the mafia guy's hand...

Seriously, I half-heartedly expected the result to explode. And I had NO IDEA what I was doing. But it worked, I guess. XD

Anyhow, Mafia Guy is like.... "Oh, ye think you're smart, eh? Well, If you're so smart, what do you reckon THIS is for?!" and then he whips out a long metal rod out of no where - like VERY long. About twice HIS length.

"Easy!" I say, grabbing the metal rod's loose end, bending it a little and slamming it on the mafia guy's head XD

"Oh.. That's what it's for. To have the other end hit me." he says and collapses nonchalantly. I could almost hear the birdies chirping around his head. xD

Then we drive off talking about... books or something. the end.

Yes, I have fucked up dreams. XD

Quoting Racie, "Obviously cramming all that into your head was causing headaches, it had to get out >__>" XD
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Brought upon, obviously by playing too much FFXII.

1. From a random segment about the evolution of track sports, this is where things got interesting. The re-instatement of the Olympic games was mentioned. And apparantly the Olympic torch was one of a sequence of Millenium-item like artifacts that bore religious importance to Christianity (or something this fucked up). One of these artifacts, a Sovereign Orb like thing, was missing. I was helping to search for it in some strange house/temple/whatever that housed these artifacts (bits of it were modeled like my Grandmother's house. Teh heck.) Among various things scattered on the floor under a certain altar/table were a lot of broken nests - and... eggs that seemed avian in origin but just... weren't. I gathered these eggs and placed them in a small sample-collecting container (which was obviously larger than what it seemed like - because it had space for quite a few smaller eggs and one that was the size of a chicken egg, and still had space.)

Eventually I found the artifact, and my only statement was... "It's the Holy Hand Grenade." Sending all the clerics (including the stern looking leader of the order) into a fit of laughter. Clearly they knew the reference and thought the same.

2. The image shifts into what looks like a dried out riverbank. The whole area is reminiscent, layoutwise, to Giza Plains of FFXII. I placed the container with the eggs somewhere nearby and observed them, making a comment about how they'll never hatch. At that moment, the largest egg begins to stir and softly glow from inside. I opened the container... And the egg indeed hatched. From it emerged a smallish (yet larger than you'd expect to hatch from an egg this size) creature that resembled a dolphin. It emitted a few squeaks, and...

Into the scene swims what looks vaguely like a large dolphin, but very different from a dolphin in the same time. Something in the head shape and markings. It was a female and clearly, if not the parent, then a prospective adoptive parent. These two acknowledged each other quickly, when a large male - There was a vast degree of sexual dimorphism between males and females of the species but I instinctively knew that it was the female's mate swam into the scene. The water level in the river bank was slowly rising as more of the eggs hatched into smaller dolphinoids and more and more adults swam in to welcome the younglings into the pack. The river by that time was a powerfully flowing wall of water, clear as an aquarium, and you could see the packs jumping into it and swimming away.

The sky darkened and it started to rain. Hard. Everything hi-definition was blurred.

And I cried out a native-sounding cry of sheer happiness, running in the rain and darkness.

3. Night has fallen. And not all creatures of these plains are friendly. Night is when the nearly invisible anthropomorphic Aspids, serpentine warriors, lurk out in search of prey. Large grey warped, carnivorous dinosaur creatures wander around - all you can see is the glowing of their eyes. I was running blindly now, enemies at every shadow, glowing eyes like embers at every corner. I wasn't attacked, but I was clearly evading these large archosaurids into range of a large building. To my horror I saw the sillhouette of a giant T-Rex head leaning over a fence - its eyes glowing red, but then I realized that it wasn't moving. the green and blue glowing eyes in the distance also weren't moving.

This structure, I realized, was the dinosaur museum! And that's when things started to clear out in my mind. I was safe. More or less. At least I was back in civilization. It was still eeriely dark though, the external lights must have gone to hell. And even more tribulations were awaiting me...

4. On a balcony/roof of the giant castle that the Dinosaur Museum was apparently a part of, there was some kind of a Skeleton king. And apparently I was charged to kill it. This was some kind of a split awareness segment - I was both me above the castle and some kind of an external me, with a strange complexish controller. I disposed of a few smaller-in-significance skeletons who were armed with... plastic swords (teh heck?) but I knew the king would be more difficult. And then I spotted a sword stuck in a slab of rock. As I approached it - a bunch of necromancers from the order that apparently created this skeleton king, suddenly poof into existence - they're semi-undead themselves - and killed me (or teleported me to the beginning of this segment) anyway. This segment repeated several times with changes - now that I knew where the sword is I managed to grab it before the necromancers arrive, but then the necromancers and skeletons swarm me. Reset.
Eventually (third, fourth iteration?) I was tired of this. I grabbed the sword JUST as the necromancers arrived And then I haxed some wierd combination with the controller (I remember yelling something about 'haxing some combo with the controller' and hitting a few keys - and while failing to get the exact sequence on screen right - because it was a fucked up controller with random buttons on strange angles - think Xbox meets N64 on drugs) - but this time I grabbed the sword and impaled one of the Necromancers' Skeletons on it (That's IT! I've HAD it with those motherf***ing skeletons on that motherf***ing roof!), and started to swing it around WITH the sword, thwacking the necromancers and attacking the king directly. And While it seems that the embedded skeleton made the sword's power nothing (the expressions on the Skeletons and the Skeleton king seemed to be exhasperated) the Skeletons themselves couldn't do anything against me. And I managed to knock a few off the roof, or their swords ('Next time, attack whoever tries to kill you with something better than plastic swords!'). So all well, I guess.

5. Segment fadeout. I realize at this point that all this is happening because it's night and I should probably find a place to rest and get back to things in the morning. So I leave the Dinosaur Museum Castle area and sought refuge somewhere. So, the area I'm in now is barely illuminated except the lights from inside buildings and everything is set curiously enough, like - you guessed it! A mix of my base and high school. More like the high school this time though - more green-ness and some of the areas were familiar from there. I couldn't find a few places I knew were safe areas, so eventually I approached someone and asked him - and he pointed me to a small building.

6. Said building was full of people and had different branching segments. In fact, it looked like some form of auditions for something were taking place! I explored the building a bit - not really talking to anyone - and when I reached the final hall it seemed like day was rising. When I left it however, the outsides of the windows were dark again. Middle of the night. Then I heard someone say "These fools think day is rising..." I headed towards the corridor I heard the sound from...

7. This is where me - as me - disappears from the scene and looks onto things. Obviously I've wandered onto some form of government special ops organization of a shadowy nature, and I didn't even know I did. Apparently they were experimenting on people's psychic abilities or something. I've noticed something unnatural was going on when one of the people in the facility was taken to a side room by two men in black suits. The camera follows them. They asked him a few questions. He answered. Then, one of them pulled out a small blue tube with extensions that snapped open (to those of you who have seen Firefly, its design was the same as the ultrasonic device that blows people up from the inside, first witnessed in 'Ariel'. Come to think of it, the two Men in Black looked a lot like the two agents from Firefly as well.) I felt myself recoiling (behind the camera - I wasn't, as a person, in the scene) because I thought I knew what was going to happen, but at the same time I wondered why would they kill one of their own people. Then I realized something. The activation was a short burst, and his eyes changed subtly when they activated it. They didn't KILL him, he JOINED them in some way.

The camera hurriedly left the scene to track a young woman who was apparently romantically involved with the newly transformed guy. He walked out of no where, and they embraced and kissed - she didn't think something was wrong until he stabbed her with some kind of syringe. She went into a fit of convulsions as he left. Whatever she was injected with, it was changing her mind. Maybe in some half-baked way, her former lover wanted to boost her latent telepathic powers - turn her into something like him. However, she was too panicked to realize what was happening, she just felt her -mind- was changing

... And that's when I started seeing things from her perspective. Sort of like - my mind was animating her body. And the only thing she could think of is escape. She ran into this room which apparently had a central computer system - or was it a game? and she started jumping around the walls and hitting buttons at random, no idea what she was doing. She knew that if she got things too wrong it would alert the guards. VERY anxious. An FFXII like map interface showed up in the upperleft corner showing spots - guards - moving towards the room. She was being more frantic about everything. Hitting buttons at random. The guards stopped moving at some point. I think she was slowly getting the pattern. Fade to white.

Then I wake up.

Moral of the story: Kids, NEVER play too much FFXII before bed. You get stunningly rendered wierd-ass dreams. Really.
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I had the strangest dream this afternoon/night... (I woke up several times through it but went back to sleep and it continued where it left off - a rare occasion with my dreams).

It started with a somewhat older me and a friend of mine (I have no idea who it is - I suppose the dream made him up) mapping out a building (Metroid style. wtf.) And then we found an abandoned, out-of-use section of the building, near the roof. Everything was grey and concrete and crumbling - looked more like an incomplete segment crossed with an underground parking area - and eerily silent. It was obvious that whoever was using this segment of the building was obviously using it for something involving drugs. But another thing that caught our eyes were - toys. They were everywhere. piled up on each other. Such a strange contrast - toys next to bottles, burned out cigarettes and suspicious chemical trails. While the other two people who were with us were checking out buckets of what appeared to be cement, I noticed something that made me wince - A little girl curled up in the corner of the room. She looked very worn out - possibly abused. Definitely drugged (her eyes were all red, like she had hayfever or something, and she was sorta... shaking?) She couldn't have been older than 10 years old. And she had a ring on her finger - a rather unique design. I don't know WHAT she was doing there and what were my other friends doing, but my first instinct was to let SOMEONE know about that girl. So, I headed out of that floor to find a phone (a random teenage, thin smoker with a suspicious black hood entered the room, and seemed utterly oblivious to everything at the same time - I almost bumped into him by mistake). The moment I left that floor I ran into someone I knew who supposedly lived in that building - they were apparantly worried about me - and they said that they knew - they found out a few moments ago, somehow, and the medical-people are already on the way.

The plot moves several - years, maybe - into the future. The girl was saved from near certain death by medical teams and was still recovering. She seems much more mentally mature than most people her age (she must have been through a hell of a lot out there) but the long-term influence of whatever drug she was being kept on have worn off - and she currently lived in the same building as where I worked, in what appeared to be a medical wing - I apparantly now work in what seems to be... CSI? (O_o). The girl is rather attached to me (much more than the other two people who were with me when we saved her, apparantly) - and it turns out that we are somehow related. Anyhow, she HAS been through a lot - pain apparantly means very little to her, and she makes references, occasionally, to certain things - and certain dates - which later prove to be important (one date she mentioned, her favorite holiday, something that doesn't even exist in the real world and I also forget what it was - turned out to be the day where a co-worker of mine had a few relatives killed in by a certain organization) - but the rest of the time, she didn't seem to know much about what was going on - just a regular, innocent happy child.


Anyhow, we were called out to investigate something - me and another co-worker (I have no idea who. o_O) and the girl, for some reason, tagged along with us. We found the criminal gang beating the crap out of some guy, nearly dead... and then they went after us. Cue little chase scene, that wasn't really going our way until the girl suddenly yells out "TRUMP CARD!" and strikes a strange salute. And at that moments the criminals do too! Which gives us the chance to take them down.

I have no idea just how we were related still but the ring had something to do with it.

A while later, by the way, they found another entrance to the same floor and... well, that's just strange. The scene cut to me sitting in the medical wing and talking to the girl (I fail to remember what her name was now... strange), when suddenly this female co-worker of mine (the one who's family got killed) introduces another girl into the recovery wing - she looks EXACTLY like the girl (she was rescued from the same place, but took two days longer to heal... alternate dimension version?) - and was much healthier and less abused. And had the same ring. It was a bit of an ominous moment, because... Dimension/Time paradox?

The thing ended up in a general note of confusion. What the heck. <<
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Well. In my brief period of sleep from 5 AM to about 6:15 AM I had a fascinating little dreamlet.

The setting for the whole thing was a forest, of sorts. It was a sparsely wooded area, however, the trees themselves were twisted and gnarled as if they were ancient beyond belief, yet had this vague windsculpted quality to them. Their foliage was deep green and could have only been described as regal.

Cue me and a certain close friend of mine entering the scene, wearing some sort of tunics that seemed to be woven of large, velvety leaves. She was following me, and I was obviously out there to show her something. We made our way to this one particular tree which was perhaps the most ancient of all trees (or not, it wasn't clear, but it was certain it had an exceptionally deep significance.) And stopped just an arm's reach away.

"This is what I wanted to show you, my dear..." I say, and smiling, I close my eye and reach out, pressing the palm of my hand to the tree's ancient yet oddly smooth bark.

The spot around my arm softly glows a vibrant green, as the tree sprouts a vine that spirals around my arm down to my shoulder, sprouting leaves and becoming thicker and healthier looking as sparkles of light greenish blue flow between me and the tree. She, at this point, seemed rather surprised or awestruck or something (She's the type to hold conversations with trees in reality, but this probably isn't what she expected. xD)

"Not quite what you expected, is it?" I grin "Here, now you try it." She seemed hesitant for a few seconds, but then she grinned in this way that I knew that only she could, and reached out for the tree herself. her contact against it was more like a faint caress at first, and when her respective vine grew, we held hands - our free hands - and our eyes closed.


A shift of perspectives. Green. Ebb and flow of life all around. Like a wholly different level of awareness, everything feels clearer, crisper, broader. We have no form only essence. Voices - although not what you'd call voices - harmonizing so perfectly it almost seems unnatural and yet TOO natural - ebbing and flowing. A song of life, though not what you'd call a song. Words cannot describe the sensation.

"Where are we?" I hear her voice. "Everywhere." I reply. A little warmth - a smile. "We are inside the most ancient concsiousness in this world... We are in the heart and mind of all plants. Every single blade of grass, every leaf, every tree, every flower has part in this dream. And this is the only way that ones such as you and I can add our voices to their song."

There was a while of just being there in this perfect moment, never feeling her leaving my side for even a second.

And then I said something, a little sadly "I wanted to share this with you, my love, While there is still time..."

Then a bunch of randomness and the alarm clock chimed, waking me up. Hmm.


Sleep, now...
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So, during my one-hour break at the base today (from 12:00 to about 13:00) I fell asleep and had one of the craziest dreams I've had in a while.

The dream was basically a movie, done in the half live action and half Jim-Hanson-Labyrinth puppet style - a cross between a stupid youth comedy and some serious anime-style drama. And its premise had largely to do with demons.

Yes, demons. They live among us, in human guise, have been living so for centuries. They come in multiple shapes and sizes - ranging from humanoid form to downright animalish shapes.

The demons in the world are all led by a goat/dragon/unicorn creature who has been actually dead for centuries, a magical sword driven into his back. Since no demon can be truly killed, he is slumbering, awaiting a time of great need, in which the song of demons will awaken him again and a mortal bound to him would reach a certain place while it is done (but there wasn't much detail about it).

The story begins with a pair of newly-weds in what seems to be a perfectly normal human city. Except that the girl (without even knowing what she is) is the mortal bound to the dead demon lord, and a guy who was her boyfriend and died hadn't really died - but rather, his spirit became a demon after his death and still haunts the world (His demon form has been named Jack, and looks like a greenish-blue cartoonish glowing ghost that resembles, strangely, a cross of Uncle Sam and the Mad Hatter. xD All in Jim Henson character style, at that XD). He is persecuted by a group of demons who wishes to create a 'new order' in the world, abandoning their sleeping dead leader and breaking the coexistence humans and demons had for centuries - to rule them instead.

The first part of their plan has already succeeded, they stand behind a large secret organization that controls the police in secret, and soon enough they are planning to begin unleashing small scale chaos in preparation to their attack.

Anyhow, the girl's role in the movie was rather minimal - the main character (human) was her husband (who kinda looked like Keanu Reeves with a small beard and really crazy anime-style hair - like, it was long with two dreadlock like braids hanging from the sides by his cheeks and there were several dreadlocks hanging from the back of his hair. The dream's connection to him starts with some stray invisible demon planting sticks of dynamite in his dreadlocks - which take off like small bottle rockets into space, leaving him with more usual Keanu-Reeves style hair. That's where he sees Jack (who was a good friend of his before death) - he doesn't recognize him at first, and he begins chasing him demanding an explanation - something about his mode of speech however instantly gives him away, and then they actually converse. Jack tells the guy what his wife is and about the entire demon situation - and together with a group of demons - Including the promiscuous succubus-like Loretta (who was a male demon at first but posesses the ability to change her sex at will - she is fertile in female form and in fact has many demon children all over the world, all of which initially male but capable of changing genders at will like her), a group of animal-lke misfits and a few other really wierd demon characters rally together to try and find a way to revive their dead, sleeping leader.

In one sequence of the dream, Jack and the main character fused. The dialogue in this part was sorta wierd - they realized that the demons they had to fight were too big and they had to grow in mass... and they decided to fuse to do it... xD

Jack (who formed into a sphere form): "We'll be heroes!"
Main character: Oh, shut up and GROW! CONCENTRATE ON GROWING!

Then they sort of semi-melt semi-stretch and in a rather organic way seemed to grow and intercombine into each other forming this huge, semi-transparant, glowing sluglike demon.

The battle faded in its middle (Though it was clear that Jack/Main Character were winning after roaring for quite a bit and knocking a few flying demons down with wierd jellolike tendrils) into the shady corporation's HQ - that decided to send out an asassin to kill the girl (because she was linked to the demon outbreak, or so was the excuse they tried to give to the assasin, a meek-looking tiny individual XD) While in the meantime, the demons (learning of this) gathered together in one building to plan how to draw the madness to them.

While Loretta takes the girl to the designated place she's supposed to get to, the animal-like demons lock themselves in cages and a big show is made out of one demon being reported to smuggle some strange animals into the country after a trip to a different island. So, in come the special unit of the police dealing with demons (consisted of the corporation demons xD) - who visit the offending demon (they make a big show of how depressed and abused the animals look, xD) - and this is where the other demons start showing up and revealing their true forms. This creates some chaos which anticlimactically ends when the assassin dude drops from the sky... into a large cup of tea, and dissolves in it.

A few moments of doubleyou-tee-eff, followed by comic relief (and low grade stupid teenage comedy humor about Loretta's trans-gendered spawn, one of which, in girl form, was apparantly dating one of the corporation demons without either knowing they others were demons... xD) which creates just enough madness for the cup of tea to suddenly begin releasing green steam (the assasin was also a demon actually xD) and the body of the demon king with the sword in his back, sitting on a chair that isn't even there (he's not anthro, he just looks folded into sitting position xD) - an indication that the girl reached the place she was supposed to reach), the main character (who is now a green furry/feathered demon himself, because of the aftereffects of his fusion with Jack - it is unrevealed if they separated as Jack wasn't shown afterwards, but I think they did) yells at the two leaders of the 'good' demons (who were actually named after real life demons, I just forgot the names) to 'Sing for him' (meaning the demon lord).

The two demons break into inhuman screeching, followed by the rest of the demons (the corporate demons vanish) - and the sword melts into the demon king's back and he melts back into a graceful quadrupedal formation - half Haku, half goat, half unicorn. He rears up. in triumph, and everyone PARTAYS, labyrinth-style, as the camera pans out.

Then the end credits, consisting of a quarter of the screen in black, separated by a red slash-like line, with red font credits rolling in a satanic-looking font, while the upper three-quarters are showing all sort of random demented sillyness and bloopers starring the various characters. XD

MAN, that was a bloody silly movie. So fucking random, it made me laugh my brains out. Even though I naturally hate stupid teenage-humor. It was just amusing like that.

Eesh. xD
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Last night, I had a strange, exceptionally vivid dream. I'm not sure what sort of inspiration I've had for it...

The segment I remember, anyway, is the most impressive one.

The surroundings - a swampy area, vaguely foggy, many plants of odd appearances and proportions grow. Strange plants with glowing blue flowers on stalks (looked a lot like the Draggle-Tail plants of Morrowind - Y'know, Coda Flowers...) and the occasional firefly-like insect are most of the illumination. You can occasionally see different bugs flying by, maybe the occasional amphibian - wierd frog/salamander creatures who scuttle away at the smallest rustle through the bushes. Small pools of greenish water dot the area, strange, weathered trees dipping snakelike roots into them. The air is filled with the rustle of crickets, soft buzzing of other insects, and the rustling of gentle wind.

And a faint scritching noise.

Enter me, in a strange, light 'encounter suit' - a strange bio-mechanical complex that looks metallic but feels organic, in a strange purple hue, covered with blue bioluminiscent patches of markings, scraping some kind of moss off the rocks with a wide dagger-shaped piece of strange tree bark that is smooth on its internal side and rough on its external side. The moss itself is a strange shade of green, with occasionalm vaguely glowing white orblike baubles growing out of it - possibly spore pods. I was scraping it off the rocks using the edge and the rough side while getting the moss over the smooth side. It was apparantly necessary for something.

I was on this expedition to gather certain ingredients. I've already gathered most, this moss happened to be one of the final ingredients.

My only companion in this swamp was a strange, flightless birdlike creature that followed me around - a creature large enough to ride without being on the whole too large, with powerful, muscular legs, a longish powerful looking neck, large, round and vaguely crystal-like blue eyes, lightly glowing, a beak that resembled something between a cardinal, an eagle and a parrot, and a strange, plated body, with smooth skin and occasional plumes where there were no plates. It also had longish, folded frills along its neck, its head, and its body, that were nearly invisible when folded but really stood out when expanded. The whole thing was slate-ish grey-blue, and had saddle bags attached to it - saddle bags that seemed to have some sorts of exotic-looking plants in them, as well as a few cylindrical plexiglass pods that seemed to contain more delicate components in them.

The bird moved silently through the swamp grass, its movements all slow and majestic, occasionally stopping to peck at the ground, or lunging out with its neck and snapping its beak to catch some kind of flying insect, occasionally flitting its frills open and then closed like gills, and making this kind of strange, soft purr/squawk noise that seemed to echo vaguely. It was clearly exceptionally loyal to me.

Suddenly, something, some kind of distant rustle or vague smell (these birds apparantly have excellent sensory capabilities) seemed to trigger the bird's attention - it made this alarming chirp, flitting its frills open and closed a few times, and turned its head towards something unseen. I could feel my heartbeat kicking up a few notches - There were terrors in this swamp, and I knew it - and one of them was probably stalking us.

There was a moment of silence, and then, an exceptionally loud (for the distance it came from) roar that sounded vaguely reverbing - kinda like the Xchagger victory scream in Star Control 3 - came, and the bird jumped to attention, seeking out a path to escape. Dramatic 'time is running out' kind of music started playing - My heartbeat rushes, body pumping adrenaline as I work faster, covering the bark blade with more moss, a facial expression like the one of a person trying to diffuse a bomb about to explode on my face.

There is thunderous, rapid steps of multiple legs in the background, as it is nearly obvious that whatever it is is moving as fast as it can and breaking through trees and plants.

Finally, the collecting is complete - the entire smooth side of the bark blade is covered with the moss. I hold it up with my hand, and a plexiglass pod, like the ones witnessed before, produced from some kind of module on my encounter suit's right arm, encasing the sample within it and sealing itself hermetically. I run over to the bird, that is really jumpy at the moment - looks like it's about to bolt at any minute in panic - it's hyperventilating, its eyes kinda widened... My breathing is still rather quick and erratic from the adrenaline rush itself. 'C'mon, it's going to be here any minute!' I exclaim, throwing the pod into the saddle bags, locking them and jumping on the creature's back, settling on a little natural saddle formed by the plates.

It's so close It can be heard. felt. just not yet... seen...

And then, I release a strange, feral scream/battle-cry and the bird rears up, fanning out its frills and begins running at exceptionally rapid speeds. We could hear the creature roaring behind us - clearly, it isn't fast enough to chase a bird of this speed. So it just roars at us, glaring from the distance - a mere sillhouette within the swamp - a huge, bulky shape with a huge, gaping maw that seemed to consist most of its head, extremely powerful jaws and four insectoid, glowing red eyes. Two on each side of the head, one larger eye above one smaller eye. The outline of fuzz and a muscular looking legs can also be really vaguely seen, silently illuminated by the candle-like coda flowers and the vague flicker of a firefly. It roars a few more times, before the scene changes.

Back to me and the bird - riding through a purple desert at night. I seem to be in a rush, as the bird carries us forward. I can hear the sounds of more galloping birds in the distance, as some dust picks up - a small pack of riders, riding their own birds - with similar encounter suits to mine - with light differences in hues and markings, as well as the fact that they seemed to wear helmets overtook me - so now I find myself riding in this group.

Someone who is clearly the leader rides to my side - a tall female with a firm, commanding voice and a helmet so that her face is completely obscured, turns her head to me. "What news from the north?" she asks.

"The V'shardi are moving." I reply, matter of factly "It appears that they're losing their border skirmishes with the N'thon - They're trying to establish a foothold in the Gamara prairies."

"Gamara?" she replies, light concern and puzzlement in her voice "But, there's no strategical value or resources there at all. Why are they interested in the prairies?"

"Maybe they're after something UNDER the prairies." I reply, a hint of suspicion in my voice, then I shake my head as if it were nothing and say that "The shaman is anticipating my arrival", preparing to spur my bird on forawrd.

"Wait, you are still missing one ingredient." She calls out, and tosses me another plexiglass pod that I catch as my bird speeds up and rides on, leaving the riders behind. I do manage to shout a 'thank you' which the leader hears, and makes an elaborate gesture with a hand in the air, which basically means 'good luck and may the spirits be with you', or something to that effect.

The plexiglass pod contains a largish, blood-red flower with a golden center, its petals resemble ivy leaves, and are vaguely crumpled in texture. The colors seem exceptionally vibrant, even through the plexiglass. It's like the colors on that thing were a living entity on their own right. I look at it for a while, and keep carrying it with me as the bird continues to dash forward into the desert. Fade out.

... Dude. I should lay off the RPGs. o_o
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Soooo... I started watching Babylon 5 again, from the beginning. Probably I'll stick around until the end of season 4. I didn't like Season 5 at all. Bloody waste-of-screen-time-Lochley.

This is the first time where I get to watch the first season thoroughly, and I've come to the conclusion that I really... REALLY like Sinclair. He's one awesome character. Not as awesome as Ivanova of course, but hey, Ivanova is god, so yeah. ^_^

So far I've gotten as far as Deathwalker (haven't watched it yet). I'm doing most of the B5-watching on my laptop. ^_^ Yes, it arrived, and it is officially flicking awesome. ^^

Also got my claws on a PSX memory card, so now I can actually play Playstation 1 games on the Playstation 2. I might get around to do that someday, with all the awesome RPGs around for the PSX. However, I think I'll get some playing through Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne first. It starts off so bloody mysterious and nifty, It may be worth further abuse. xD

On a more personal note, I'm having an art and writer's block of doom and even freakier dreams. Two nights ago, I had a rather awesome and probably B5 inspired one...

An event happened on Earth that allowed the Human race to change itself - physically, that is. So, anthropomorphic nonhuman sentients started appearing. The changes varied from subtle (like the transformation of ears into more elfish ones) to complete and utter transformations, depending on the person. There were a lot that haven't changed, too, because they liked being what they were.

That's where the mess began. Extremists rose on each sides. Humans who believed in the purity and superiority of the human race despised the sudden appearance of the transformed among them, viewing them as inhuman creatures that have no place on Earth. Some of the transformed believed that they were now far superior to humans, and therefore should have had global leadership. There were many groups who didn't mind each other and just wanted to get along peacefully. But when acts of racial hatred began happening - Human purists attacking groups of transformed regardless of association and same for transformed superiorists, war became inevitable. Smaller groups were consumed by the mess - some joining the extremists groups because of the general hatred going all around, others becoming involved for other reasons.

My part in that dream - I was my anthro form, and was part of a small mixed group of humans and transformed who were just trying to survive the madness going around in the war-torn Earth around us. We had this little forest fortress that we were defending... Most of the dream was plot exposition, actually, but it started with this one transformed who ran at us with a few humans chasing it and firing at it, We neutralized the humans and let her in... She was hurt pretty badly. She said something about them chasing her ever since the transformation happened... She was an experiment of some sort. I haven't really understood what exactly her deal was.

Wierd dream. >_>
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"Y'know... We're sitting on four million pounds of fuel, one nuclear weapon and a thing that has 270,000 moving parts built by the lowest bidder. Makes you feel... good, doesn't it?"

W000000000000000000000t! ^________^

After two weeks, StellarWind Elsydeon had returned home. ^^ Well, I was home for a day or two during those two weeks, but hey - It wasn't enough in comparison. One week of kitchen duty right after a week where you had to stay at the base is NOT fun. x_x Especially when halfway through it, you get the entire soundtrack of Les Miserables stuck in your head. As much as I love Les Miserables, having songs from it playing in your head for four-something days straight is rather irritating. xD

Anyway, I'm finally back home - until Sunday - And DAMN I have tons of stuff to do. x_X I checked my E-mail right away... 128 messages. All SPAM. So I fired up my SPAM-hunting song (Lovely Spaaaaaaaam, Wonderful Spaaaaaam!!!) and went on a deleting spree. DeviantART had a bunch of things to look at, and alas, I also have to finish that third RP wallpaper (the one featuring Katie and Tsunami). And Dog knows what else. A week to catch up on things... That's always good.

~ * ~

If you're wondering about the title, it means "Kick of Flying Walrus!" Japanese is so wierd. xD

~ * ~

Wierd dreams lately... Here goes, from earliest to last.

1. So, I'm heading out of the base (driving my parents' Vitara, of all things. Mental note: Every dream in which I drive any kind of four-wheeled vehicle often ends up having something completely wierd and non-related happen. And for some reason, I can drive really well in dreams - but I don't even have a freakin' Drivers' Liscence in Reality! xD), and on the way, I picked up an online friend of mine and give her a lift home. The camera view is from inside the car - where me and a few people are having a conversation, not really noticing that the view from the front window is completely non-related to anything. For some wierd reason, when we eventually arrived, we ended up in FINLAND, of all places. xD

... The rest of the dream was generally about me trying to figure out two things.

a. How the hell did I manage to get from the base to Finland in a CAR.
b. How the heck am I supposed to get back to Isra Hell, with the car. xD

2. Dream 2 that I remember in particular was a rather wierd sci-fi-esque story. It took place in the near future (that is, the surroundings were still recognizable, but not quite). The character I was in control of this time (I'm not sure what his name was, it was never given, but I know that he looked quite a bit like me - so I'll refer to him as "I" from now on.) was a student at an institution which was a bit like a cross between a university and a museum. Anyway, for some reason I was hanging around the marine biology segment of the place, in particular around one particular wall. The wall was designed kinda like a page from a book, with a rather large display case/aquarium type thing - with the water in layers - ranging from a bright, upper layer to a deep, dark and exceptionally murky layer in the bottom. It was supposedly a display of Cephallopods (Y'know... Squids, Octopii, and the like) with strange qualities - some of which were defined as extinct. The creatures inside weren't alive - I'm not sure if they were actually statues, or fossils, or whatnot (Yes, I know. Real squids don't get fossilized well, but hey, it's a dream. Bear with me, K? X_X). Anyhow, a lot of them were recognizable, one looked a bit like a gas mask, but the specimen that really caught my eye was the sole denizen of the deepest, murkiest layer.

It was exceptionally hard to make out at first, but even though it wasn't alive, it felt as if it was staring at me. It seemed... Ancient beyond all years, and it didn't look like it quite... belonged there, if you catch my meaning. But I made an excuse for that in my mind as in "It's a deep water creature, it's gotta be wierd." The name plaque was barely readable through all the murk and darkness, but it seemed to read "Eternity" at first... then upon closer inspection, it turned out that it actually read "Entity". Freakin' bizzare if you ask me, because both names fit that... exceptionally mysterious... thing... exceptionally well. Something about it didn't look right, but I couldn't tell exactly what.

Anyhow, a bit later, after various discussions with various people, It turns out that earth has been, for a while, under attack by a species of murderous, shapeshifting polytheric aliens. (What the hell?) It has been a while since one of that species set foot on earth (due to a technology developed by humans that created some kind of aura shield... thing, which, while being harmless to humans, made the polytherics break down and burn - as if they were entering the atmosphere. (Mental Note: The resemblence to the anti-undead Aura in Dalaran, in WarCraft III, were rather visible at that). However, the threat still existed.

A bit later (yes, again. I sound like a bloody scene in DoTT. "Later that day... Much, much later..."), around evening, me and a few other students (nameless extras ahoy!) were sitting down by this pool outside and talking. Particularily noticable were me, a female character which I don't remember too well - I think her name was Maria or somesuch - which was a good friend of my character, and another, long-haired male character who was apparantly dating her for a while. Anyhow, then, Maria and I notice one of the staff members walk out of the academy building, but we both notice something wrong about him - She immediately points out that it's the eyes, and I mention that the only thing the Polytherics could never mimic about humans is their eyes. That's when the guy starts killing a few nameless extras in a very T-1000-esque way (morphing fingers to very long blade things and impaling people, heh.) There's a bit of hysteria around, as as the nameless extras slowly get slaughtered, I quietly walk off to a nearby field generator and start setting it up.

Then the bastard notices me, and charges at me. Right as he nears me, I finish invoking the generator and start running, his form reverting to its more natural version - albeit a burning one. Kinda looked like a cross between Thrax from Osmosis Jones and an Infernal from WarCraft III. So here I go, running like mad, the blasted thing chasing me in a furious rage. Eventually, it chases me up to the roof of the tallest structure in the academy, and I leap off the building, backwards. Then, I start GLIDING, saying that "I knew it was a good idea to refuel the thrusters today." It's not like I was wearing a particularily special suit before, but then the view changed to a camera (rather than first-person) vuew, and it seems like I expanded wings (similar to Wren's Aerojet transformation in Phantasy Star III) and was gradually gliding down. The thing jumped after me, and seemed to float, unbothered by gravity, following me. It started launching flaming, detached fists at me, but they didn't survive for long (because the Polytherics couldn't keep control of bits of themselves they detached completely). Eventually, after a rather long impressive gliding/falling scene we both flew into rotating gravity generator (huh?). And somehow, it got turned on, and began generating heavier gravity, slowly. The aura field began to slowly fluctuate at that point. So I run, it chasing me, in this rotating round gravity wheel (An analogy I thought of after waking up would be "like mice in a giant wheel"). But the gravity change - which did little to me - began heaving a dreadful effect on it. With the aura field, it continued chasing me, but began screaming and begging for its life, slowly beginning to flux out of existence. I was unmoved by its begging, until it eventually broke apart and died. That's when the generator stopped and I stepped out with a light dizziness but little more.

The surviving extras and one of the teacher-manager people come up to me then and the teacher-manager person asks me why didn't I spare the creature's life - since it could have been more useful in life than it is in death (I think that he said that it was a surgeon, and polytheric surgeons could heal some injury types that humans couldn't, but I don't remember). Then I said that the day I'll trust a Polytheric would be the day that I die. Y'see, it turns out that a Polytheric has murdered my character's family. Huh.

Anyway, the dream continues onto the next day, where Maria and the long-haired guy talk about the events of the previous day. And then a few things are explained. The long-haired guy himself wasn't human. Or was half-human, i'm not sure. But he was an alien that has been on Earth for a long while, and back when he first arrived, was responsible to a few deaths himself. He always found the Polytherics fascinating, and wished that he could have obtained some polytheric DNA for some sort of research. And an opportunity presented itself, so he felt like he had to use it. Entity, the ancient Cephallopod, had Polytheric DNA in it (I knew that it couldn't have been completely Terran in origin!) - and this guy extracted a DNA sample from it. Unfortunately, the sample somehow regenerated and grew itself into a complete polytheric. He didn't know the sample regenerated until the creature emerged. So, after the guy explained himself, he said that now it was his time to leave Earth, since his actions caused too many deaths. And for some reason he told her to tell me to take care of her, or something, and he walked away, leaving her rather confused.

... What the hell THOUSANDFOLD. xD

3. A dream I had yesterday. A former friend of mine sent me a GBA ROM for a game called "Corona". Well, so he said. He neglected to tell me that it was actually "PokeMon: Corona", a previously unknown PokeMon game which took place in a region parallel to Orre, of PokeMon Colosseum. The frelled up thing was that...

It was in 3D. And unlike any other PokeMon game seen before. For one, it had Wild PokeMon running about, like in Snap, but wierder. It was a first-person view game, for some reason, and... well, Suffice to say that it made me think "Okay. If THIS is PokeMon, something has gone very wrong with Nintendo." The music was ominous and not very PokeMon-like, and there was no other version known out there (Although it was akin to a 'Red Version', or Ruby). The 3D was very nice, though. xD

And as if on cue, something completely wrong happened with the PokeMon anime (Yes, this is the first time the Anime ever appeared in my dreams.) The episode title was an ancient title ("Ash Catches a PokeMon", which was, if I recall correctly, the third episode of the Kanto season, where Ash managed to get his claws on Caterpie), for some reason, and it was defined as the "First Episode". I was wondering what the heck was wrong, but here are the events anyway.

- It seems that Brock had somehow captured a Wurmple, and had utterly no idea what to do with it, now that he had it. He also seemed to have developed some sort of a spite towards May, who had her own Wurmple (Which we all know is now a Beautifly! X_X) with her.

- Ash's entire team sorta... vanished. (A later check in indicated that his oddly changed team has seemed to remain after this episode, but I'll explain about that later.) His 'new' team consisted of Pikachu, Cyndaquil and oddly enough, Treecko (See? May's team isn't the only one that mysteriously de-evolved! Note that Brock also had only Forretress and Lotad. Yes, LOTAD. XD)

- Pikachu was... extremely odd. He seemed to be very woozy for some reason. Treecko's voice was odder than usual - it was kinda like a cross between the helium-filled dubvoice and the more badass original voice. And for some reason, it was a bit larger than usual. And went all "Kimo-Kimori" rather than the annoying dub name. xD Cyndaquil didn't seem to show up at that part of the plot.

- It seems that some kind of a time warp has taken place sending the AG team back to Pallet Town, to the very same day where Ash began his journey in the first place. New Ash hasn't met Old Ash yet, but I'm not quite sure if that happened in THAT episode. What DID happen though is that many of the new Hoenn and Johto PokeMon that the team had were mysteriously warped back to their own time (by colliding with sillhouettes of other PokeMon, of their own element, with a wierd frelled up background. xD).

- The episode was in English, but when I later checked in the dream to see what the HELL happened, the episode's name was Japanese, and it was referred to as an episode which "just aired in Japan". Ash's team changed to feature Pikachu, Cyndaquil and Treecko, and the episode was called "Pikachuu Gone Horribly Wrong? Time Crisis!!" or something like that. xD

... Yes, that is just freaking wierd. I know. X_x

So much for wierd dreams, anyhow. At least, ones which I remember right now. ^^;

Anyhow, I'd best launch this entry before IE crashes on me and kills everything. xD
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I don't remember how it started, I only recall it from one segment.

I was in a forest with a certain someone, we were just talking randomly, then it somehow broke into me starting to tell a story, with some dramatic music/eerie whispering in the background... and then, the view faded into the happenings in the story.

As I was describing the location (with her adding some of her own narrative lines), what was viewed was a flyby of the area... And god, it was beautiful.

Large grey rocky cliff based place, covered with moss and grass and red-roofed castles, and the sea... it was all around, the most dazzling shade of blue one could ever imagine... It was truly breathtaking. It was probably the prettiest bit of scenery I've ever seen in dreams or otherwise.

The story broke off in the middle for some reason or another, and we went off somewhere together.


The rest of it was wholly bizzare. One segment It involved me jumping from one door to another (they were framed in white) in a black, void-like area, following someone I could never get a good look on... It was almost like a music video, just stranger. That's when I realized something and decided to leap off into the void... Only it wasn't really a void. It was a metal-ish floor that's DRAWN to look like one. And the real outer-spaceness is out the windows.

So I jumped. (shrugs) insert a few minutes of flying through space here, into a strange segment involving people I went to school with... and random hills. and puddles of water that reflect the sky so much, it really seems like there are holes in the ground and there's sky underneath it. I recall stepping in one just to see what happened.... It was odd. It *was* water, but the reflection wasn't broken in any way.

And there was another segment in which this guy threatened me... And I gave him this sort of piercing glare, and said something like "I only have one bullet left in this gun, and It's not meant for you." (Uh, it's a Pirates of the Caribbean Refrence. I didn't even HAVE a gun. *blink*). When I said that, he looked at me very oddly, And I go about "You obviously don't know me well enough to know that every once in a while i speak in wierd refrences!" then I walked off as if nothing happened, leaving a very puzzled guy behind.


Wierd, ne?

But that one scene was just too freakin' pretty.

Must... Have... Caffeine...
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Well, I had one funked-up dream last night. Which is odd that I remember, considering I barely remember any of my dreams lately. I only remember segments of it, but still...

The first segment of the dream was about this married couple who checked into a Hotel to find out something was going on behind the scenes. A group of people staying at that particular hotel (whom on the surface seemed to have nothing to do with each other) were really planning something. The woman character somehow managed to find out one of the secret rooms this group was meeting in. She was captured by one of the group members - a rather tall thin woman with dark skin, brownish-red hair and REALLY scary green eyes. Using some convicing techniques (and eventually dropping her ring) the married couple managed to slip into the group somehow. Now, I don't know much about what was up with those two or that group, but it seemed like they were planning some act of remote-control terrorism from this hotel. The leader of the group (who came from elsewhere on a 'chopper) had a bit of a discussion with some of the group members - then the wife said something to the line of "It's all over, Jim." and threw one of the bombs at the chopper.

Boom, kiddies.

Without their leader, the group fell into disarray, but they didn't really attempt to do anything to her - it seemed like she gained a lot of power in the process, but at that point my viewpoint shifted elsewhere so i can't tell what happened next.

Insert some more random pointless scenes I don't remember, eventually ending up with the main menu of a Pokemon-Stadium-like game with MUCHLY improved graphics. I remember a one-round-battle option, in which each side chose a Pokemon (you got to see the faces side by side and both players (or the computer and one player) could choose a Pokemon and then it would have switched to a REALLY nice graphics battle.

creatures i remember:

- an odd, lumpy tree-root-person-like brown thing with a big mouth (ground type? It seemed to evolve into a cluster of three of its kind. Wierd.)
- A large mammoth (which resembled Mastundra without the white bits.)
- Kangaskhan (DEFINITELY)
- Something large, female and statuesque.
- A large sea-turtle like beast with spikes on its neck and shell. there was also grass growing on the shell and a natural construct on the shell, which, if that thing was big enough, could have been passed as a natural temple to something.... Them flippers were large, too. And the front ones had claws at their mid-points, like on Archaeopteryx.

The computer chose the mammoth, I chose the sea turtle beast (Which I remember I always wanted to train and never had a chance to. I remembered seeing it in the anime and that it was available widely in Kanto.) After a few attacks, the camera sorta zooms out of the game and into this game store I was in with a few more people. I asked one of them (who looked and sounded like someone I used to know) about this Pokemon, and he reminded me that in Johto you could only run into one once and you had to attach something to it in order for you to be able to run into it again and this time battle and capture it (huh?). He also said something about its name, but for the life of me I can't remember what that was. Then things got wierd, me and the other random people were talking about that game, which somehow turned into a discussion about steaks (featuring a rather evil cow pun which i can't remember now) - and then it all turned into a freaking MUSICAL. We all broke into this random song with random bits of narrative text in the middle... Man, freaky.

My back oddly hurts, too. I wonder why.
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And boy, it WAS wierd.

It started off as what appeared to be a battle tournament. There was this one guy in a purple suit, who was up against two ninjas, one with the power of invisibility, another one with a rather powerful range attack. I think that it was a tag team match, because the two ninjas seemed to be allied, and the purple guy had a guy in a white karate GI as his teammmate. And apparantly, I was controlling a character which wasn't seen and was mainly a ttacking the Ninjas. After a bit of a long battle, the team leader of the two Ninjas walks in, who was a rather strange looking purple guy (kinda like a crossbreed of Freiza and a snake, really. ;P) who embarks on a speech about how he doesn't plan to SAVE the world, but take over it. Then he seems to break his team members' belts and his team's flag (a purple banner with something i can't remember on it) which is replaced by a yellow one with a snake on it.

That's where i'm back in my own body, and apparantly, the evil purple guy and his lackeys are after me. Most of the dream took place around a large library like construct, and mostly consisted of me hiding (and assisted by two RL people, who are in turn declared outlaws) in various forms. Eventually I manage to hide in a book cabinet whilst the two RL people manage to escape (i'm unnoticed, for some reason, and so the bulk of the chase is after them). They somehow manage to escape to this small island consisted of mostly a large mountain with a cave on it. For some reason, this is a claynimation sequence. Then they emerge from the cave somehow and sail back out the same way they got there in the first place, followed by a large thing with claws. Back to the library construct, I'm still behind the book case. I try to move a bit, and the thing shakes, catching the attention of a guard. A meow from me makes him think that it's just a random cat and so he heads off. I then get out of the bookcase, and run like a madman (and this guard notices me again and goes after me with what I think was a Taser which wasn't charged enough yet). In some bizzare way, the two RL people i mentioned earlier walk back in and take out the guard whilst I somehow find myself in a dark tunnel. One can barely see, but the walls are metal.
Anyway, I head down the tunnel rather slowly, finally reaching the exit, which is blocked by a metal door with two halves. Seems like blue sparks are emitting from the space. Someone was trying to cut through. That's when I realized that this tunnel was what the bad guys were after because there was something in it. Then the door is cut open and my sleeve is grabbed by one of the head honcho badguys - a mad scientist type guy. Determined to protect whatever it is that's in this tunnel, I emit a shout of "You meet your death today!" and start bashing the guy's head against the walls, running back and forth through the tunnel, continuing to bash his head against the walls and ceiling, saying something like "This is a long tunnel... by the time i'm done with you, you'd pray the goddess will declare you a Yo-Yo!". Anyway, in the last interval where i'm headed back towards the entrance, someone walks in through how i got into the tunnel and stops me. She's with the good guys though. The mad scientist guy is no where to be seen now, and we head back towards the exit (sealed off again) and pulls out what looks like an important circuit from a box above the door. The tunnel lights up and the door opens, revealing a small mecha room, with a bunch of Sharpedo-shaped sea motorcycle things, there i meet the two RL people. We talk a bit, then the two of them get on two sharpedo-cycles and drive off. Now the battle is over (I dunno how, it just is) and I walk out of the mecha room into what looks like the sea. At least i know because the water is salt water and there's people there. And it's blue, but not unnaturally blue. And for some reason, it all seems to be inside a huge grass and trees and stuff park (it's probably manmade.) The water reaches about my shoulders (my outfit mysteriously shaped itself into something water resistant and shorter) and anyway, the rest of the dream involved me semi-wading semi-swimming through said lake/sea/whatever (and around various groups of NPCs), said lake/sea/whatever unleashing waves at permanent intervals. And then I eventually get out of there and onto the grassy beach (screw physics, this is war), sitting on this large rock construct and somehow remember I forgot my guitar in the complex (What the hades?) only to find it on the grass nearby. I pick it up, and so the dream ends.


And to finish this entry, a moment of Babelfish:

Original English Text:
The cow says "Moo"!

French and back to English:
The cow indicates the "Moo" !

German and back to English:
The cow shows "Moo" on; !

Italian and back to English:
The cow extension the "Moo" over; !

Portuguese and back to English:
The extension of the cow "Moo" on;

Spanish and back to English:
The extension of "Moo" of the ignited cow;

My, didn't realize Babelfish is a pyromaniac.
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Few days of complete industrial silence. Managed to watch up to episode 14 of CB (Already have two CDs burned). Radical Edward RULES ALL. ^_^

Sadly, though, KaZaA Lite is being freakin' impossible lately. Or rather, the users. Still missing those two tracks of Celtic Moon. Meh.

So, here I am, listening to random music, having a chat with someone I haven't seen for a long while, and rather ticked off at Photoshop (Regarding a certain creature i'm drawing lately). Life is mostly good, I suppose.

Well, it's getting better, anyway. Tomorrow, my new computer gets here! Yay! Which means i'm getting a fast connection here too. Ehehehehe (evil grin) Let the madness begin, sayeth I. ^^ Now I need to start learning Photoshop 7's mental quirks. o_O

For some reason, I just remembered a dream I had last night. It was a rather strange circle - I found this website somewhere, checked it out, later some stuff happens (I had an online conversation with the girl who ran the site), then i wake up (in the dream). First thing I did was head for the comuputer and look for that website again. It was there, but looked entirely different. O_o More things happen (I remember going out there, heh), when I suddenly find a picture of myself (which I sent her in the first phase of the dream, and I remembered that I did) on this building. I was curious, so I walked in, and met someone there. It was her - the girl who started that particular website. At first we didn't know each other, but then we recognized each other - and it was like we've known each other forever, without a better way to explain it. A few more things happened, Then I woke up again (still dreaming! o_O), and that website was still there. More things happened, then I woke up (for real this time). Funky thing is that the first thing I did in reality was to look for that website (I reached it through google, in all ze dreams) - to find out that it really isn't there. Hell, my search returned no results. o_O Quite strange indeed.

Nothing further to report. This is StellarWind Elsydeon, Signin' Off. ^^
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I had a rather strange dream before I woke up today (for some reason it feels like it's evening to me, even though it's only 14:08.

Anyway - ze dream:

Well, I was walking to some strange mall type areas... this time to see a movie. On the way I've learned of a few mystical rings, each one having a different power and symbol - together they unlock access to something or other. I found a few rings on the way - I remember a force psynergy type ring (basically shoves things away with a large type of invisible energy-like punch, one which had a plant-like symbol (I think it controlled plants), one which had an effect on spikes and stings (or something) and one which had a strange death-like effect. I'm not sure about the others yet.

Anyway, I got to wherever it is I was going, and walked in. It was empty - entirely - sorta like a ghost town, only with guards. The place which lead into the cinema type area looked quite a bit like a subway station (it even had a train with yellow stripes... hmm).

The movie was extremely strange. It was like a fusion of The Matrix and one of the TNG-based Star Trek movies. I remember one particular scene - the characters were in some kind of a base which was supposedly somehow, indirectly connected to the Matrix. And someone blamed someone for being the reason the machines found out about the base...

Then Worf steps up and says "No, I am the android."

At this moment a dramatic terrifying-type music plays as two antennae extend cleanly from the side of Worf's face, along with a few more mecha bits - until it looks like he's got a Wren-type reciever on his head... then the antennae act as robot arms that shut down various switches, kills a few people (a few of which were bad guys, apparantly - and some were just ignorant/misled StarFleet officers that were just in his way.)

It ended with a scene of Spock (in his movie form) closing his eyes, maybe doing some freaky Vulcan mind schtick - a digitally-rendered scene showing a flat-like screen playing the Matrix Code, and to the side of it, connected by a golden beam of light, that base... and that golden beam of light flickers and severs itself.

Then a quick digitally rendered scene, showing some kind of a memorial room, with plates bearing the names of those who were killed in the Worf-induced rampage. Non of them were familiar names, though one of them was apparantly an Admiral.

The end.

Not the end of the dream though. As the credits began rolling (and the lights turned on) I headed for the exit (there were a small few people in the audience, for some reason). I started semi-running towards where I came in from - only it looked like it was dark outside and the door was closed. One of the security guards stopped me (didn't know running was against the law! :P) but didn't ask too many questions. He was apparantly just concerned. He pointed me to the right exit, and I exited the building from a side door in the train tunnel.

I left the building into surprisingly a normal street. It was light outside. Evening was coming, but it was light.

So here I was, walking out in whatever direction my home was (the streets were familiar). I found two more rings - the ladder-ring (which allowed me to create ladders) and the cut-ring (which acted like a sword. Waving it in an arc sliced whatever was in front of it in the same direction of the arc.) On the way I was followed by two Donkeys which were grazing in someone's back yard, then decided to follow on their own accord. I found myself reaching a small park, the two donkeys walked over to the hedge, and got stung by what looked like rather mean bees. My sting ring made sure that the bees didn't bother me or them again. They stayed back to play with whatever plants they say, and I went on into the park. There were a few children playing, in a small group of ages (they seemed like they were ranging from 13 to 15, but that's just a guess). They seemed to be oblivious to whatever, until a dark shadow has fallen on the place. They mentioned something to the line of a huge bat alert...

I stood still, and looked into the sky while putting on the slice ring. It was very much a bit of timing. The Bat was actually more like a huge samurai-type thing with bat wings which were folded around it, FF5-wing-raptor-like as it swooped near slowly. When it was right in front of me, and spreaded its wings with a screech I quickly traced a top-to-bottom line with my slice ring.

The thing froze, with a surprised look on its face as it was sliced in half in a very cartoonish effect, then both halves vanished in a flash of light. The shadow was no more. The children came around thanking me, and then, the only adult in the scene - a british-gentleman looking guy with a neatly trimmed beard/moustache, brown coat and hat (kinda looked like he came out of a pokemon game) gave me something which was apparantly from a relative living in another country.

The pack contained a letter, which in its own way informed me of where the next ring was. Whoever wrote it was apparantly dying, or something like that, and he mentioned how he won't be able to see me pass on the ring he passed on to me. That ring though, as far as I remembered, I lost. But I knew that it was special in some way. It also contained an application form for something - apparantly out of this country, which would allow me to travel around to there and in there with no questions asked. I decided to look into that one later, and continued to head home.

The dream ended with me finding that ring under one of the sofa's cushions. Then, Apparantly, I had 8 of the rings (I must have found a few more the dream didn't show). And I woke up soon after. Hmmm.

Now that is truly strange, eh? Well, I haven't had an interesting dream which I actually remembered in quite a while... So I figured - What the fork. Might as well post it here. ^_^

Sadly, I lost two of my Phantasy Star Sound Collection MP3es (The Vehicle Theme, and the Overworld Medley). I may have a backup somewhere (definitely do hope so o_o), and if not, as some would have put it, "Well, Damn." ;P

I am pretty much in a good state though - Because now when I have an active fast connection, I can actually look for more MP3s for my RPG Music Collection. (Currently Downloading stuff from Final Fantasy IV - Celtic Moon. FFIV Music + Irish Music = Nice Combination. ^_^)

Well, Time to end this entry until... next one, I guess. ^_^;;


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