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So, it's been over a month since the day where a biomechanical abomination has been unleashed upon the roads of Israel. And I've done a lot less driving than I expected I'd do, largely because of this ridiculous war going on around here lately (so the increased death toll isn't related to me, guys, sorry to disappoint). Along the way I found out my glasses needed a solid kick in the teeth because my eyes would lose focus at night - and so I got a new set, which fixed THAT problem.

So aside from a few long multi-hour drives to the middle of no where and back with the 'rents, I haven't had much time to stretch my flight muscles so to speak. And so - when today, ze mother and ze grandmother had an appointment to get Needled Chinesely and (as it happens every rare once in a while) the acupuncturist saw them at her house (which has another one of her practices - the primary one is in Tel Aviv), which is pretty much p. much in the middle of no where near Jerusalem - we figured it might be a great opportunity. And so, around 11-something, we set out, picked ze grandmother up and launched off into a rather awesome drive which combined long stretches of open road and a few slower winding roads with some utterly gorgeous view - made it there, they got their stabs, I sat around listening to music on my phone, then we headed back, stopping along the way for some food and later for some food shopping. When we got back here, I had an hour or so to rest before having to head out for one of my art classes - and instead of taking the bus as I usually do I figured it was about time to attempt to grab the car and make my very first actual solo flight, so to speak.

This is where things started getting phenomenally fucking silly.

... I'm a new driver, right? I have no sense of direction, right?... So, my phone's internal GPS decided to have a catastrophic meltdown. I basically realized that I'm not going in the right direction, found the first place to stop without being in anyone's way, phoned home - apparently my mother's been having a similar issue with her phone. Of course, by that time I was already going to be hopelessly late - But I figured, y'know, screw it - I'm not missing this one. Today was my last art class for the month, my instructor's flying off to Belgium for all of August, and I wanted to finish this damn portrait I was working on beforehand, delay or no delay.

Now. We actually have an Actual GPS Unit that ISN'T phone-based, but it wasn't in the car at that particular moment - so I figured I'd head back home, grab it and try again. So I doubled back home (after some navigation shenanigans because where I parked didn't have anywhere to actually do a U-turn so I had to basically do a labyrinth-exploration-sequence to find my way back home to begin with), parked the damn car, headed back up, picked up the NOT phone GPS...

And as you can probably guess, things got even sillier after that.

Whoever built this device had NO IDEA HOW TOUCHSCREENS WORK. The calibration is WAY off - which makes it a Pain in the Arceus to actually bloody input a destination - and there's no calibration options to speak of that I could find either. So yeah. Spent ten minutes or more just fucking typing in a god damn address and waiting for the thing to PICK UP THE SIGNAL... and I am not sure HOW long it took me to actually back out of the fucking parking (because I suck at reverses omg. new driver. can't help it. i will get the hang of it eventually >>;) - but eventually these minor setbacks were set aside and I hit the road.

Once this GPS decided to play nice and pick up a signal, it was FAR more cooperative - I had a quiet drive over to the art class until I tried to find a damn parking space. My first attempt kind of got botched, so I pulled out back onto the road and drove further, when the thing suddenly started trying to direct me into right turns that don't quite exist. From here to there I got back to the street exit and had to do a pretty fucking silly loop to get back to it which included the GPS telling me to take a U-turn where U-Turns are Not Allowed and probably giving me an indignant look when I ignored its recommendation to break the law. You can't trust electronics these days, can you?

Eventually I found what I thought was a parking spot - there was a sign that seemed to indicate that is what it was - and so I proceeded to park. Something felt off, though, especially considering I was the only car parking there and the sidewalk seemed to be marked with what could have either been a no-parking zone or a bus-stop zone - it was kind of difficult to tell in the rather low light. And so I check the sign and as it turns out, it's a parking zone in weekends and holidays, but not otherwise. Welp.

So I got back in the car and in the process of pulling myself out of the spot I managed to PUT MYSELF ON THE OTHER FUCKING SIDE OF THE ROAD ENTIRELY somehow (at least I was in the right orientation for that side of the road at the end of that ill-fated extraction attempt and there was no one anywhere in range that could have been exposed to THAT glorious fail maneuver)... and then I found a reasonably perfect parking spot, managed to handle THIS one okay, finally parked the damn car and headed off to the freaking class, even though I missed an hour and a half of it due to my magical ability to turn what should have been a simple half-hour trip into two hours of complete bullshit - but hey, I managed to finish the picture, and the way back was much bloody saner. So, all's well that ends well. Hopefully next time will be much less ridic.

So yeah. Long day, most of it spent behind the wheel. Still fun.


Jun. 26th, 2014 11:30 pm
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Here’s a suggestion. Never let my mind run COMPLETELY rampant around parodizing YA novels. Because this sort of shit happens:

And it is glorious. )


Apr. 15th, 2013 09:38 pm
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Note: this post was written after I read way too much H.P. Lovecraft in a row and I fear that it might affect my writing. Watch out for writhing, undulating globs of nameless eldritch words. Or something.

Life has been relatively quiet as of late... as it tends to be for me. My job-hunting quest still yields no results (and not for lack of trying). Driving lessons (yes, I got back into those in case I haven't mentioned) are progressing well. Inspiration comes and goes though that final piece of my tumblr layout still eludes me. I seem to be dealing with some strange issues of emotion yet again, but none that I wish to go into in depth in this public forum. Those who know about them know about them and I've already talked their ears off about it. No sense in painting that lily in colors out of space.

(god damnit, Lovecraft.)

LJ appears to have gone completely mental lately, as though the touch of the Outer Gods came to rest upon its mind and molded its gelatinous tissues - or cybernetic equivalent thereof - into something of unfathomable and alien geometry... Or at least my friends page. There's some weird time warp shit going on in there. Seriously.

Apparently my last post was the 666th in number. Which is kind of amusing considering it's a recounting of an imagined episode of a diabolical anime series centered around a creature based on a plant that earned mythological reputation as the Devil's Own. Somewhere out there, in the depths of a forest in a world that may or may not exist anywhere in the multiverse beyond the scope of my mind, a Belladonyx is grinning - as these graceful enchantress-spectres of the vegetative persuasion are wont to do.

I don't even.

Before I seal this entry though, a random quiz/surveymajig.

Here I go! Shining FINGERRRR! or something. )
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First of all, never release me near MSPaint when I'm half asleep, or this sort of stupid shit may happen:

(Protip: to defeat the Machine Nun, shoot at it until it dies. Although you may have to kill John Romero first, somehow).

Incidentally, today a person walks into chat after not having been on 'chat for a while and makes his typical entrance line ("I have arrived!") in English for a change rather than really godawful weeaboo Japanese directly yoinked from an anime without realizing that it uses the most arrogant possible way of saying it. Something to the line of "Ore Sanjo". Which instantly jumped into my brain and mutated into "Ore Banjo!"

Because Weeaboo Rednecks is the BEST mental image EVER when I'm half asleep.

"Gosh darn, that there lil' fella is just so kawaii!"

"Well bust mah britches an' call me streaker, that there seems more sugoi than kawaii!"

"... Well, shucks, you're right, Bubba-chan!"

... And then they're all gunned down by the machine nun from earlier. High caliber rounds, designed to make its targets holey.

Jim-Bob-Sama approves.
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ME4 should totally be about a slightly deranged space berserker, his pet miniature giant space hamster and possibly a sentient, snarky and homicidal sword - and together THEY FIGHT EVIL! GO FOR THE EYES, BOO, GO FOR THE EYES! YAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

... Minsc Effect. I'd play the -EFF!- out of that.
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Inca Terns. With top hats and monocles because they already have the freakin' 'stache.
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I wrote a shipfic once. It was the heart-rending, forbidden love story of a skiff and a frigate in a trans-atlantic relationship. In spite their braving the rocky waves of such a relationship, un-approving crews who just didn't get it and some steamy docking sequences, their romance was not to be. Alas, the fic had a tragic ending when they crashed into each other in kraken-infested water.
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Back in 2003, I drew this picture of a Cliff Racer for no good reason beyond amusement and frustration at their very existence.

Today, I googled 'Cliff Racer' for the freck of it... and what comes up as one of the top image results?


Seems the Eevee Chart has competition. XD
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I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-kiri Rock. I need scissors. SIXTY ONE!
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And though he has faded from belief by many, there is still one they all expect. In their tongue, he is Santakiin, Reindeerborn!

Contrary to popular belief, he distributes the damn presents HIMSELF. Well, he used to have Reindeer... but then they took an arrow to the knee.

... In all seriousness, Merry Christmas, folks. Hope you're having a great one. ^^
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And sadly, they'd do a better job than 343i seem to be doing.

(Insert five hours of nerdrage about Cryptum, Primordium and how bears named Greg do not belong anywhere near writing things even vaguely related to the Halo series).


Anyway, needless to say I've been back here for a while. Landed on August 22nd, and been kind of derping about since. I figured that since I haven't updated LJ in bloody ages I might as well ramble for a bit about what's been going on with me as of late. Caution: This post is going to be a huge fucking novel.

So, first and foremost: the trip. ).

So, TL;DR version - It was an awesome trip and I had a wonderful time with ze lifemate.

Once I got back here, not much happened. I've replayed a few point-and-click adventure games and started a new run of Pokemon Platinum (because I've finished the copy of White I finally got my claws on) and a run of Baldur's Gate 2 (Half-Elf Druids aren't exactly the strongest characters one can play. <<;). A new AC unit was installed in my room (which direly needed it!) and all was relatively quiet.

Until this Sunday. )

But on happier news...

So. I got a new scanner. ).

And that's pretty much the rundown of everything. Hurdadurdalur. Plans for the rest of this month include some reconstruction/redesign work on my room, signing up for whatever courses I have as soon as possible (I hope they're still running that Astrobiology course!) and set up the dorms for THIS year. Oh gods dealing with the bullshit 'reformed' public transportation system that fails to work properly kill me please. x-x
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... You know, I just had a thought.

Evil magical artifact containing a piece of its creator's soul, attempting to preserve itself (sometimes by affecting the personality or actions of its carriers) because as long as it lasts, the creator cannot be truly destroyed...

Holy shit, Horcruxes are cheap ripoffs of the One Ring.
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The media these days is sensationalist. Something happens, they get in there with their equipment and zoom on the bloodiest goriest parts just for ratings' sake. That's nothing new, it's been that way for ages - but sometimes, I find myself truly appalled by what some people would do to get a story and the low techniques they use. Partial quotes, for example, and the reactions of OMG I'M SO SHOCKED dumb-arses to them.

A scene from Portal 2 ahead. Some of you may consider this spoilers. )

Using half-quotes out of context, over-dramatizing shit - all tried and tested methods used by news people to create the next sensation, even if it includes giving a stage to idiots who don't deserve it.

Or take the latest speech by Obama about the middle east where he... really doesn't say anything new. I've seen various reports on it: some (like Fox News, which are neither) make a point on emphasizing the OMG 67' BORDERS thing while other news sources talk at length about the "exchanges of territories that are acceptable to both sides", speaking of the larger settlement clusters remaining in Israeli hands. Same speech, two different focuses, and on every side the talkback idiots who are like "OMG OBAMA IS ANTI-ISRAEL" (even though the man keeps talking about how Israel has the right to defend itself and that the Arab world needs to fucking recognize it or nothing will happen XP) even though quite frankly they States have technically been saying the same shit for decades and we all know absolutely nothing is going to change. >>;

Guess all I'm saying is, the mass media needs to be hit with mass drivers. That is all.
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These... things... are the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville.

And honestly, to me they look like either the spawn of an Unown and a Starman (or Dandel and Teletel of Keitai Denjuu Telefang fame), or something out of Digital Devil Saga. Their backstory states that they were created from drips of steel from the girders used to construct the Olympic stadium and that their massive freakish mono-eyes are supposed to represent cameras.

Which led to this:


I think it saw you...

Penumbra Palmsexual says:
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
shit geeze fucking fuck
Schrödinger's Chat says:
exactly XD
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
gawd thats creepy
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
and im sleepy
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
so its even worse
Schrödinger's Chat says:
the creepy is the whole point really XD
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
which is fucking awesome
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
ugh. gawd. like castlevanian and TGL had a metroid child
Schrödinger's Chat says:
... XD
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
CV and TGL put their seed in the Metroid serrogate mother
Schrödinger's Chat says:
and then the whole thing was infected by X-parasites and ported to DDS.
Schrödinger's Chat says:
after boot camp in silent hill
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
Penumbra Palmsexual says:
just shove as many crazy weird fandoms in there as possible


May. 23rd, 2010 06:45 pm
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So. Today in Phys Chem, our professor begins his lecture about the Second Law of Thermodynamics - which loosely implies that the Entropy/Chaos/Whatever in the universe continuously rises... And starts it by mentioning a group of American Fundamentalist Christians who actually went to the Supreme Court of the USA with the demand to revoke the Second Law of Thermodynamics, because, as they stated, "We don't like the implications of this law, and we will not rest until it has been reversed in the courts."

Yes. They want to revoke a fucking law of nature because it doesn't settle with their idea of magical creation. But then, these are the same people who attack evolution because it's 'Only a Theory'.

As one Tim Minchin once said, it's a good thing they say that - Evolution IS only a theory, and maybe they feel just as strongly about other theories, such as, say... gravity... And maybe they'll just float the fuck away.


Oh my dog.

Apr. 24th, 2010 09:04 pm
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Image stolen shamelessly from


And it looks like Lucario and Mightyena had a lovechild and it went supersaiyan.

... This has massive awesomeness potential. Although...

StellarWind Elsydeon says:
Whatever it is, the sillhouette looks nice. Let's just hope it doesn't have a Magmortar-y head-tumor. Or sonic eyes.
Racie says:
I dunno, it has a bad case of wasp waist and mega mullet >>
Racie says:
... Shit, I know what it is about it that's tweaking me. IT'S A DENJUU.
StellarWind Elsydeon says:
StellarWind Elsydeon says:
Racie says:
the stance, the anatomy, it screams HAVE YOU HAD CURRY

Clearly this creature is The Big Bad Wolf... )


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